Security tip: When being interviewed on TV, make sure passwords aren't written behind you

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What's wrong with this picture?

Screen capture from TV sports programme. What's that behind him?

It's just a photo of a man being interviewed on ESPN about baseball. Harmless, right?

Let's take a closer look.

Uh-oh. Passwords


Okay, so I'm guessing that the interview was done in a press room, and that the passwords are on the wall for the convenience of journalists who wish to file copy and post updates online - but it still seems a little sloppy to have WiFi passwords so blatantly visible in the background during a TV interview!

Hat-tip: @ryannaraine via @KimZetter

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19 Responses to Security tip: When being interviewed on TV, make sure passwords aren't written behind you

  1. Darkhammer · 1242 days ago


  2. Mind you, they are only any use if you can actually get in range of the Wi-Fi. For all we know they are in a lead lined concrete bunker 20 feet below sea level. I don't think many people would be able to get a connection.

    Its not like it reads:
    Domain Admin U/N: admin
    Password: pa55word

    • Raphael · 1241 days ago


    • lulz · 1241 days ago

      Crap, I need to change my password :-(

    • This information is useful to a hacker even outside the range of these WAPs. A hacker could impersonate this network anywhere now that he has the SSID and the key, and anytime a person who has ever joined this network comes in range of the hackers impersonated WAP, they will be joined, typically without their knowledge or even if so, a 2nd thought. Then they start their regular surf routine, not knowing there is now a rogue gateway intercepting all their traffic. It could be back at their hotel - it doesn't have to be here.

  3. lostlove · 1241 days ago

    what a blame !! lol

  4. GlennRuss · 1241 days ago

    I thought Mr Rogers passed away. Can you say password? Sure I knew you could.

  5. fred · 1241 days ago

    And it appears to be laminated. They really thought it out.

  6. JohnLF · 1241 days ago

    Look like we can guess the passwords for next year too, haha ;D

  7. Karen Spring · 1241 days ago

    This has to be the funniest post I ever saw! DUH!

  8. Mario · 1241 days ago

    They could have at least put them out of view of the camera.

  9. James · 1241 days ago

    I'm sure he did not want to be the "poster child" for this.

  10. guest · 1241 days ago

    That's dummy Dave for you!!

  11. dlanor · 1241 days ago

    Well, now that i've finally finished laughing, it's definately a Major League something

  12. Ryan · 1241 days ago

    Classic just classic

  13. Ralph · 1240 days ago

    Can we expect anything less?

  14. Sebastian Wheaterbix · 1235 days ago

    It could have been worse. It could have been a well known IT security expert in his own office extolling the virtues of good password security.

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