Free Sophos Anti-Virus app for your Android

A recent survey of 900 Naked Security readers found that 39% of you used a smartphone running Android.

To help you better safeguard your Android phone and tablet, Sophos just published Sophos Mobile Security for Android [BETA] in Google Play.

Sophos would love it if you could take a look and provide some feedback on it. Send your thoughts by email to the Sophos mobile security team.

So, what does this app actually do?

  • protects Android smartphones and tablets from malicious apps and other risks
  • locates a lost or stolen device
  • locks a stolen device
  • scans the apps on your device and cross-check them with the latest security expertise from Sophos Labs.

Here are a few screenshots of the app in action.

Android screenshots

Android Mobile Security and EICAR test file

And even the recent fake anti-virus nasty, which attempts to send expensive SMS messages to premium-rate services is detected by Sophos Mobile Security BETA.

So, check it out, and email Sophos at and tell them what needs improving.

UPDATE: Some people have reported that Sophos Mobile Security cannot be uninstalled using the standard Application Manager.

To uninstall, users should open Loss and Theft module in Sophos Mobile Security and choose Deactivate the administration capability. On that screen there is a hint: “If you want to uninstall Sophos Mobile Security, you need to deactivate its device admin capability”.

Once the administration capability is deactivated, Sophos Mobile Security can be uninstalled using the usual procedure for any other app.

(Background information: Activating administrative permissions for the application on your device is required for Loss and Theft functionality. The same device administration permissions need to be *de-activated* first through Sophos Mobile Security before uninstalling.

This is standard Android behaviour. Sophos has not changed the way programs should be uninstalled.)

Android image courtesy of Shutterstock.