Sophos anti-virus for Android updated – beta now works on tablets too!

Sophos anti-virus for Android beta updated - now for tablets too!

Last week, Sophos announced the availability of a beta version of its free security product for Android devices, protecting against malware, privacy issues and hardware loss.

Today we’ve updated the beta, giving Android tablet users the ability to also benefit from this level of protection.

Sophos Mobile Security for Android

Download Sophos Mobile Security [beta] for Android now

Thanks to the thousands of users who have already downloaded the app, and tried it out. The product has already got some rave reviews, which is terrific considering it is still in beta. Keep them coming, and remember to email our developers with any feedback as they’re keen to make the product as good as possible.

If you decide you don’t want to keep Sophos Mobile Security on your Android for any reason, here are instructions on how to remove the app.