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Filed Under: Data loss, Featured, Privacy logoMusic-streaming website has warned its millions of users to change their passwords immediately.

In an advisory posted on its website, says that it is currently investigating a possible leak of passwords.

The news comes soon after similar password breaches at LinkedIn and eHarmony.

Warning from

Although the website is not confirming that there has been a security breach yet, it isn't being shy about informing users that there could be a problem. As users log into they are advised to change their password as a precaution.

Warning on website

Of course, it also makes sense to review whether you are using the same password on any other websites too. If you are, then you should change them there as well - and make sure that you never use the same password on multiple websites.


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7 Responses to Change your password NOW

  1. EinZ · 1213 days ago

    Yesterday LinkedIn, Today What will be on tomorrow. Use safe and diffrent passwords. Othwerwise it is you tomorrow.

  2. XDXD · 1213 days ago

    I don't use, I use radio haha.

  3. Nimmo · 1213 days ago

    More to the point companies need to make sure they use appropriate hashing algorithms on passwords, encryption on the entire database, and they should employ password complexity requirements for user registrations at a minimum.

  4. Tim · 1213 days ago

    Does anyone have any bearing on if there's any potential links between these password leaks over the past few days, the same group of people trying an exploit over various sites perhaps?

  5. Whats everyones opinions of this

  6. Alex · 1212 days ago

    Is it a publicity stunt?

  7. Paul · 1212 days ago

    Hello. If you're anti-scum bag, then you're my on line friend!
    I have never been a member/suscriber to linkedin, although I have in the past had direct contact from people whom I don't know inviting me to join. Nor have I ever been a member/suscriber to Can anyone tell me why would contact me telling me that I should change my (non-existent) password? By my reckoning they shouldn't even know of my existence. I'm a bit concerned.
    Thank-you in advance, my on line friends!

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