SSCC 92 - Flame, Do Not Track, TACK, Conficker and Android security

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Sophos Security Chet Chat logoFor the first time in 14 months Michael Argast was my guest to discuss the news on this week's Chet Chat.

Michael and I both had the privilege of speaking at a security event for the provincial government of British Columbia and sat down for a reunion podcast.

We couldn't help but start out by discussing the Flame malware allegedly designed by a government to spy on their adversaries.

We also discussed privacy and the news that Internet Explorer 10 is considering enabling the Do Not Track flag by default and Moxie Marlinspike's proposal to the IETF to bolster SSL security.

It had been surprising to many of us that the Conficker worm is one of the most prominent pieces of malware nearly four years after it was discovered. We talked about Microsoft's recent report which showed that it is primarily spreading by guessing passwords, not exploiting MS08-067.

We wrapped up discussing mobile privacy and security and I managed to get a plug in for our free Android anti-malware application Sophos Mobile Security for Android.

(5 June 2012, duration 20:03 minutes, size 12.1 MBytes)

You can also download this podcast directly in MP3 format: Sophos Security Chet Chat 92, subscribe on iTunes or our RSS feed. You can see all of the Sophos Podcasts by visiting our archive.

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Chester Wisniewski is a Senior Security Advisor at Sophos Canada. He provides advice and insight into the latest threats for security and IT professionals with the goal of providing clear guidance on complex topics. You can follow Chester on Twitter as @chetwisniewski, on as Chester, Chester Wisniewski on Google Plus or send him an email at