Hacking businesses via your iPad can be all fun and games

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UplinkFancy a career in hacking businesses, stealing confidential information and breaking into high security systems?

Although there is the potential to earn a fortune through your criminal endeavours, you risk being brought to justice by the authorities and serving many years on a diet of bread and water.

But there is at least one way you can experience the thrill without breaking the law.

Play a game like Uplink instead.

Uplink, created by British firm Introversion Software, has been simulating the thrills-and-spills of cinematic computer hacking for over ten years, entertaining players on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. And now it's available for the Apple iPad too.

Uplink map

Play the game, and before you know it you will be breaking into classified computer systems, stealing data and covering your tracks, all without having to worry about Scotland Yard or the FBI knocking down your door at 4am.


It seems to me a clear indication of just how mainstream the notion of computer hacking has become in today's society that a video game like this can make the jump to a mass-market product like the Apple iPad.

And I'm much happier seeing people playing computer games that simulate computer crime than hearing about genuine illegal hacking of systems.

Uplink screen

All those who argue that it was curiousity and intellectual challenge that drove them to break into computer systems, might be better off spending hours progressing through Uplink's missions than breaking the law.

And I would love it if more of those with the talent to do so, turned their back on computer crime and used their IT skills in a positive, creative, constructive way instead.

Learn from the mistakes of others who have ended up in prison because they took the dark path of cybercrime. Instead of breaking the law, write a computer game like Uplink, build a cool website like Twitter, develop a password management utility that helps people.

Limit your malicious hacking to entertaining games like Uplink. At least there you're not doing any real harm, and aren't going to end up behind bars.

If you have played Uplink, leave a comment below telling us what you think of the game

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5 Responses to Hacking businesses via your iPad can be all fun and games

  1. macole111 · 1209 days ago

    Love Uplink, been playing it for years!

  2. Mejeles · 1209 days ago

    Uplink rocks, best hacker sim.

  3. Uplink is really good but I find Codelink much better

  4. njorl · 1208 days ago

    Any chance this is harnessing the players' intelligence, or collecting their ideas, to assist real-word attacks? Has Introversion Software bought-in some cost-effective development from Shenyang (https://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2012/06/11/north-korea-uses-infected-games-to-ddos-south-korea/)?

  5. Wonderful. The original PC CD is one of a handful of disks sitting two feet away from me on my desk right now :)

    Always irked me though that the developers appeared not to know the range of IP octets. 442.65.765.2 ? Where's that, then?

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