Security fears around remote working, the cloud and wireless networks cited by SMBs

Security fears around remote working, the cloud and wireless networks cited by SMBs

Padlock keyThe days of IT managers simply worrying about the security of the network inside their physical offices are long gone.

Cloud services, mobile devices, wireless networks and a remote workforce have all contributed to breaking down the traditional corporate network boundary, and complicating security management for IT departments who wish to protect corporate data.

A newly published survey of almost 600 IT managers and directors in small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) across North America, Europe and Australia, aims to uncover which issues are causing IT teams the most concern, and how they plan to manage them.

93% of the SMBs surveyed have at least some remote workers. On average around 20% of all employees work remotely.

Remote working survey

More than half of all respondents said that, in terms of security risks, increased remote working was a growing issue for them. While security risks are the most common issue in all countries surveyed, organisations in the United States and France were the most likely to be concerned.

Remote working survey

Gerhard EschelbeckSophos CTO Gerhard Eschelbeck says that trends such as remote working, mobile and cloud are having a huge impact on the way small and medium sized businesses think about protecting their networks.

“For SMBs, it is critical that any network security solution has both the ease and simplicity of a one-size-fits-all approach, yet still addresses the specific vulnerabilities of each device or mode of working, as well as every access point on the network,” according to Eschelbeck.

“Companies are reevaluating how they tackle IT security,” he continued. “A fragmented approach is consistently leaving networks vulnerable to attack, as new technologies such as cloud, and new devices such as mobile, require more advanced security architectures.”

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If you’re interested in reading more, including security concerns about the cloud and wireless network, you can download the full report from the Sophos website.

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