Twitter hit by amazing weight loss spam attack [VIDEO]

Amazing weight loss spam attack hits Twitter users [VIDEO]

Has your Twitter account been spewing out messages about an amazing weight loss product?

Many users’ accounts have been posting messages like this, pointing to a website promoting a “miracle” Acai Berry diet:

An amazing new weight loss product! Lose 10lbs a week,I didnt even change my diet!

Check out this video I made, demonstrating the problem.

(Enjoy this video? Check out more on the SophosLabs YouTube channel.)

Ask yourself this – if the diet was really so miraculous at helping people lose weight, would it need to be promoted through spam?

What isn’t clear is how the accounts have been compromised by spammers to send the messages advertising the weight loss product.

It’s certainly not the case that all of the spamming accounts have been created by the spammers themselves – many thousands of users appear to have handed the reins of their account over to criminals to send their advertising messages, whether it be by having their passwords cracked or stolen, or by allowing access to a rogue application.

Remember to always be cautious of the links you click on, and check that your Twitter account is properly secured.