Watch Sophos's James Lyne audition for TED2013

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Have you heard of TED conferences, the nonprofit group with the 'ideas worth spreading' strapline?

Sadly, few people can afford to attend in person, with basic attendee tickets selling for around $7000 bucks a pop. But, in an attempt to spread ideas with the rest of us, streams what it deems to be its best content for free.

Sophos's James Lyne recently auditioned to present at next year's main conference in Long Beach California: "TED2013: The Young. The Wise. The Undiscovered".

Along with 300 other hopefuls, James auditioned with a rather passionate five-minute presentation entitled "Cryptography and the Power of Randomness".

For those that have seen him on stage at various industry conferences or trade shows, you probably remember his captivating and energetic style. And one could argue that he needs it to compete with that tweed jacket of his!

Sophos James Lyne at TED 2013 auditions

Take a look and see what you think. Members of the TED community can rate the the content and presentation style. Less than 10% of those auditioning will be invited to present at TED2013, and only the ratings and comments provided before August 31 will be taken into consideration by TED when it makes its selections.

Not a TED member? no problem. You are welcome to leave us your feedback as a comment below.

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4 Responses to Watch Sophos's James Lyne audition for TED2013

  1. Rob H · 1149 days ago

    As the man who - by rights - should be the next Doctor Who, it'll be a travesty of justice if he doesn't make it!

  2. Eric · 1148 days ago

    Great talk! One day I want to talk at TED about cyber threats!

  3. Jez Kent · 1148 days ago

    I had the pleasure of watching James present at a seminar very recently. I really hope he gets through as he manages to inform, enthuse and motivate. Good luck!

  4. Internaut · 1148 days ago

    The title says - - "TED2013: The Young. The Wise. The Undiscovered"

    Now I may not be young enough to know everything as well as the "young" do, but one does not usually get "young" and "wise" in the same package - especially when it comes to the Internet.

    I applaud anyone or any company for encouraging the "young" to think outside the boxes they were educated in, but there are more 'old' people that were part of the development, and growth of the Internet and it's sidebars, than there are "young".

    The old are the experienced, mature, open-minded, and topic focused.

    Someday, the "young" will be as "wise" but too old to know as much as the next "young" push their way up.

    Unless of course the title means The "Young" (are the youth), and the old are the "Wise"?

    Good luck James Lyne - you've got my vote - even if you are young :)

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