Angry hacker threatened ISP... with an axe

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Axe man. Image from ShutterstockA 29-year-old man has admitted hacking into an ISP's servers and deleting data belonging to the business, after he threatened to burn down its offices and menaced a company director with an axe.

Bryce Kingsley Quilley, of Tailem Bend, South Australia, pleaded guilty to three counts of unlawful modification of computer data at the Adelaide firm that he used to work for, one aggravated count of threatening to cause harm and one aggravated count of threatening to damage property.

Clearly Quilley was having some anger management issues on June 14th last year, when on three separate occasions he hacked into the company's servers using confidential passwords and information, menaced the company director with an axe and threatened to burn down the building.

At the time, South Australian police described the incident as one the most serious cases of computer crime they had ever investigated.

I don't know the details of what drove Quilley to hack into his former employer and start waving an axe around, but clearly he wasn't a happy chappy.

If you find yourself disgruntled with a former employer, don't take revenge by breaking into computer systems even if you do happen to know the passwords. Just because something can be done, doesn't mean it should be done.

Oh, and if you're a hot-headed type of fellow - leave the axe safely in the shed.

Quilley has been remanded on bail, pending sentencing later this year.

Axe man image, courtesy of Shutterstock.

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14 Responses to Angry hacker threatened ISP... with an axe

  1. Tim · 1183 days ago

    I don't think this is funny, he just wanted to axe the director a question

  2. Chris · 1183 days ago

    Give him back his stapler!

  3. David · 1183 days ago

    Explain to me why he was able/allowed to: "on three separate occasions he hacked into the company's servers using confidential passwords and information".

    Is that really hacking if the foolish admins didn't change the passwords about 9 seconds after he was (presumably) sacked? Kind of like saying, "Oh, well, just don't use that key to the office any more", isn't it? Presumably this guy had been given those accesses by the powers that be. Once he was gone, it should have been automatic to disable his account, and change whatever passwords he had.

    Now, as for the axe...

  4. John · 1183 days ago

    He was just trying some form of "hacking"...

  5. John · 1183 days ago

    It is quite difficult to keep your temper with the support of some ISPs in the UK also

  6. 0862000051 · 1183 days ago

    Lol thats is funny :p

  7. I've always said hackers are just angry children. When they don't get their way they throw an ineffective fit.

  8. Tony · 1183 days ago

    Its about time that we face the inevitable, we need to ban private ownership of axes. Anyone who attempts to purchase an axe who is not a firefighter or does not own a woodpile is obviously up to something nefarious. Mandatory waiting periods and serial number registration of axes should be strictly enforced by the local authorities.

    Anyone wanting a permit to own an axe must be subjected to a criminal records check and successfully pass a comprehensive axe handling safety course before being allowed a permit to purchase one, assuming of course they own a proper axe storage safe. We may also want to consider a similiar program for baseball bats.

  9. infamy99 · 1183 days ago

    Haxxor has a new meaning now.

  10. tenebrae31932 · 1183 days ago

    Sometimes a person feels so aggrieved that the only way to get the bosses to take notice is to do what the hacker did.

    He got the employer's attention. That is probably all he wanted to do.

    Some bosses just ignore employees. Employees want to feel valued and appreciated, otherwise low morale and apathy sets in.

  11. Brother9943 · 1183 days ago

    i read somewhere he was a contractor paid to do work and maintain, so had the latest passwords. and he simply lots the plot because he wasn't taking his medication... hence the axe...

    regardless, hate to be in AI-TEL's offices when he rocked up dressed like an Axe Murderer.

  12. Mark · 1183 days ago

    It's not hacking if you know the passwords... *facepalm* :P

    • Gavin · 1183 days ago

      Let's not jump to conclusions. He may have needed to increment the number at the end of those passwords by one before successfully getting in...

  13. Mike · 1182 days ago

    Face Book not being my most used account does tend to rearrange it's settings to make it more difficult to be able to keep your info secure on line. The setting's are there as always just harder to find. After all they do sell ANY and ALL information you place on there sight.
    I my self as well as many others found out after some one pointed it out that every time we would type B.H. Obama ( be it good or Bad ) It would automatically get posted to another Face Book page called "Friends of the White House" Making you a bad guy and advertising it to any one if you are not for BHO,
    BOTTOM Line ANYTHING you write or Click "Like" at is for sell to any one that once it.

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