Gillian McKeith's website seems to love spam

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Gillian McKeithThe website of controversial TV nutritionist Gillian McKeith has been compromised by hackers, who are using it as a staging post in their spam activities.

Gillian McKeith, who stopped calling herself "Doctor" after complaints that viewers of her colonic-loving TV shows might mistakenly believe she was medically qualified, is perhaps a surprising promoter of spam.

And yet, our spam traps have intercepted hundreds of spam messages pointing to the controversial eating guru's website.

Here's an example of just one of the spam emails that we have seen:

Spam linking to Gillian McKeith's website

A look through our spam traps finds that spam has been sent linking to Gillian McKeith's website since 16 July. We imagine that is when the self-hosted WordPress part of her website was compromised by the hackers.

Spam emails linking to Gillian McKeith's website

My guess is that McKeith's team has not been keeping their WordPress installation up-to-date to protect against vulnerabilities, have chosen easy-to-crack passwords, or are using a vulnerable plugin that the spammers were able to exploit.

Regardless of how the hack occurred, users who click on the spammed out links to Gillian McKeith's site end up instead on a Russian-hosted website promoting herbal Viagra.

Viagrow website

Sophos has spoken to the webmasters of and informed them of the security problem.

Gillian McKeith image credit: Wikipedia

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8 Responses to Gillian McKeith's website seems to love spam

  1. rjbruce · 1169 days ago

    Did you lay out all off the Spam on a table and try to shock them with it before asking for a sample of her poo?

  2. El Moo · 1169 days ago

    She's not a dietician, she's a nutritionist. There's a big difference.

  3. Gijiam mackeith no false teeth . Gazing at other peoples poo . What can she she do . Hacked off by hackers . Trying to flog herbal pills . Not good as they could make you ill .

  4. The Spam Doctor is in! Another colonic success, sophos. Do tell us if we need to be on the lookout for particular WP plugins, though, i manage a few self-hosted WP blogs myself that could do without viagra spam...

  5. Robert Gracie · 1168 days ago

    usual bad spelling means only one thing only...SPAM the keyword filter needs to be improved to block ALL spam thats what I think

  6. Stef · 1166 days ago

    Slightly O/T but she's not exactly a picture of health is she? I think I'll stick to my own diet. Doughnut anyone?

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