Monday review: the hot 21 stories of last week

Monday review: the hot 21 stories of last week

Just in case you weren’t glued to Naked Security all last week, we’ve put together a helpful recap for you.


Beware! Free Apple products used as lure in text scams

Mac malware – the threat is real

Journo totally owned thanks to over-helpful iCloud support

Social networks

Are you a potentially dangerous social misfit (aka not on Facebook)?

How to report phishing to Facebook

Creepy Quora erodes users’ privacy, reveals what you have read


Japan to test phones with scam detection systems


Insecure WordPress blogs unwittingly host Blackhole malware attack

Blizzard owns up to data haemorrhage – painful but probably not too bad

Exploits posing as messages from payroll company ADP

Naughty nurse Sakura Shiratori used as a lure to infect defence firm with malware

Reuters’s Twitter, WordPress accounts hacked by apparent pro-Syrian government attackers

US Pentagon tells Missile Defense Agency workers to quit surfing porn


Australian Privacy Commissioner lays the hard word on Google as WiFi data capture saga continues

Vote in our poll: is Google’s fine of $22.5 million enough to buy privacy?

How social engineering tricked Wal-Mart into handing over sensitive information

Law and order

Online Piracy: Challenging the ‘three strikes’ approach

Suspected Mariposa botnet mastermind goes on trial


Pentagon bankrolls new worm

Mars Rover Curiosity touchdown – and you think you’ve got latency issues!

Book review

The Universal Machine – a fascinating history of computers and computer scientists

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