Invisible iFrame drive-by malware attacks explained [VIDEO]

Invisible iFrame drive-by malware attacks explained [VIDEO]

FrameiFrames and script tags are being used by malicious hackers to serve up drive-by internet attacks, silently and invisibly.

iFrames allow webmasters to embed the content of one webpage into another, seamlessly.

There are legitimate reasons why some websites may want to do that – but what cybercriminals do is exploit the functionality (presumably they have been able to gain write access to the website) to deliver malware such as fake anti-virus or a PDF vulnerability exploit to infect your computer.

What’s sneaky is that malicious hackers can make the embedded content invisible to the naked eye, by making the window zero by zero pixels in size. You can’t see the threat, but your web browser is still dragging it down.

Check out the following video by our own Chet Wisniewski, which shows how malicious iFrames work:

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