Monday review: the hot 23 stories of last week

Monday review: the hot 21 stories of last week

Just in case you missed any of our stories last week, here’s a little recap:

Malware and vulnerabilities

Invisible iFrame drive-by malware attacks explained [VIDEO]

Patch Tuesday – what to know and what to do for Microsoft and Adobe users

Oracle updates Java, supports OS X, claims full and timely updates for Apple users

Targeted destructive malware explained: Troj/Mdrop-ELD

Hackers get into AMD and steal over 30,000 – wait for it – bytes!

Privacy and social networks is crippled under a massive DDoS. Is the TrapWire leak to blame?

Correcthorsebatterystaple – the guys at Dropbox are funny

Do Not Track: has Microsoft outwitted competitors Google and Facebook?

Could complaining about your own posts on Facebook become a new type of DoS attack?

Michael Dell’s daughter all at sea on social networks – how do your kids measure up?

New Facebook app Facedeals scans your face to offer you deals

Twitter + location = WeKnowYourHouse

Quora listened to you and changed its “Views” privacy setting

Parliamentarians in schoolboy prank set poor standards for electorate

Facebook is finally deleting your ‘deleted’ photos

Law and order

Megaupload bad boy founder gets to see FBI’s extradition evidence, says NZ judge

Facebook slapped by FTC for failing to meet security promises

Bitcoin trading platform sued by members for $460,000

Google to demote websites with pirated content

Steve Jobs calls home to Apple and catches an iPad thief!


Family of potential network hackers thwarted by Australian telco engineers

Google announces Pwnium 2, raises prize money for Chrome hack to $2m

Practical IT: Passwords 101 for businesses