LulzSec informant Sabu rewarded with six months freedom for helping Feds

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Federal authorities in the United States have won a six month delay in sentencing for the notorious LulzSec hacker known as "Sabu," citing the New York City man's continued cooperation with law enforcement.


A court document filed Tuesday in the US District Court and signed by Assistant US Attorney James Pastore, Jr. asks the government to adjourn scheduled sentencing for the 28 year-old Hector Xavier Monsegur for six months "in light of the defendant's ongoing cooperation with the Government."

Monsegur approved of the request, which was signed by his attorneys. His sentencing is now scheduled for February 22, 2013, according to the document.

Hector Xavier Monsegur

Federal authorities arrested Monsegur at his apartment in a New York City public housing project on June 7, 2011 following a lengthy investigation of a string of attacks dubbed "Operation Payback" against Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.

He reached a plea deal with law enforcement on August 4 of last year and agreed to cooperate with the government, providing "detailed information about LulzSec" and others affiliated with the group.

As Sabu, Monsegur railed against the US government and federal authorities. By all accounts, however, he has been a superlative source for the FBI and other law enforcement agencies which used his knowledge of the group to build cases against the loose collection of hackers.

LulzSec and AnonymousMonsegur reportedly worked for months under cover, helping build cases against those behind hacking attacks on the CIA, Pentagon, U.S. Senate, the UK's Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) and more.

Among other things, Monsegur helped nab Jake Davis (a.k.a. "Topiary") and UK hacker Ryan Cleary who were charged in connection with denial of service attacks on SOCA and other sites.

Monsegur then helped send Cleary back to jail in June after the 19 year-old broke the terms of his parole by contacting Monsegur online.

Ironically, Monsegur now owes his freedom to the good graces of federal law enforcement.

It is not clear what the US Attorney's Office will recommend at Monsegur's sentencing. He has pleaded guilty to 12 criminal charges and could face 124 years in prison should he receive the maximum allowed sentence for each charge.

The reign of LulzSec
Here's just a short summary of just some of the hacks, internet attacks and indeed arrests associated with the LulzSec gang during 2011:

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32 Responses to LulzSec informant Sabu rewarded with six months freedom for helping Feds

  1. grow a pair · 1137 days ago

    Shame he had to drop everyone in it to save himself, grow a backbone., so much for standing up for what you believe in.

    • Anon · 1137 days ago

      Beleifs? this is lulsec they had no beleifs just doing it "for teh lulz"

      When law enforcement come knocking on your door and you face prison being seperated from your children for the rest of your life, what would you do? Tell them to shove it?

      Get real, in a choice between yourself or the so called friends on the internet who you have never met, you would save your own hide like anyone else.

      • nana · 1137 days ago

        He shouldnt have done it if he has kids - he should have been a man and walked away for the sake of his kids.

        Hopefully the grass will be eaten alive in prison - no sympathy for traitors

      • tata · 1137 days ago

        I think he failed as a hacker by getting caught. That's why he chose to fuck it up with his mates

    • sean · 1137 days ago

      anyone in the same position would have done the same thing .....

    • John Low · 1135 days ago

      he is a turn coat and a rat

  2. c.c · 1137 days ago

    So he'll face more time than rapists? For hacking? Seems a bit much.

  3. jmb98115 · 1137 days ago

    "Supergrass?" I'm unfamiliar with the term.
    But from your tone I can tell that are disappointed with the leniency granted.

  4. Hacked Off · 1137 days ago

    Hope this Guy Rots in Prison!
    He's nothing but a Scab! who deserves all he gets!
    you don't drop your mates in it to save yourself!
    I would say grow a pair! But this Guy never had any from the start!

    • common sense · 1137 days ago

      you are telling me you would stick with people you have never met before and risk never seeing your family again? Never being able to be free? All for some people you met online and DDoS'ed a couple sites with?

      Admit it, you would have done the EXACT same thing, those guys arent his "mates" they are dudes he met online and hacked with, LuLzsec did it for the lulz, and once law enforcement is knocking at your door, i doubt theres any more lulz to be had.

      • Ken · 1137 days ago

        Any principled person (man or woman) would not have cooperated with the feds regardless of the consequences. If he had any sense he would not have started this vendetta knowing he has kids/family at stake.

    • ehhhhh · 1137 days ago

      Hence the term "grow a pair."

    • alde · 1137 days ago

      This guy has a life, he's not going to jail for some internet kids he doesn't even know personally. Any normal person would have done the same.

    • Anon · 1137 days ago

      Please Jacked off I mean Hacked off you would roll over just like everyone else. When the Feds come and kick in your door I would bet anything that you would start singing and give up names just like he did. Don't act like a hard A$$ when your nothing more than a sh*t stain on the under pants of society. Your probably one of those whiny Occupy this people that do nothing more than sit in your moms basement getting high. Grow up and get yourself a pair.

  5. diesel · 1137 days ago

    To be able to grow a pair wouldn't you have to start off with none in the first place?

  6. John · 1137 days ago

    He should have gotten a legitimate job. Spent his days hacking and living off of tax payers (he lived in public housing).

  7. guest · 1137 days ago

    " at his apartment in a New York City public housing project"

    "As Sabu, Monsegur railed against the US government and federal authorities."

  8. noone · 1137 days ago

    Here is a fun chat log between an ex-affiliated hacker named virus and sabu from august 2011.
    It's pretty long but the way sabu fails to fish any information out of virus makes it hilarious.

  9. Anonymouse · 1137 days ago

    Stop Snitchin!

  10. dicks · 1137 days ago

    It's amusing how amazingly soft hackers are in this little world. In any other illegal business, if someone narcs on others, they need to immediately get put into witness protection program, as they probably will be pushing up daisies soon after.

    With this, no, we not only get his full name and information, where he lives, but detail after detail that would enable someone seeking retribution to take action, yet there is only silence.

    This "hacking" industry is full of pussies, in any legit business with crime, this piece of shit would have been given cement shoes months ago.

    • Guest · 1137 days ago

      that's because hackers aren't actually criminals, just punished like them.

    • Anon · 1136 days ago

      Thats because all a hacker will do is DDoS you til he gets bored.

  11. nas · 1137 days ago

    Snitches Get Stitches.

  12. ano · 1137 days ago

    he should have not hack in the first place if he is not prepared for the consequence

  13. Stephanie Dailey · 1137 days ago

    I tend to lean progressively.... But it makes me happy when scumbags like this go to jail. F*** LulzSec. Have fun with your "lulz" in jail.

  14. Forever solving the problems nobody has. · 1137 days ago

    Lulz was pretty tight. My roommate was pretty involved. Shame to see him get locked up. But mad sketch that he got other people put away.

  15. Internaut · 1137 days ago

    He will never be able to buy any life insurance anywhere, ever again. How stupid. It's like being a Mob informant and expecting to live. He best hope that if he does go to prison after Feb trial, that he goes in to protective custody along with the rapists and pedophiles. Criminals, no matter the kind or type of crime, do not cotton well to snitches, even less so for informants.

    On the other hand, maybe that is what he deserves. A long haul in prison. Maybe then when he gets out, if he is ever allowed near a computer, he will put his talents to better use and make it easier to catch those using malware to use everyone else computers for their nefarious deeds.


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