Security tip: Before being interviewed on TV, wipe passwords off whiteboard

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The following screenshot is from a broadcast on TVP (Polish television).

Spot anything interesting?

Still from Polish TV show. Click for larger version


Let's take a closer look..

Closeup of screenshot, showing password

If you haven't already guessed, Hasło is the Polish for "Password".

As we have explained before, if a TV crew is visting your office it may be sensible to remove any passwords which could appear in the background.

In fact, maybe it makes sense not to have these passwords on show regardless of whether someone is pointing a video camera around the place or not.

Just saying..

Hat-tip: @mikko.

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12 Responses to Security tip: Before being interviewed on TV, wipe passwords off whiteboard

  1. Heyo · 1102 days ago

    If the passwords are changed with any regularity (ie it will be different by the time the news program airs) then there would be no compromise and no need to hide anything

    • H.H · 1102 days ago

      And which world are YOU living in?

    • Andy · 1102 days ago

      Of course the password has been changes. What was 4FGvn1qGY is now 5FGvn1qGY... or possibly 6FGvn1qGY, 7FGvn1qGY, or even 8FGvn1qGY.

  2. Doobie Brothers · 1102 days ago

    This person should have been talked to way before the film crew arrived. Huge no-no.

  3. Monica · 1102 days ago


  4. Raider Dave · 1102 days ago

    Then password requirements should not be so strict so as to require writing them down in order to remember them. It kinda defeats the purpose...

  5. Darryl · 1101 days ago

    In the words of Homer Simpson "D'oh" who didn't go to the security briefing then

  6. Andy · 1101 days ago

    It is possible but unlikely that the password on the white board is written using a simple encryption technique that only authorised employees know.

  7. tmac · 1101 days ago

    Well it is encrypted in polish . . . Kurva!

  8. Dngr66 · 1101 days ago

    Hah. I even worry about neighbors looking at my whiteboard through binoculars sometimes.

  9. Ronnie · 1099 days ago

    HaHa. But what else do you write on your whiteboard, if not your passwords! Haha.

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