Monday review: the hot 26 stories of last week

Monday review: the hot 26 stories of last week

Days of the week. Image from ShutterstockJust in case you missed any of our stories last week, here’s a little recap:

Malware and vulnerabilities

Royal Mail malware attack distributed via email

Philips hacked, plaintext passwords revealed as R00tbeer gang strikes again

Nude wallpaper apps infect thousands of Android devices with malware

Court website attacked after Pussy Riot punk band convicted

Naked Prince Harry pics – be careful what you click on!

Adobe updates Flash again in a Patch Tuesday of its own

Police penalty-payment website makes amateurish coding errors

Apple zombie malware ‘NetWeird’ rummages for browser and email passwords

Sophos sucks? Being insulted by malware authors can be the best reward

Privacy and social networks

View from the IT desk: Securing social networking in the workplace

Free speech advocates say UK is too harsh in policing tweets

$20 million is not enough! How much should Facebook pay for settling sponsored stories dispute?

Today’s Special – Honesty in soliciting Facebook Likes puts truth on the social media menu!

Wayward Instagram account creates security scare for Norwegian Royal family

Google staffs up ‘Red Team’ to protect the world from its privacy lapses

Security tip: Before being interviewed on TV, wipe passwords off whiteboard

Dropbox two-factor authentication available to early adopters

Law and order

Do we need another word for cyber war?

Only a few hours remain to give your opinion on proposed UK “Snooper’s Charter”

LulzSec supergrass Sabu rewarded with six months freedom for helping Feds

Dodgy Android markets shut down by FBI in copyright crackdown

357 arrested in massive cybercrime sting in Philippines

‘Assange to be ARRESTED’ – British police in document dissemination gaffe

Data loss

Cracking passwords from the Philips hack – an important lesson

How to keep Apple Geniuses from pouring whiskey into your Mac


SSCC 96 – NFC hacking, audio steganography, IPv6 security and automated malware analysis

Days of the week image from Shutterstock.