Google releases Chrome 21, shells out $3,500 for security holes

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Google Chrome 21The folks at the Googleplex have released the newest update to the Chrome browser. The new version, 21, fixes three high priority security issues in the popular web browser, Google disclosed on Friday.

Google paid $3,500 to three separate independent security researchers for information on security holes in the product. Fixes for those holes were rolled into the new version of Chrome for Windows, Mac and Linux, officially labeled 21.0.1180.89, according to a post on the Google Chrome Releases blog by Karen Grunberg of Google's Chrome team.

The patched holes include three rated "High."

The first, CVE-2012-2866, fixes a problem in which Chrome failed to properly perform a cast of an unspecified variable during handling of run-in elements. If left unpatched, it could allow attackers to cause a denial of service (or worse) on a vulnerable Chrome instance using a specially-crafted document.

The second security hole rated "high," fixes a fault, CVE-2012-2869, in which Chrome improperly loaded URLs which could allow remote attackers to create a denial of service or, possibly, take additional actions on a vulnerable system.

The third vulnerability with a "high" rating, CVE-2012-2871, fixes a problem with libxml2 2.9.0-rc1 and earlier, a standard Google Chrome component. Earlier versions of that library don’t properly support a cast of an unspecified variable during XSL transforms – a process in which webpage style sheets are rendered when a page is loaded.

The vulnerability could allow a remote attacker to cause a denial of service attack or take other actions on vulnerable systems using a specially crafted document, Google warned.

Google is one of two major browser makers, with The Mozilla Foundation, that pays independent researchers for information about security holes in its products. The company has been a leader in promoting scrutiny of its platform. In August, Google announced Pwnium 2, the second annual contest that invites top hackers to take a crack at Chrome in exchange for cash prizes.

The first, held in March, awarded $60,000 in prize money to two researchers who created sophisticated, successful attacks against Chrome.

The announcement from Mountain View-based Google follows a similar announcement last week from The Mozilla Foundation, which released an update to its Firefox web browser, Firefox 15, that fixed 16 security holes and a large numbers of stability and memory management problems.

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180 Responses to Google releases Chrome 21, shells out $3,500 for security holes

  1. Richard · 1131 days ago

    They still haven't patched Flash to the latest version - it's still on 11.3.

  2. Amy Gurley · 1131 days ago

    I have to say, Chrome is my number one. Not only because it is fast, but because it spellchecks me where ever I am. I've used IE9 when I have to, and it frustrates me with how bloated and slow and cumbersome it is. I haven't tried Firefox.

  3. mbeckfl · 1131 days ago

    A little late on the 21? It's been out for over a month and 22 is about to be released.....In general, do browser versions even really matter anymore with the speed of releases? I know IE still sticks by using the number in the name, but people don't really say I'm using Chrome 21 or FF15

  4. Nicolas Gregoire · 1130 days ago

    CVE-2012-2871 affects libxslt, not libxml2

  5. Beau Giles · 1116 days ago

    Safari. I love the tighter integration with OS X, and the iCloud integration of tab syncing, bookmarks etc.

  6. Mandy Parmenter · 1116 days ago


  7. Joe Burke Minor Jr. · 1116 days ago

    Chrome, because it's not Firefox. No more "Firefox is running but is not responding" or "restart to complete the update"

  8. Mervyn Milliken · 1116 days ago

    Switched from Firefox to Opera a couple years ago,been using it since.Not too keen on Chrome myself.

  9. Vyv Toms · 1116 days ago

    Great browser except lack of Flash on Android version.

  10. Ian Weymouth · 1116 days ago


  11. Enerjon Cube · 1116 days ago

    Firefox for privacy and for being open source. But I use Chrome for its speed. Both have good extensions.

  12. Lynda Barry · 1116 days ago

    Google Chrome 21.0.1180.89 on Windows 7/64 Home Premium here. Best browser available for a tech student on a reduced budget. Fits in very well with my overall perspective of the tech industry.

  13. Amanda Muir · 1116 days ago

    Chrome, on both my laptop & my galaxy tab, Explorer sucks big time the flash issues on fb games sealed it for me lol x

  14. Richard McKean · 1116 days ago


  15. Daniel Wong · 1116 days ago

    Because Firefox kept crashing with Flash Player so I switched to Chrome yesterday

  16. Carolyn Moore · 1116 days ago

    Chrome! It's faster, and has the built-in flash. Update Chrome and keep it moving :)

  17. Tash Hayles · 1116 days ago


  18. Neil Adam · 1116 days ago

    Chrome, because it's fast and it's not IE. However, latest release seems to have problems syncing sound on iPlayer video

  19. Alexander Herdtweck · 1116 days ago


  20. Angelo Elevado · 1116 days ago

    My favorite browser so far has been Mozilla Firefox... and that is because it's easier to customize for me as an open-source browser and with its wide range of plug-ins, and it's more familiar to use. Might move to a Chromium-based browser in the future.

  21. Linda George · 1116 days ago

    Chrome. Really happy with it. I tried Opera before, maybe it was me not knowing how to adjust the settings but it seemed take take everything over, I feel far more in control with Chrome.

  22. Christopher Stephens · 1116 days ago

    Chrome is now my choice for most pages.

  23. Dave Plummer · 1116 days ago

    Chrome. If you've multiple log-ins it's easier than using multiple browsers.

  24. Pedro Vinagre · 1116 days ago

    tried already many times Chrome - but- keep comming back to Firefox. Extensions-wise I still prefer it - its better organized- plus the grouping of tabs.
    Altough - firefox keeps annoying with Memory leaks (still on ff15 !!!!)

  25. Kali Pederson · 1116 days ago


  26. Ian 'Equality' Bower · 1116 days ago


  27. Sue 'Pixie Sue' Simpson · 1116 days ago

    Definitely Chrome... I thought my computer was on the way out as it ran so slow on Internet Explorer. I love Chrome! :-)

  28. Renz Bernardo · 1116 days ago

    Chrome! Cause it's web-friendly and easy to use. And of course, don't forget the incognito. :ifyouknowwhatimean:

  29. Gambian Rats · 1116 days ago

    chrome its easy to use, fast…...

  30. Dylan Johnston · 1116 days ago

    It used to be Firefox due to the intuitive UI, but I was forced to move to chrome to to memory leaks and crashes.

  31. Tammy Griffiths · 1116 days ago

    IE...because it aint broken dammit

  32. John S. Geary · 1116 days ago

    Chrome, because it seems to work with Fb better, fewer freezes - although it seems to have one annoying habit of substituting weird symbols for question marks, quote marks, etc., requiring a logout or sometimes even a reboot.

  33. Michael Halligan · 1116 days ago

    Chrome, chiefly because it isn't IE. Persisted with Opera in Vista but Chrome seems easier in Windows 7.

  34. Rob Verseijden · 1116 days ago

    Definitely Firefox and a Chrome as a good second. I use Firefox most, with extensions like NoScript so I'm in control on which sites are allowed to run client side scripts, Avast WebReputation extension, and Firebug to help with debugging websites.

    The NoScript also seemed to have solved the problem with client side scripts that are not well written and end up in a continuous loop, sucking the life out of Firefox.

    I don't use Safari anymore, since it seems not to cope well with some sites I visit.

  35. Liam McMullan · 1116 days ago

    It used to be firefox but it was unstable and constantly crashing which is why I moved to chrome. Maybe at some point when firefox is more reliable I'll switch back :)

  36. Vaughan Hilts · 1116 days ago

    Chrome. HTML5 performance is garbage in comparison everywhere else.

  37. Francis Rigor · 1116 days ago

    Chrome. Because it's so much faster.

  38. Jürgen Weiß · 1116 days ago

    ich habe chromedragon....

  39. David R Bellairs · 1116 days ago

    Chrome. IE is rubbish. Firefox works when it feels like it.

  40. Claire Louise Smith · 1116 days ago

    Chrome, on my laptop and my iPhone. Always fast, always reliable. Brilliant.

  41. Karen Long · 1116 days ago

    I love Chrome for the speed. I do sometimes run into compatibility issues, which is annoying.

  42. Ruth Hess Musgrave · 1116 days ago

    I did like Chrome the best but flash player has been crashing so often with it lately. Ready to switch to something else for primary. Either firefox or safari again.

  43. Ian Boddison · 1116 days ago

    I like IE but it is soooo slow, especially with pages heavy in AJAX and other client side processing like Facebook. Also it's lack of built in video support slows it down.So instead I use Chrome for most things. But I'm reconsidering since dockable tabs were introduced. It's too easy to unintentionally spawn a new window and it appears impossible to turn the feature off.

  44. Nancy Larrison Clinton-Ross · 1116 days ago

    Used Firefox for years then switched to Chrome. Lately it has started getting slower and slower. I finally just went back to Firefox and the new one is waaaaay faster and more stable than Chrome was.

  45. Khairil Ejart · 1116 days ago

    Chrome FTW..

  46. Munaiba Khan · 1116 days ago

    I use Chrome but Google says it's not going to update it any more because my OS is too old (10.5.8) so I may have to change. :( Firefox makes my whole machine run slow so I'm not sure what to use now.

  47. Cassandra Morrison · 1116 days ago

    The only problem with Google is that ut's Google. Therefore you have zero privacy. The "Bing" Toolbar offered by Microsoft is the same way. No matter how many times you tell it NOT to keep a record of your internet activities you'll find it doing it again within a day at the most.

    Even using Bing as your homepage lets them track you and shutting your "history" only works until you sign oout and then back in. The default spy moe for Bing is the same as Gogle. ON.

    This, they tell you is so they can better tailor ads to suit your interests and all that guff.

    So I use none of the above and any "cookies" I pick up are deleted automatically when I log off windows. Google isn't saving them nor is Bing.

    And Google Chrome is NOT really faster than IE 9/ That too, is a fallacy. It may seem to LOAD faster but only because it compresses data causing loss of quality in the audio/visual range.

    It' a fair trade if you cannot afford a truly high speed broadband connection (all browsers fare about the same if you can) but the implication that it delivers the same QUALITY faster is bogus.

  48. Paul Summerfield · 1116 days ago


  49. Andrea Pluckhahn · 1116 days ago


  50. Ravit Kumar · 1116 days ago

    Google Chrome, bcoz its faster than other, i like its apps and multiple account thing! :) 1 more reason is I

  51. Kathryn Dj-Kat Mayall · 1116 days ago

    Chrome. Firefox has seemed to become less stable as the updates have gone on with a great deal of my friends who use it complaining of it constantly not responding and crashing. IE on the other hand I don't trust at all.

  52. Lela Dehart · 1116 days ago

    Still using Yahoo,,,, LOL!! Everything better is being Hacked , so I'm one of the Idgits the Haclers don't even bother with!! Even then let them mess with me,,, cause I would Love to have Credit once again,, !! Or Worse for them When ex

  53. Nancy Larrison Clinton-Ross · 1116 days ago

    Why that showed up multiple times I don't Good ole Facebook!

  54. Susan TJ Mcqueen · 1116 days ago

    Firefox mainly, flock if I'm using flash, anything but chrome or IE, detest them both

  55. John Adey · 1116 days ago

    Tried Chrome and came back to Firefox

  56. Eva Grace Wolfram · 1116 days ago

    Firefox, because I love the icon. (Only kidding. Firefox, because it's open source.)

  57. Derek McElhinney · 1116 days ago

    Firefox for me!

  58. Matthias Carter · 1116 days ago

    Chrome. However I go back to Firefox for some of the web dev extensions.

  59. Pete English · 1116 days ago


  60. Mike Eppright · 1116 days ago

    Firefox. I *loathe* Chrome.

  61. Kathleen Wright · 1116 days ago

    Mozilla Firefox

  62. Peter Mohlin · 1116 days ago

    Firefox, can't stand teh design descicion behind Chrome putting the tabs at top and not having any dorpdown menus. Wife uses Chrome only because FF doesn't play nicely with here Asus eeePC but woudl switch back if she could.

  63. Jose Medina · 1116 days ago

    Lynx! (OK not really just giving some love to the grand-daddy of them all)

  64. Cheryl Love · 1116 days ago


  65. Elisabeth Davies · 1116 days ago

    gave up Firefo (too slow) in favour of Chrome - love it

  66. Jeff Loiselle · 1116 days ago

    Anything but the buggy disaster that is Firefox.

  67. Josie Young · 1116 days ago


  68. Alex Ziemianski · 1116 days ago

    I like chrome, but I use Firefox for dodgy web sites. I don't log into any sensitive web sites with Firefox, so there's no risk of getting hit by a click-jacking site, because my Firefox browser doesn't know my Facebook ID. Too many 3rd party websites try to mine a person's Facebook Identity.

  69. Asaph Efrati · 1116 days ago

    Was alternating between Chrome & Firefox and stuck with FF in the end, fast, modifiable and secure due to that.

  70. Debbie Stephens · 1116 days ago

    When I moved away from IE (many years ago) I went around and tried Safari, Opera, Firefox and Chrome and of all of them - I much prefer Chrome. I'm on their Beta Version 22.0.1229.26 beta-m and it's as stable as a very stable thing indeed. No complaints at all.

  71. Debbie Mina Arambula Archambeau · 1116 days ago

    I like it because it's faster, but it's harder to remover browser history and cookies.

  72. Corky Schillinger · 1116 days ago

    Firefox. The latest build is awesome!

  73. Doug Chellew · 1116 days ago

    Chrome...WOT extension, Adblock, Facebook picture viewer...just a few reasons(extensions) why. Opera is my second then Firefox. IE only if the website doesn't support anything else.

  74. Andrzej Christopher-Josef Spang · 1116 days ago

    waterfox and iron. These company's don't know how to make their own dam browsers...

  75. Jeanette Bell · 1116 days ago

    i only use internet explorer. Google chrome is crap and firefox is crap as far as i'm concerned

  76. Jerelyn Nelson Warford Stanley · 1116 days ago

    Opera and Firefox. HATE Chrome, and IE... no way.

  77. Rose Glenn · 1116 days ago

    For those saying IE.... HAHAHAHA!!!!

    For me, Chrome followed by Chromium, then Opera

    For many reasons including I am not fond of add-ons and ext, I like the basics as I keep 3 browsers going at once for work (chrome), my own business (chromium) and personal use (opera)

  78. Rich Nizzle · 1116 days ago

    Chrome. Although the resource use is getting a bit out of control...half a gig of RAM for FB and a few tabs? I guess sandboxing comes at a price.

  79. Jo Ann ReinhartTracy-Martin · 1116 days ago

    Chrome. Because it's so much faster.

  80. Dawn Morgan · 1116 days ago

    Firefox for security and Chrome when Firefox misbehaving!

  81. Cathal Bergin · 1116 days ago

    It's Firefox for me. It's fast and seems secure plus I like some plugins. I also really love the Sophos feed on fb and I follow Graham on twitter

  82. Micheal Robert Page · 1116 days ago

    Chrome for me!!

  83. Marianne Aldridge · 1116 days ago

    Chrome... faster and uses less memory. I like Firefox but even the latest version starts running slow on my PC after a day or so. Can't stand IE !

  84. Sue Sullivan · 1116 days ago

    Firefox, sometimes Chrome. Stopped using IE years ago.

  85. Roland Phillips · 1116 days ago

    Firefox is my primary as it seems to be more reliable. (And from what I've heard more secure that Chrome - from other people at least.) I use Opera occasionally. I tried Chrome but after a few tests and with many other people showing similar results, it uses more memory and it's less reliable. Lots of people I know use Waterfox and I feel keen to try it out my self.

    I have a few Add-ons for security on Firefox. (Although I do disable Add-blocker on, for example, smaller trusted web sites/forums to contribute to them and certain youtubers, to again, contribute.)

  86. Trudi ɞ Lane Noble · 1116 days ago


  87. Jose Carlos Brito Reyes · 1116 days ago

    Mine is Google Chrome, is the best one! Much better and quicker than others!

  88. Aaron Cargin · 1116 days ago

    chrome wins ie has always sucked balls.... microsoft are desperately advertising ie on tv, their user numbers must be dwindling

  89. Renegade-Radio DeeJay · 1116 days ago

    Fire Fox...... but going off it lately

  90. Gordon Sherwood · 1116 days ago


  91. Natasha Bischkopf · 1116 days ago

    Chrome - find it quicker :)

  92. Melissa Fields · 1116 days ago

    Chrome. It is my default browser, and Firefox is my secondary browser. IE? Never!! It sucks!!!! :P

  93. Kristina Fisher · 1116 days ago

    Pale moon, built on firefox, updates regularly, works fine on my ancient laptop, tried straight ff but kept hogging resources . IE .............. Let's not even go there......!!

  94. Leonie Hitchenor · 1116 days ago

    Chrome, but I may go back to Opera unless they fix they flash issues once & for all. Yes I've done the fixes, I still have issues watching video. When IE works better you know its not a good sign

  95. Harry Whittaker · 1116 days ago

    I much prefer Firefox but it collects viruses like nothing else. Sometimes I think Firefox has viruses already built in. But chrome is pretty much the same

  96. Simon Phillips · 1116 days ago

    google chrome as exploder was far too buggy

  97. Joshua Berriadias · 1116 days ago

    Chrome of course... It's faster, sleek, syncs everything with EASE, bookmark toolbar is nicely designed, etc

  98. Tyler Schofield · 1116 days ago

    Firefox. Love the add on selection and tons more ways for private browsing

  99. Peter Larsson · 1116 days ago

    Opera is more comfortable

  100. Tami Harvey · 1116 days ago


  101. Aurel F. Marin · 1116 days ago

    Opera - fast, highly customizable, mail/feed reader client included, safe and reliable. And resources-friendly, unlike FF. Chrome is suitable for someone happy with little customization and not worried much about data collection.

  102. Vez Trunkov · 1116 days ago

    Firefox for the customization and ease. Chrome is too damn shiny and sleek for it's own good and I dislike Google's attempts to make you log in to it all the time. I've been told to switch to Chrome when I have a problem but it usually has a similar problem too! And FF fixes itself usually.

  103. Diane Cook · 1116 days ago

    Depends on the website I am going to. Some will only use IE8, others only Chrome.

  104. Geetali Tare · 1116 days ago


  105. David Cowell · 1116 days ago

    chrome as ie9 just seems to freeze and crash all the time.

  106. Penni Frampton · 1116 days ago

    Firefox. IE always crashes and freezes

  107. Michael Collins · 1116 days ago

    I deleted Firefox completely after getting the latest version video clips would not play games would not play i just got sick of it. I use Chrome now and i'm well satisfied with it.

  108. Cristiano Di Carlo · 1116 days ago

    IE doubt!

  109. Brian K Liaga Sr. · 1116 days ago

    Firefox beta, been using Firefox Beta for years without any problems.

  110. Nico Davis · 1116 days ago

    IE. I used Firefox but it was not compatible with my school and IE works great for me. Thinking of keeping IE for school because school requires Java and I could use the other browser for everything else as was recently suggested.

  111. Nigel White · 1116 days ago

    Safari it's uncomplicated and not cluttered!

  112. Marion Rosner · 1116 days ago

    Chrome here, haven't used Firefox in years. Even got my Alpha Geek hubby Adam on to Chrome very shortly after we met, before that he swore by FF but I've not seen him use it since. I used FF when I left IE as Chrome wasn't around then, and installed Opera but quite swiftly uninstalled it. It got a big "meh" from me. I also have Rockmelt installed ... anyone else tried that?

  113. Jojo Uichanco · 1116 days ago

    Switched from Firefox Aurora to Chrome. Chrome just seems faster.

  114. Anna Harris · 1116 days ago

    I use Google Chrome first, then Opera, and finally IE, just because my local TV station shows aren't compatible with other browsers... (and I hate that!!)

  115. Brett Kottmann · 1116 days ago

    I will never trust Google.

  116. Terry Lloyd · 1116 days ago


  117. Angela Thompson · 1116 days ago

    They're all about the same for me. (never tried opera)

  118. Lylah Lil'Hammer-Hollywood Haynes · 1116 days ago


  119. Pam Curlis Kelly · 1116 days ago

    Google Chrome for me. Did use Firefox also, but last time I installed it Babylon Search attached itself to it and I couldn't uninstall it. So now I am not sure I want to try to put FF back on. Glad to see all these comments, maybe I'll try another browser from these comments.

  120. Brett Kottmann · 1116 days ago

    Babylon search is not part of FF. You used a rogue installer. Download it directly from Mozilla.

  121. Diane Sherwood Hall Geeves · 1116 days ago

    Chrome thank you very much!

  122. Suping Yap · 1116 days ago

    Chrome at home and Opera at work

  123. David Scheiner · 1116 days ago

    Chrome. It's responsive, consistent across platforms and has the best built-in debugging tools.

  124. Matthew Robert Curtis · 1116 days ago

    Opera everywhere :-)

  125. Alan Briggs · 1116 days ago

    Chrome! Because it's quicker and never had any problems loading pages.

  126. Tori Peterson · 1116 days ago

    Chrome it's faster, almost never has a problem loading pages (although if you play games on pogo and stuff you will have to use internet explorer or something else because chrome doesn't load half the games). Facebook seems extremely fast on chrome though, and there are more ways to personalize.

  127. Jason MacDuff · 1116 days ago

    i still refuse to use chrome.. dont get me wrong, im sure its a nice browser as far as browsers go, but we cant keep them out of our business enough as it is. I dont agree with their business practices at all. installing google chrome or worse yet - google os is like handing over your car keys to a carjacker before theyve even told you they want it.. sorry.. not happening.

  128. Janet Linda Darbey · 1116 days ago

    I had Internet explorer which came with my netbook and hated it. I tried firefox and had many hitches with my windows 7 system...Chrome was good for a while then I started getting lots of problems with the flash players crashing suddenly. I now have Chromium for windows 7 and it seems to have no problems with anything...I am well pleased! Only thing I don't like is the pale blue logo they use..It makes me think my desktop has gone wrong when there is no colour in it LOL

  129. Neil Hunter · 1116 days ago

    Firefox on Ubuntu - I didn't want to be tied to Corporate America in the form of Microsoft and Google

    I use Opera as well, but more rarely

  130. Mik Siggins · 1116 days ago


  131. Simon Berry · 1116 days ago


  132. Mike Aubert · 1116 days ago

    Chrome. Firefox is good but sucks up my memory and refuses to give it back under 10.6.8. Chrome always behaves and works best for me. Wouldnt run IE if you paid me nowadays. Opera is OK but not as fast.

  133. Debbie Indiero · 1116 days ago

    I didn't like all the updates Firefox kept doing so I tried Google Chrome. It was great in the beginning, but then it started saying at times I didn't have an internet connection. It wasn't the case and I got rid of them and went back to Firefox. I refuse to use IE. They are the worst.

  134. Deborah Penna · 1116 days ago

    Def not for me, got a backdoor trojan last time i switched to google chromet and so did many other people.

  135. James Mclean · 1116 days ago

    Chrome, ever since HTTPS Everywhere worked on it! Firefox before that...

  136. Marc FaceClub · 1116 days ago

    Firefox is the best browser indeed!

  137. Janet McDaniel Keener · 1116 days ago

    Chrome - best at autofill and I do tons of sweepstakes entries online.

  138. Lisa-Gaye Shearing Mead · 1116 days ago

    Liked Chrome, but like Opera better.

  139. Polly Sauer Tomlinson · 1116 days ago

    I'm sticking with OE because I don't really trust Google.

  140. Adele Henderson · 1116 days ago

    Google Chrome.

  141. Linda Sherwood Brundage · 1116 days ago

    I used it for months and liked it but had to remove it because it would only give me a security warning about not having a strong enough signature from my provider. I changed providers and now Chrome gives me another type of error (all this locks you out) so removed Chrome. Until they get it fixed, it does me no good to have it.

  142. David Way · 1116 days ago

    Maxthon 3 for me...

  143. Laura Selwood · 1116 days ago

    I favor Firefox. Shockwave doesn't crash with Firefox, but does with Chrome.

  144. John Shaw · 1116 days ago

    Chomium is better than Google Chrome. It doesn't include Google's spyware.

  145. Gemma O'Connor · 1116 days ago

    google chrome

  146. Robert Fries · 1116 days ago


  147. Stephen Little · 1116 days ago

    Firefox Forever!

  148. Jason Simpson · 1116 days ago

    Chrome, there is nothing else.

  149. Karen McDonald · 1116 days ago

    Chrome...not laggy

  150. David Inutiq · 1116 days ago

    I see huge difference between internet explorer and Google chrome, cuz chrome makes everything accessible faster and easier, instead of having to go through all the clicking and pressing and long notes of seemed to make non-sense readings before making enterance to internet. Is less fake.

  151. Jeff Rabinowitz · 1116 days ago

    Firefox. Google is omnipresent. I have never been a fan of theirs and I believe their reach makes them a more likely target for hackers.

  152. Frank Wendeln · 1116 days ago

    I switched to Chrome because I seem to always have trouble with "scripts not responding" in Firefox but Chrome has pages that are "unresponsive" more and more. If I have to get on something quickly w/o major passwords, I go to Safari.

  153. Sandi Gibson Sinnott · 1116 days ago

    Safari for Mac, Firefox for Windows. Thinking about looking into Chomium.

  154. Brian T La Rose · 1116 days ago

    Chrome. How about a poll instead.

  155. Barry Rosenbaum · 1116 days ago

    Firefox on my PC's. Chrome on my 'droid phone and tablet.

  156. Carolita Johnson · 1116 days ago


  157. Donna Watkins · 1116 days ago

    Rockmelt. Best social media browser I've found.

  158. Mary Pitchard Furber · 1116 days ago

    I'm so used to Internet Explorer it's hard to use something else. But I've been trying Chrome and I like it. The screen is cleaner and it's faster. I have an older PC running XP and can't upgrade IE.

  159. Marilyn Hawk Stude · 1116 days ago

    Brett Kottman, when I had to reload FF, I went to the Mozilla site & also was loaded with Babylon. Can't get it to uninstall & can only use my preferred search manually.

  160. Brian VanOrder · 1116 days ago

    If Chrome is so good they would not have to bundle it and trick you into installing it with flash updates. I never even saw it as I was clicking through.

  161. Steve Fouts · 1116 days ago

    I use Safari by default, but it's buggy when viewing videos, so I use Chrome. I hate seeing Chrome bundled with Flash updates. Makes them seem desperate.

  162. Antoinette Miller · 1116 days ago

    I use IE 9 on Windows 7 with Java disabled as my default browser and Google Chrome with Java enabled only for a game site I belong to that uses Java for its games.

  163. Pat Cawley · 1116 days ago

    Chrome has been my browser of choice for years and has been the least problematic and is also the fastest out there. The only thing that would make me move from Chrome is if something faster came alone but was still as reliable.

  164. Ghenelle Yancey · 1116 days ago

    I used Firefox until that issue with flash made some things I downloaded chrome and found out that chrome is MUCH faster. I still like firefoxes drop down on command address bar which chrome does not do.

  165. Ted Curran · 1116 days ago

    Chrome on Windows and Mac, Dolphin on Android.

  166. Kenny McCarthy · 1116 days ago

    Last year I switched from Safari to Chrome. When Safari 6 was released with Mountain Lion, I gave it a try and have found it equal to Chrome in many areas, and better integration with OS X services means I'll stick with it. I'd still like to have the selection of extensions that Chrome enjoys.

  167. Bill Boyers · 1116 days ago


  168. Ruthann Biel · 1116 days ago

    I use Mozilla Firefox.

  169. Williams Miguel Huarcaya Campos · 1116 days ago

    px google chrome

  170. Bradley Gray · 1116 days ago

    I prefer the way Firefox works from a user perspective, but the performance is awful so I've had to start using Chrome. That's on PC, on my Mac I am quite happy with Safari.

  171. William Zlomke · 1116 days ago

    Chrome is by far the fastest and lightest browser, but does lack some compatibility in some areas.

  172. Angie Kenny · 1116 days ago

    Its not we had a choice for Chrome,facebook and pinterest won't work at all on IE,and are so slow on Firefox that its pointless to use it.

  173. Bret Weeks · 1116 days ago

    Firefox on my gaming machine...Chromium for my business/school linux.

  174. Jessie Pate · 1116 days ago

    Chrome. Unless I have to download an ebook from Overdrive. Then I have to use Firefox. Otherwise, Chrome.

  175. Scott Kuli · 1116 days ago

    I use strictly Google Chrome on my older PC running Vista (retch, retch). It's a far better browser in terms of it's speed than either IE or Firefox. It's not a resource hog, it's simple, and fast. That's about it.

  176. John Harnish · 1116 days ago


  177. Jamie Grinnell · 1116 days ago

    Chrome was my preferred browser and still is, but about 2 or 3 weeks ago it got really really crappy and none of our sites work the same in it anymore. I had a nightmare that Chrome had become really shitty and people were disgusted that I used it because Firefox made a come back since Chrome switched to lameness. Please don't let Chrome fall behind!

  178. John Mynott · 1116 days ago

    Firefox + Chrome to separate fb.

  179. Terry North · 1116 days ago

    I use Firefox as my main browser. It can be customised more than the others I've used. One can configure it to do and look as you wish.

  180. Chris McAndrew · 1116 days ago

    Chrome - it's simple.

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