Which web browser do you recommend? [POLL]

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BrowsersThe browser wars are here - with big players like Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox fighting tooth-and-nail for marketshare.

The good news is that users are benefiting from the fight, with vendors using new security features as differentiators in an attempt to make you switch your browser.

And there's good reason for you to be pleased that browsers are tackling security problems, as so much of today's malware is delivered via the web, or has a web-based component.

So, here's the question - if one of your friends or family had suffered a computer security problem, what browser would you recommend that they use? What's your preferred browser security-wise?

And don't just make your vote - tell us why you made your choice by leaving a comment below.

Thanks for sharing your point of view!

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322 Responses to Which web browser do you recommend? [POLL]

  1. luisdb · 1090 days ago

    I've used all of them. I like Google Chrome, it feels light weight and pretty fast, but I'm not convinced yet. I've been using Firefox for over 5 years and it feels the best one so far, but that's just my personal opinion.

    • cpedley · 1090 days ago


      No it is NOT just YOUR opinion. It is exactly what I was going to write here but you already did.

      Google Chrome IS fast but the longer you browse, the more resources are used up. When I find my Chrome browsing slowing down, I look in the task manager and I see zillions [well at least MANY Chrome entries. It appears that Chrome uses a new chunk of memory for each tab!

      Firefox does not do this. In fact I generally install and use Firefox Portable which uses even less resources! But I also install Firefox standard desktop edition to attach all my extensions to. It slows down but then my Portable version remains VERY FAST!

      • sccservice · 1090 days ago

        Chrome is the most secure browser out there. It has not been compromised at the Pwn2Own and in fact, most don't even attempt to exploit it because of the built in sandbox. As far as system resources are concerned, I have not experienced this issue. I do see the extra threads Chrome uses in the task manager, but if that is impacting your performance you may have other issues.

      • Jonathan · 1088 days ago

        Chrome makes every tab a seperate process. They do this so if one tab crashes the entire browser doesn't crash. In firefox, if one website in your tabs is going slow, ALL your tabs are slow, because it's under one process. With this method, that doesn't happen.

    • blossom · 1041 days ago

      Opera is fast,simple to use & seems secure enough on both Windows and Linux.Chrome's a no-no for the obvious reasons. Firefox is easily compromised . And use IE only if you wish to be hijacked and like going slow. Safari is nice (if you use a mac and want to hide under the Apple wing.) Currently I'll use Opera..I change my browsers as fast as my supermarkets..I simply want the best deal

  2. Linda · 1090 days ago

    Chrome is the fastest I have found and I have all my google stuff synced across various items which is quick and helpful. I don't like IE as it just takes forever. Firefox was OK when i used it but Chrome has always had the speed.

    • JimboC · 1090 days ago

      Hi Linda,

      IE can be slow since it has a long history of Active add-ons. Turning off/uninstalling unused add-ins can make a big difference:

      Try also clearing the cache:

      repairing it with the following Fix-It tool:

      Finally try resetting it if all else fails:

      I use ActiveX filtering to speed up my browsing with IE9 but I am using IE 10 more and more for plugin free browsing (although Flash is still present unless ActiveX filtering is also on). ActiveX filtering reduces your attack surface too:

      IE can be just as fast as Chrome and Firefox if you are prepared to tune it a little.


    • MikeP · 1090 days ago

      Hi Linda, et al

      Speed is not the question but "How secure is your browser" which is far more important.
      Chrome has a history of collecting data on the quiet, though Google 'claim' it doesn't now (but what about their responses to the Street View data collection fiasco?).
      I suggest you answer the actual question asked, which is more about how safe your chosen one is and nothing about perceived speed.

      • JimboC · 1089 days ago

        Hi Mike,

        I am aware what the question was. I was simply trying to assist by offering advice on how to speed up IE. Too many times IE gets bad press simply because it is mis-configured.

        As for security Opera, Chrome or Firefox would be the winners since they patch their browsers in the shortest time. IE patches after 1 to 2 months (in geneeral). Its very similar with Apple Safari.


    • Dave · 1088 days ago

      Oh Linda, I thought the question was about security and not speed...

    • Godwin Peter · 1088 days ago

      may be you probable using xp with ie6 i guess you should try ie9

  3. Tony · 1090 days ago

    FireFox is best plus great addons, Chrome is just spyware for Google.

    • Ray · 1090 days ago


    • Herb · 1090 days ago

      Agreed. Chrome is evil. Firefox all the way. IE? Not a chance.

    • YoMama · 1088 days ago


    • DreamCatcher · 1088 days ago

      Lol? Firefox is slow, craches all the time and it mainly suck. I would use Safari over Firefox.. IE is the third mainly cause of the latest update. Then Opera cause it's fast and at first place, Google Chrome. It's fast, easy, safe and it dosen't crash

    • lakshmi · 1077 days ago

      Well said Tony, "Chrome is just spyware for Google"

    • Dimitar · 1046 days ago

      Well don't use Chrome, take your time and build Chromium :D

  4. IanB · 1090 days ago

    I used to use Firefox, mainly for the range of plug-ins available but recent versions seem to have become bloated and slower so switched to Chrome. I like the speed, the clean interface and the ability to sync across PCs, the range of plug-ins is improving too.

  5. @calagan800xl · 1090 days ago

    It's probably not as fast and secure as Chrome, but I stick with Firefox for its vast choice of add-ons.

    It's my main choice on Windows, Mac and Ubuntu, but in Android (ICS), it's not fitting the bill yet, especially since it still not working properly with the non-english keyboard dock of my Asus Transformer, so I juggle between Browser, Opera and Chrome.

    • ElricE · 1090 days ago

      On ICS try Dolphin browser... it shows up the built in browser on many levels

  6. @GKLowell · 1090 days ago

    I used to be a great fan of Firefox because of the plug-ins and personalisation options but I found the last couple of releases very buggy so I've switched to Chrome which is more reliable - miss the app tabs though.

    • cpedley · 1090 days ago

      Try switching back as each new version of anything often has buggy quirks which are ironed out by updates. Firefox informs you of updates very regularly.

  7. JimboC · 1090 days ago

    I chose Internet Explorer since I really like IE 10 in Windows 8. It will support Do No Track by default too. This is great since I very much dislike Google Analytics, the Twitter Platform API and Facebook tracking that is appearing on many sites today.

    The Tracking Protection lists of IE help me block all of the above analytics easily:

    On average, IE 9 is ever so slightly slower than Chrome (v22.0.1229.26 Beta) i.e. 136 ms in the Sunspider JavaScript benchmark compared to 135 ms for Chrome. IE 10, 64 bit beats both at 118 ms (when tested on the same hardware via a dual boot).

    However, for me in general use all of the above browsers are very snappy.


    • Tom Jolly · 1088 days ago

      So you want to use peoples sites but not let them know you have been there at all, virtually you are saying you want something for free. without leaving even minor information for the creators of the site, which they use to improve their site.

      Seriously - that's retarded! If it wasn't for advertising, stats and tracking the internet would be only a shadow of what it is today - could you imagine having to pay to use search engines, to download browsers, to speak with your friends on-line!

      Why do so many people think they deserve to free load off other peoples hard work!

    • Matt T · 1088 days ago

      I. Seriously. Hope. You. Are. Kidding.

      Get a real browser. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Netscape 1, anything but IE.

    • Justin · 1088 days ago

      Even though it might set donottrack by default, it doesn't really matter because it is still up to the website to honor it. Do you really think Facebook is going to do that? Also, by setting in to 'on' by default on one of the worlds most common browsers, it's even more likely that companies will just ignore it.

  8. @secolive · 1090 days ago

    Chrome, because it's one of the most secure options while still working well.

    It used to be firefox, but its update mechanism is buggy leading to browser not being properly updated with security fixes, which in 2012 is unacceptable. Additionally, firefox lacks sandboxing, and this is also major drawback from security standpoint.

    IE is quite secure, but functionally speaking I tend to always encounter problems that force me to use another browser. And its settings are so horrible, e.g. try disabling Java for a good laugh.

  9. ian mcquillan · 1090 days ago

    I use opera , it's 64 bit, fast light, less security problems than others,easy to set to "do not track", loads of great security extensions,ghostery,flag button,addblocker,web of trust,the speed dial is easy to use and looks great,loads of skins available and It's not a tool for google to spy and track all of my web viewing.

  10. Darren Wall · 1090 days ago

    I wouldn't recommend any specific browser on security as each has been hit at some point. I recommend Chrome as it's been the fastest for me. Of course the main thing I try to hammer home is for family and friends to keep their OS and browsers patched up to date.

    • Linda · 1090 days ago

      I agree 100% with you. Nothing is surefire, you must make take own safety in hand with good anti-virus software, and paying attention to updates, and not rely on any Browser to do it for you. Speed differences are so slight as not to be a real deciding factor.

  11. jhoyla · 1090 days ago

    Chrome is the most secure, in my opinion, because, according to Forbes at least (http://www.forbes.com/sites/andygreenberg/2012/03/23/shopping-for-zero-days-an-price-list-for-hackers-secret-software-exploits/), criminals pay the most for zero-day bugs in chrome and IE. I think IE's popularity is what makes the bugs more valuable, whereas Chrome's difficulty of exploitation is what gives it it's value. For this reason, from a security standpoint, I would recommend Chrome.

  12. Stuart · 1090 days ago

    I thought this was about security , not speed, or preferences, or plug-ins. I still think IE is the most secure at present. Maybe not the fastest, but that's not what you are asking

    • JimboC · 1090 days ago

      Hi Stuart,

      That’s very true, this article is about the security of the browser, I should have included more about security in my post above.

      Although I really like IE, I don't think it is the most secure by default. Although it does include the most security mitigations e.g. Permanent DEP, ASLR, SEHOP, GS Stack protection, SafeSEH and Protected Mode.

      IE 10 is improving on the above list:

      IE 10 64 bit with ActiveX filtering enabled and with Enhanced Protected Mode switched on (neither of these options are the defaults) is very secure:

      Google Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox are usually patched quite quickly to security flaws, taking no more than a few days to fix them.

      IE is a lot more conservative in this regard, often taking 1 to 2 months to fix a flaw. Only critical flaws that are being actively exploited are ever patched in a few days. To Microsoft’s credit, they usually provide a workaround that will prevent / reduce the possibility of exploitation until a patch is made available.

      From following the patching habits of browsers, I know that Apple’s Safari is usually quite slow to be patched. Apple really take their time integrating the security fixes from the open source Webkit engine upon which Safari is built. This may change for the better since Mountain Lion (OS 10.8) now includes daily security updates when required.


    • disbeliever · 1090 days ago

      IE the most secure? You can't be serious. Do you work for Microsoft?

      • JimboC · 1090 days ago

        Hi disbeliever,

        No I don't work for Microsoft. I said that IE had the most security migitations in place (there is a difference!). I did not say it was the most secure.

        I said it took IE 1 to 2 months to patch a flaw but Google and Mozilla provide a patch in a few days. That's hardly a positive comment for IE, is it?


      • JimboC · 1090 days ago

        I find it amusing that any controversial view expressed, someone immediately assumes that you work for the company concerned and have a vested interest to promote that point of view.

        Is it taboo to simply like a companie's product without someone assuming you work for them?

        • Justin · 1088 days ago

          I wouldn't be surprised if you work for microsoft, just because you keep ending your replys with "I hope this helps.". It's one of the most common things said in replys to bugs on microsoft's help pages.

          Everyone else can check for themselves, by googling: site:microsoft.com " I hope this helps"

          That phrase comes up a lot.

      • sccservice · 1090 days ago

        I second that.

  13. wrylyfox · 1090 days ago

    I use Firefox. I like the GUI. Being a non profit, they are not likely to sell your privacy for a buck.

    • Ravi Rao · 1087 days ago

      Firefox is not non-profit. Its run by the mozilla corporation with revenues of $91.3 million ... see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mozilla_corp

      • Tee · 1086 days ago

        "Unlike the non-profit Mozilla Foundation, and the Mozilla open source project, founded by the now defunct Netscape Corporation, the Mozilla Corporation is a taxable entity."

        "Any profits made by the Mozilla Corporation will be invested back into the Mozilla project."

        Read first, post after

  14. Floss · 1090 days ago

    I use 3 browsers: chrome mostly, firefox for an external server I use for scientific journal access which screws up normal browsing and IE for my work email on outlook365 which only works on IE.
    You can't rely on just one browser anymore!

  15. the · 1090 days ago

    its a tie between mozilla and chromium. alls i know is i think i would recommend injecting yourself with infected needles before dare using internet exploder. that is all.

    • JimboC · 1090 days ago


      Can you provide some solid evidence why IE is so bad?

      Slowness isn't a valid reason since IE is usually mis-configured or never has its cache cleared to keep it fast (other browsers can be the same).


      • Justin · 1088 days ago

        Look like you jut stated why it's bad yourself... If its usually mosconfigured, then there is a problem. Most users don't know how to clear the cache, or even know they should. That's something the browser should take care of. It would be nice if everybody was more informed, but the fact is that most people don't care to learn about this stuff, they just want it to work.

  16. Alan · 1090 days ago

    From a security point of view the choice is impossible, they change so frequently that the (apparent) best on month probably won't be within a month or two.

    I use a few but Firefox gets my vote for flexibility if only because of the wide range of add-ons available but the frequent (supposedly) major upgrades drive me mad because language packs don't upgrade automatically and don't have the flexibility to support multiple major versions.

    On my Mac I use Safari more than Firefox. It has a great built in feed reader.

    • Anon I. Muss · 1090 days ago

      Apple removed the feed reader from Safari (and from Apple Mail) in Mountain Lion.

      I'm using a standalone OS X feed reader called Vienna now plus a mix of Safari and Firefox. Chrome...I just don't like the way it looks and feels.

  17. Geraldine · 1090 days ago

    IE sucks and Google is evil.

    • JimboC · 1090 days ago

      Hi Geraldine,

      Can you provide some evidence as to why IE "sucks"?

      Like others, you are finding it slow? Try a newly installed IE 9 32 bit or IE 10 64 bit and try tell me that you find it slow.


    • Duck · 1089 days ago

      I love it! I agree! :)

  18. hildigunnur · 1090 days ago

    Chrome, for speed.

  19. leokennedy · 1090 days ago

    Firefox for me. After using Chrome for many years I decided to return back to Firefox. It's all about the security and privacy Add-ons that at least make me feel more secure online:


    AdBlock Plus

    Better Privacy

    HTTPS Everywhere



    Admittedly some of these Add-ons are available on Chrome as extensions. However, the reality is that if you want to be more private online Chrome is in essence a very fast, lightweight and reliable Google Analytics tool for your browsing habits.

    • sccservice · 1090 days ago

      Google makes an Analytics Opt-out for Chrome. I use the HTTPSEverywhere and Ghostery. You adding better privacy and Do not Track plus is going to cause conflicts with Ghostery and IMHO overkill and unnecessary. Install a handy little tool called Collusion and watch your tracking habits be stopped in their tracks by Ghostery alone.

    • Andrew Ludgate · 1089 days ago

      I've found that my requirement for feeling safe when browsing is having NoScript -- which is currently only available for Firefox, so that's what I recommend. Not my favourite (or most secure) browser, but since it can be locked down with NoScript (and other add-ons), it's the way I go. Chrome/Chromium's fine on an internal network, but tends to want to leak information to Google whether you want it to or not.

  20. Louise · 1090 days ago

    Chrome for it's speed ... but depending on what I am doing I also use Firefox & Opera ... IE is far too slow

  21. Ray · 1090 days ago

    Mainly Firefox because it has been working for me reasonably well for some time. Chrome is also used at times but for a weather site, the date stamp in Firefox is in my time and not UTC (GMT) time

  22. Jongbin Jung · 1090 days ago

    I personally use Chrome most of the time, since it feels fast and light-weight. However, if anyone's having security problems, I'd suggest Firefox.

    Security-wise, I just feel safer with Firefox, with it's wide variety of security related plug-ins that are pretty straight forward to use.

  23. Phil Reynolds · 1090 days ago

    Iceweasel/Firefox, for openness and tunability. Not had good experience with Chrome yet and have found too many quirks with IE and Safari.

  24. gec · 1090 days ago

    I've always prefered Firefox over the others. I have to use IE for work with several applications, but otherwise I just find it to be clunky and annoying.

    Chrome just feels like an empty shell when using it; it just feels like there is no substance. And as posted below, it's a great way for google to keep tabs on you (he says, while having a gmail account...).

    I haven't used Safari or Opera for quite a while now, but when I have FF running with the addons I like, I don't see a need to change just yet, and I hate installing programmes on my computer just for the sake of it.

  25. Solcius · 1090 days ago

    If you wanna get stuff done really quick and without any mess, Chrome is the browser of choice. Basically Chrome acts as an Application rather than a software, thats why its pretty fast and doesnt put load on the CPU and the RAM.

    • Ismael · 1088 days ago

      actually, chrome is always burning 25-45% in every page load at work, with my quad-core with only asana opened, while opera has 2 windows, 1 with grooveshark oppened and from 1 to 40 tabs oppened in the other. and it's always under 15% of loading when i browse...
      chrome can make disk read up to 6500kb!!!!
      opera almost never reaches the 3000kb!!!
      (yes, i have a disk reading program written in c#, i can send a copy if you ask me)

    • Zaaaaaaaaac · 1085 days ago


  26. A User · 1090 days ago

    Your poll doesn't show up when I use Firefox. Adjusting noscript/adblock/ghostery does not seem to thelp.

  27. Tom vVckers · 1090 days ago

    Firefox is pretty clean and fast. Google wants to know too much, I don't trust its motives.

  28. Richard · 1090 days ago

    I'm a mixed bag, For most people Chrome is more self-maintaining, easier to use and its synchronisation is simple and straight forward. It's saved me a bunch of times.

    However I was a hardcore Firefox user before and still use Firefox if I am doing anything security sensitive like on-line banking or shopping. There seems to be alot of people on here praising add-ons but if you value your security and privacy you should really remove them as they are potentially big security holes to 3rd parties.

    As for mobile devices - Dolphin all the way. I with this had a desktop version.

    • JimboC · 1090 days ago

      Hi Richard,

      I think you're right, the security need of add-ons should be balanced since as you point out, they do increase your attack surface. They also need to be updated.

  29. David · 1090 days ago

    IE - Microsoft, so buggy and a prime target for hackers (also only Windows)
    FF - non-profit and can customise for privacy/security
    Chrome - Google, so privacy is an issue - use SRWare Iron instead?
    Opera - can customise, small user base, less likely to be a target for hackers?
    Safari - why? (especially if on Windows)

    • JimboC · 1090 days ago

      When you say IE is buggy, do you mean unreliable or that it does not support the display of websites in an expected manner? IE 9 and 10 are changing that by providing support for more accepted web standards (about time too!).

      Please see my post above in reply to Linda on Page 1 of these comments for some advice on repairing IE if it is crashing.

      Safari 6 is just for Mac, so it's not just IE that limits itself to a certain platform. Safari 5.1.7 is the last version for Windows, that's unlikely to change too.

      I hope this helps.

  30. graham · 1090 days ago

    firefox because of its add ons and despite the screen real estate being limited by the poorly designed tabs bar. Safari sometimes, though if you make it more secure it stops working with some bank sites. Do not use microsoft or google products on principle. Microsoft because of their poor security history & lack of useability, Google because installing chrome means giving personal details to Google.

    • Joe · 1090 days ago

      Installing Chrome does not require giving personal details to Google. The limited information needed does not have to be truthful. I handle privacy, in part, by routinely lying about personal details. No one needs my birthdate, for example, so no one gets the truth. All banking is done using a virtual machine that is not used for anything else -- no web surfing, no email. I haven't had any problems yet.

      • helgar · 1080 days ago

        So your saying that if you want to work safely you need to be a system administrator

        Most people use 1 computer and 1 browser to do everything.
        And that means that the weakest link makes the chain - or brakes it

  31. GhostHin · 1090 days ago

    Fire Fox. As it has the best add-ons of all browsers. Chrome make up for its speed. While I would NEVER use IE unless I have to (some companies internal website required IE to work). As a matter of fact, I haven't use IE for internet surfing since IE5.

    • JimboC · 1090 days ago

      Hi GhostHin,

      So you haven’t used IE since IE 5 in 1999? If you try IE 9 or IE 10 I think you will find a lot has changed for the better in those 13 years.

      While I accept that you have a disliking for IE, using 13 year old evidence to support your view isn’t an ideal approach. IE seems to be the browser everyone loves to hate.


  32. Terry Jones · 1090 days ago

    I actually use a variation on Google Chrome called Rockmelt which is really great for the way it allows me to keep tabs on my social network activity. I do prefer the plain Chrome anyway, just for speed reasons above anything else.

  33. Karen · 1090 days ago

    I mostly use Firefox, though it isn't as stable as Chrome is. Sometimes I get fed up and use Chrome, but for some reason I can't quite put my finger on, I don't like the layout of Chrome as much.

  34. Balaji · 1090 days ago

    security, updated in background, cloud storage

  35. B Browne · 1090 days ago

    What ever was in use with Windows 98. I had a 256K that I upgraded to 512K and that screamed with the brand new DSL. Everything else pales in comparision.

  36. Richard · 1090 days ago

    My main concern with Chrome is the decision to bundle Flash with the browser. In any other browser, when Adobe release a patch, I can install it. With Chrome, I have to wait for Google to incorporate the patch into Chrome and release a new version.

    For example, the current version of Chrome (21.0.1180.89) is using Flash, whereas my other browsers are running 11.4.402.265. Even Chrome Canary (23.0.1254.0) is only on

    IE is probably more secure than it used to be, but I switched away after it took them three months to patch a remote-code execution vulnerability which could be triggered with scripts and ActiveX controls disabled. I have always installed Windows updates as soon as they're released, but the only time I've ever had a virus was from a drive-by download caused by an unpatched vulnerability in IE.

    I don't trust Safari, given the huge number of vulnerabilities discovered in it when the Windows version was first released.

    Opera always seems pretty stable, but I've run into several websites - *cough*EDF*cough* - which deliberately don't work if you're using Opera. You have to switch the user-agent to pretend that you're using a different browser before the sites will work.

    Despite its flaws, I'll be sticking with Firefox for the foreseeable future.

    • JimboC · 1090 days ago

      Hi Richard,

      Chrome includes the recent Flash security patch from Adobe.

      At the following link:

      Adobe mentions that Chrome's most up to date Flash is You are actually using, so I don't see the problem.

      Just because it has a different version number, it does not mean you are not protected. Adobe included the version number I mentioned above in their security bulletin for that reason.

      Thank you.

      • Richard · 1090 days ago

        But there will always be a delay between Adobe releasing a patch for Flash and Google releasing a patch for Chrome. And with different "latest" versions, there's no easy way to determine whether or not you're affected by a security vulnerability.

        I've never understood Google's decision to bundle Flash with Chrome. Unfortunately, it looks like Microsoft is taking the same approach with metro-IE10.

        • JimboC · 1090 days ago

          Hi Richard,

          From using Chrome myself, it usually gets the update before the standalone version of Flash or the day after the standalone update. Since Chrome is sandboxed, you are at reduced risk. Waiting one day is not ideal but its quicker than a lot of people apply patches.

          So long as you are visiting risky/unknown sites and your security software is up to date, you should be fine.

          Google created the Pepper Flash plugin using the PPAPI since the traditional NPAPI was holding them back in the capabilities they were looking to implement. I laughed when I read the blog post by Adobe (below) stating that Flash still uses the old Netscape API. I applaud them for updating to a more modern API. I remember using Netscape Navigator in the early 1990's.

          Full details about this newer PPAPI Flash are in the following blog post:

          I think that Microsoft have done the right thing adding Flash to IE (the Windows 8 UI version of IE) since so many sites use Flash, using IE with no plugins just isn't practical for most people.

          Although having used ActiveX filtering for the last few months that disables all plugins unless you allow them for each site, not having Flash available does not take too much from the experience of web browsing.

          I think that Microsoft had to add Flash to the Windows 8 UI version of IE since if they didn't, everyone would either stay with the desktop version of IE 10 or use another browser.

          I hope this helps clarify some points for you. Thanks.

          • Jimboc · 1089 days ago

            Sorry, the above sentence should have read:

            So long as you are NOT visiting risky/unknown sites and your security software is up to date, you should be fine.


  37. James Rutherford · 1090 days ago

    Google chrome. I've used it for about 4 years now, everything on chrome syncs between my PC's, which is what I need as I usually use more than one PC in a day. Its lightweight, its quick, it rarely crashes, Firefox is probably more stable than chrome, but I still prefer chrome as it only crashes approx once a month.

  38. Linus Wenell · 1090 days ago

    I like Chrome for its speed and cross-platform bookmark sync (PC, phone and tablet). However, I do miss the ability of running multible tab rows that Firefox has (through plugin).

  39. Bob A. · 1090 days ago

    I feel more secure with Chrome and I like a lot of its features that carry over with other Google products I use.

    I used to use Firefox, but now that most of the add-ons are available on Chrome as well, it was a no brainer.

  40. @spingineer · 1090 days ago

    I use Chrome, primarily for the Google+ plug in integration. No other browser allows me to cross post between G+ to twitter. However, there are still some web page incompatibilities which makes me use Firefox from time to time.

  41. Rob · 1090 days ago

    I mostly use Chrome as I've found it to be the one I've experienced the least number of incompatibilities on the websites I use.

  42. Steve · 1090 days ago

    I've selected Opera, as it's a well rounded browser for both PC-Mobile device. Just to name a few of the benefits of this browser includes as followed:

    * Low data usage on mobile devices, and even while Hotspoting to a PC.
    * Compressed data transfer, which provides lighting speeds, even on weak 3g-4g signals
    * Turbo feature to even provide better internet surfing speed on even the weakest signal.
    * Highly configured settings menus.
    * Beautiful bookmark organization, and My Link synchronization across all devices.
    * Excellent selection of addon extensions.
    * HTML5 support.
    * Supports great updates on key elements.

    There is plenty more great things about Opera, and this only scratched the surface of the benefits in my opinion, only to cover what most "normal" web cruzers would look for in a browser. And for the more Tech minded individuals, This is the browser worth experimenting with.

    Happy Browsing to all :)

  43. Peelins · 1090 days ago

    To see the results I would have to have Jave which Sophos suggested I remove!

  44. Alan · 1090 days ago

    I like opera. Been using it for years and it's the browser i use the most. But i must admit i keep chrome around for those websites opera can't load properly.

  45. bitmap · 1090 days ago

    Chrome - speed and security

  46. Ross Walker · 1090 days ago

    I like Chrome because it's fast and have had the least issues. I started with Netscape many years ago, switched to Firefox. I quit Firefox because I could no longer save bookmarks and there seemed to be no fix. I have had no issues with Chrome that could not be easily fixed.

  47. Erniet · 1090 days ago

    I recommended Firefox because there is a simple add-on update check so that increases security.

  48. egherman · 1090 days ago

    I use Firefox when I want a more secure environment because a security expert told me to. His reasons: Firefox is open source, which means that security holes are addressed much faster than those of closed source browsers. The master password function allows me to use a number of hard to crack passwords on different sites and keep them secure with one long pw. I can easily turn off third-party cookies and teach others to do so. Sometimes I miss the speed of Chrome, but so be it.

  49. ckw · 1090 days ago

    Palemoon, which is a Firefox derivative. I used FF because I like it's add-ons but switched to Palemoon as I found it more 'lean & mean' / stable.

  50. tom · 1090 days ago

    I chose "no preference" because my choice was not there. Thanks a lot for the poor selection of options. My # 1 choice is Comodo Dragon - # 2 is Comodo IceDragon, & don't give me back that, "we had Chrome & Firefox as options", as if they're the same - THEY ARE NOT THE SAME - COMODO"S BROWSERS ARE FAR BETTER, IN FACT, THE BEST. I understand Comodo & Sophos are both security firms, but, is there so much egocentricity involved, that you can not even acknowledge their existence, & give credit where it is due? You've basically "endorsed" Chrome & all of Google's privacy compromising features & whatever other manipulative tactics are involved, with your lack of mentioning any of the other "non-top 5" browsers. Please be a little bit more responsible.

    • sccservice · 1090 days ago

      What is it about the relatively new Comodo browser that you feel is more secure than Chrome? It is based on the Chromium open source browser already. It has the same functions like incognito and sandboxing. The only key differences in the two are the DNS servers being redirected back to Comodo for 'security' and the browser not reporting history back to a remote server - both of which can be set the same in the Chrome security settings. So how can you bash a product when you are already using Chrome?

      • im · 598 days ago

        Comodo runs much more quickly and appears to use less computer.

  51. My Name · 1090 days ago

    I don’t trust Chrome, because Google is an advertising company—why should I give them access to my browsing data? They have shown time and time again that they don’t care about privacy laws.

    For example, they were (are?) still in possession of data which they claimed to have “mistakenly” collected, and had still not destroyed it 18 months after agreeing to: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-19014206

    They are the sort of company that will break laws, pay fines, and ask for forgiveness when caught, rather than following the law to begin with.

    Having Flash integrated into the browser seems like a security risk waiting to happen too.

    So I use and recommend Firefox. While extensions are potential security risks, I run:

    Adblock Plus (with the “EasyPrivacy” filter list)
    BetterPrivacy (clears Flash “super cookies”)
    Noscript (only enables Javascript when whitelisted)
    RequestPolicy (only allows content from the site you are visiting, unless external content is whitelisted)

  52. tom wiseman · 1090 days ago

    never had a security or privacy problem with Opera (although I don't use Unite) which I have used as main browser for all of living memory
    Safari is also secure fro my specific use (secure sites, links from Mail) but I lost count of the Firefox issues so only use this for sites which don't work properly with the other two or where prefrred add-ons don't work.
    Won't go down the 'evil' path and can't bear IE interfaces whatever the back-office says.

  53. Petr · 1090 days ago

    After FF (3.6, 4), I used Chrome for a while (2 years) because of speed. But I don't trust Google earning money with my data, so I don't use cloud synchronisation. Currently trying Safari and using it more and more. IE is a no go.

  54. Peter · 1090 days ago

    Google Chrome is my choice because this browser is fast, secure and It is integrated with all futures coming from Google - like Google Documents, +1, Google Drive etc.

  55. Tony Gore · 1090 days ago

    I use mostly IE (currently 9) because of its integration with OneNote. There are also some sites I have to use where IE is the only browser they guarantee to support. However, for reliability I use Chrome. Of the other three browsers I have on my system - Opera, Firefox and Safari, Opera is the one I use most. I have one app where Firefox is used because it is the only one where you can easily suppress the print dialogue (in this case I use it with a scanner and badge printer and do not want any interactions).

    And one tip I recommend to people who run servers - IE doesn't handle some of the config web browser screens on kit such as ADSL routers, and the last thing you want is more software installed. I use a copy of portable Firefox - either copied to disk or on a USB memory stick - for those circumstances.

  56. Miguel Guerreiro · 1090 days ago

    Chrome is the most secure and faster.. and that's the beauty of it!
    secure and fast (impossible mission)
    Chrome -> Mission acomplished

  57. @danny6114 · 1090 days ago

    Chrome, open it and go.

  58. pochp · 1090 days ago

    Although Chrome is much slower than Firefox, I'm using it again because it doesn't become suddenly dead like Firefox.

  59. Nigel · 1090 days ago

    I'm not voting. My preferred browser (SeaMonkey) isn't on the list. The other browsers don't have the features I want for everyday use.

    I sometimes use Safari for certain sites that require specific plugins (like Silverlight). Occasionally I use other browsers just to see what they're doing, but SeaMonkey's Navigator browser (with the NoScript plugin) is my browser of choice.

    • Scholts Law · 1090 days ago

      I use SeaMonkey because the IT guy I use loaded it onto my new desktop at work (replacing Thunderbird in the process and adding both browser and downloadable email). Not thrilled with it. It's handier in some ways to have email and browser on one platform to switch back and forth but really wasn't that big an improvement.

  60. thegreenwizard · 1090 days ago

    I use a chrome generic: SR Ware Iron and Comodo Dragon, generic who do not spy on my work and since 15 years my main browser is Opera. But for easy work and testing I have about 10 different browsers, including SeaMonkey

  61. Mike · 1090 days ago

    I prefer Firefox to all. I like the open source concept and it's better than IE in many ways. Chrome (Google) is just as "fat"as Microsoft and has way too much control of the web as is.
    I wish there were more Operating system options to get away from MS. I know there are but they are not as easy, off the shelf product as Microsoft.

    • JimboC · 1090 days ago

      Off topic:

      I disagree, just because Ubuntu and Apple OS X don't get as much fanfare as Microsoft's products, it does not mean they are not friendly/easy to use.

      If you are struggling with these OSes, no offense but some extra training might be necessary. Also don't understand the help and FAQs for these OSes, these can quickly get you up to speed.


  62. BrianCanFixIt · 1090 days ago

    Ie 9 can have the best security, but it's use of popup dialogue boxes gives trains the users to click through.
    Chrome is the cross-platform winner here.

  63. Stevew · 1090 days ago

    Three Apple products, so I use Safari. Have had Ghostery running and IPassword since they came out, and clear cookies and all website data a couple times a week. Use Chrome a few times a month for sites that baffle Safari. Sweep desktops with Sophos AV once a month but do not leave it running as I'm jealous of CPU cycles. Run Folding@home 24/7 since 2006.

  64. Guest · 1090 days ago

    I've used Google Chrome and IE 9 and I love Google Chrome. It is fast and I have no problems with it. Almost every time I open something new in IE9 it stops working and has to reload. What a pain! That rarely happens with Chrome.

  65. iruk · 1090 days ago

    I reckon you should have split the poll by platform type. I use:

    On PC: Chrome
    On Phone: Dolphin
    On Tablet: Firefox

  66. @etee · 1090 days ago

    I use either Chrome or Safari (Chrome or IE at work.) Chrome is faster, and I like the fact that they send out updates sooner rather than later (I especially like the auto-update mechanisms for both Chrome and Firefox, and can't wait for Safari and IE to implement the same.)

  67. @Mkaysi · 1090 days ago

    I recommend Google Chrome, because it updates automatically silently (in Windows) and many people who use Windows and whom I know don't care about updates, so they always have at least the latest browser.

    I personally use Chromium (open source version of Chrome) and it's only missing Finnish spell-checking.

  68. Mary · 1090 days ago

    I run Chrome for most things, but also use IE9, IE8 (at work), Firefox, SeaMonkey, Safari, and Opera. The only time I was affected by malware, I was using IE8. I like to open up a separate (and different) browser rather than a new tab for things like internet banking, where I'm particularly concerned about security,

  69. Gary · 1090 days ago

    I switched to Firefox many years ago. Over time Firefox became very bloated, and the load and response times became so bad, I started looking for a new browser. I tried Chrome for a while, but the early versions were too buggy, I finally went back to Chrome and I've stayed with it.

    Chrome has a lot less bloat, is much faster, and the recent versions support multiple users, allowing concurrent logins to multiple user accounts on the same website. Very useful if you work with several customers and have to have a different Facebook, Twitter, Google or WordPress etc account for each.

    Don't write off IE. The latest versions are fast, and challenge the other browsers for being the most W3 compliant.

  70. It is by far the fastest.
    However not all sites work on it so I do use Firefox as a back up.

  71. giselle · 1090 days ago

    Internet Explorer and Firefox are way too slow. I've been using Google Chrome for years. I've customized it to my liking and would hate to start that process all over again with another browser. My only issue with Chrome is that Shockwave and Norton Confidential crash the browser on a regular basis. I've disabled Norton Confidential but it's just not possible to not use Shockwave. Can't some programming genius find a fix for that?

  72. derek · 1090 days ago

    Firefox used to be my main browser but I have to ditch it because I can't get help. I tried to log in to their forums over a concern but it would not accept my password. I tried 6 times to have it reset my password but every time it said there was a mismatch. It also would not let me open a new account because there was already a user with my e-mail address. There is no way that I know of to make contact with anybody to resolve the problem.

    I can see a reason for passwords in forums (fora?) but why can't they come up with a sensible system to manage them? This is my first post to Sophos but it seemsI don't need a username or password here.

  73. Jan · 1090 days ago

    I like the 'look and feel' of Internet Explorer best so that's what I voted for... However I'm still on IE7 and have no experience of later versions so I don't know if they would have got my vote!

    I also use Chrome, for any sites that don't work with IE7 - mainly Facebook.

    • JimboC · 1090 days ago

      Hi Jan,

      Unless you have a compelling reason for staying with IE 7, I urge you to upgrade to at least IE 8 if you are using Windows XP.

      If you are using Windows Vista, I would recommend upgrading to IE 9. Its faster, more secure and supports more web standards than IE 7.

      Windows 7 should also be using IE 9. I find it far sleeker and responsive than the old IE 7 (although IE 7 with no add-ons installed was quite fast).

      Windows 7 should eventually be able to upgrade to IE 10 sometime in the coming months (hopefully).

      You should find that IE 9 and IE 10 work very like Chrome for you. IE 8 is extremely similar to IE 7.

      Here is a link to an article from this Sophos blog, explaining why an up to date browser is a good idea:

      I hope this helps. Thanks.

  74. Janice · 1090 days ago

    I use Firefox. The guys on the basketball fanboard I was using a few years ago recommended it highly, and I've never seen any reason since to switch.

  75. Cliff Jones · 1090 days ago

    where do you vote? Am I missing something? I don't see a poll anywhere. (maybe because my browser is 'too secure? ;) )

    BTW in answer: firefox, because it has the noscript add-on. Hands down the most important thing you can do short of uninstalling java and flash.

  76. Andy · 1090 days ago

    Mainly I use Chrome because it is fast, and I like the incognito mode, but I like some of the Firefox add-ons, like Imagehost grabber, so use FF from time to time

  77. Christo · 1090 days ago

    My choice would be Comodo Dragon. It runs on the Chrome system but has added security benefits provided by the makers of the firewall Comodo

  78. Catcher · 1090 days ago

    I use SRWare Iron - based on Chrome but without some of the intrusiveness.

  79. Desiré Foard · 1090 days ago

    Why does no one reccomend Safari for Mac? I've used it without problems for years but am wondering if there is something I don't know security-wise?

  80. s0lace · 1090 days ago

    what about Iron?

  81. Jg99 · 1090 days ago

    I think Mozilla Firefox because:

    1. I have used it since 2008
    2. Lots of my family uses it, so they recommended it to me back then
    3. I've never gotten a virus from visiting sites in firefox.

    • JimboC · 1090 days ago

      Hi Jg99,

      I can only agree with you the 3rd point that you raise. The most likely reason that you had not been infected with malware (not all malware are viruses) is because you have kept Firefox up to date which means that you are receiving all of the security improvements that Mozilla incorporate into those monthly updates.

      Your first 2 reasons really don’t stand up to scrutiny. Here is why: You have used it since 2008, familiarity can be a good thing (you probably follow what Mozilla is doing with Firefox and thus regularly update Firefox). However familiarity can also make a person a little complacent (I am not saying that of you).

      Also just because you and your family use Firefox and its popular, does not automatically make it a secure choice.

      I like Mozilla’s approach to patching security flaws very quickly i.e. usually within a few days. The fact that they improve Firefox each month is also a good thing (Google do similar with Chrome).


  82. Robin · 1090 days ago

    I like Firefox, which I use for somethings, but find Chrome more reliable and faster. Don't like IE which I find slow and the Bing search results are far less relevant than either in Firefox or Chrome.

  83. Jesus · 1090 days ago

    Ratings are not as per users, Graham. :(
    I had seen myself there are many people who use FF than chrome.

  84. Scholts Law · 1090 days ago

    Firefox is The One. Chrome is confusing for me (I'm a frequent web surfer but no programmer!!!) and I've noticed a lot of information gathering from it with no obvious way for me to tweak that. Also, when I had Chrome and Firefox, Firefox started having problems.Firefox is a little slower, but I had to take Chrome off both my desktop and laptop and the Firefox problems stopped. I suspect something in Chrome was actively interfering with my use of Firefox, which made me annoyed enough to tell Chrome to take a hike.

    I use Explorer only for sites that won't interface with Firefox. There are still a few out there that I need for work purposes.

  85. William Wheatley · 1090 days ago

    I like FireFox because you can set it to use private browsing as the default. Chrome can do private browsing, as can Explorer, but neither one allows setting it as the default. I'll take a look at the new release of Chrome, which may have fixed that. If it has, then my vote would go to Chrome, which is a faster, slicker browser.

  86. luisdb · 1090 days ago

    I must agree with most of the comments so far. Being a huge Firefox user/lover, I must admit that the most recent versions have offered nothing but lots of conflicts and issues, making it slower than it used to be.

  87. Joe · 1090 days ago

    On Windows, I use Firefox, IE, and Chrome, defaulting to Firefox because I can't figure out how to get Chrome to bring newly created tabs to the front automatically the way FF does. On the Mac, it's Safari (default), Firefox and Chrome when Safari doesn't work for a particular site. I have never had any malware the A/V didn't catch, but I'm careful and don't visit porn or mass entertainment sites. IMNSHO, the most important malware avoidance accessory is between the user's ears.

  88. helen · 1090 days ago

    I used to be a big fan of Firefox but then came the ver. 4. and I lost my faith. Chrome is fast, stable and the add-ons are easy to manage. I use it in Ubuntu and Windows. Alas, it doesn't work properly in Android ICS yet. On laptop Firefox is my secondary browser.

  89. NiveusLuna · 1090 days ago

    When it comes to browser exploits, Chrome is the hardest to crack. Pwn2Own and Pwnium have demonstrated just how extremely difficult it is to compromise that browser.

    When it comes to daily use, I personally prefer Mozilla (due to HTTPS Everywhere) or Opera (hard to beat that feature set).

    What I recommend to people really depends on their use case. Like, on my mom's laptop, single-core 1.6 GHz Sempron and 1 GB RAM, Chrome is a bad idea... so she uses SeaMonkey. Combines Firefox and Thunderbird, using less disk space, CPU time, and memory than either of them on their own.

    In short: my recommendations depend on what the user needs, and my personal use does not always reflect my recommendations. Just because I use it doesn't mean it's right for everyone.

  90. Mooreman · 1090 days ago

    I like SeaMonkey. It has the Netscape feel and layout to it and it handles my multiple email accounts too. I also think it does a better job of rendering pages than FireFox does. But nobody ever writes about it. Its been around longer than FireFox. The security is probably better than I. E. or FireFox, due to its obscurity.

  91. Kawan · 1090 days ago


    I don't trust Google, with good reason.
    Firefox is good and AdBlockPlus friendly
    Plenty of addons F*** YOU!

  92. Randy · 1090 days ago

    I like Firefox because it will load pages correctly that IE has problems with. I have not checked out the other browsers but I definitely find I have less problems with Firefox than IE.

  93. reddy t · 1090 days ago

    I stopped using Chrome once I came to know about their data mining on the webs sites i visit and my down loads. Then linking with my google searches and my gmail/google earth searches. Till I know better anything else is acceptable.

  94. schand · 1090 days ago

    With Firefox we know what is going on always. Chrome is fast but you have to really get under its hood if you want to safeguard your data. Even then I am not sure that it stops collecting the data and sending it to Google. IE9 is trying to catchup, but still has a long way to go.

  95. Wolsey · 1090 days ago


  96. misifi · 1090 days ago

    A chrome variant called Dragon by Comodo.

  97. guest · 1090 days ago

    I've used all of the browsers over a period of +15 years on the net. Even used to use netscape when it was popular. Used to be a mozilla fan, but find now that it is overbloated and heavy on the CPU. Plus being 2nd most popular has the next highest likelihood of being hacked. I choose opera, because its one of the least used and now even chrome has borrowed on its content handling. Been using opera now for over 5 years. I still keep the others installed and updated, but Opera is my choice for browser.

  98. Rivers Books · 1090 days ago

    Opera is fast, lightweight, has good security which can be enhance with add-on and also has a good mail client.

  99. Alejandro · 1090 days ago

    So far, I've reluctantly been using Chrome since it syncs up better with my internet security virtual keyboard. I may try Firefox again just to see.

  100. TechConsultant · 1090 days ago

    Used them all. Safari 6 on Mountain Lion blows them all away as of right now. Chrome is my preference when I have to use Windows.

  101. Terry · 1090 days ago

    I like Chrome with DNT+...I have not had the issue with Chrome I have had to deal with on other browsers...found it by accident and glad I did...I will be checking out the new Chrome 21...

  102. Bob · 1090 days ago

    How can a user know? Attacks come from all directions, Java, PDFs, all sorts of downloads, how can I tell if the browser I'm using was at fault? I use Opera for 'normal' use and Chrome for online banking etc, mainly because I use Norton AV and it has a toolbar that works with Chrome and (hopefully) gives me better protection. I keep them both up to date and hope for the best but I have to repeat, if something specifically gets past the browser security - how will I know the browser was at fault?

  103. Dogh · 1090 days ago

    Google has shoved their nose too far up my azz already. Even though I have Chrome downloaded, I don't use it. Using Firefox now. My Safari browser is totally messed up since I upgraded to Mountain Lion . . though I actually prefer it.

  104. Joon · 1090 days ago

    My choice is Firefox on Windows and Safari on Mac OS X. Speed for Chrome? I don't get it. recent version of Firefox is as fast as Chrome. Chrome is a good web browser but these days Google completely forgot "Don't Be Evil". You have to think about security & privacy not just for browser itself.

  105. Freida Gray · 1090 days ago

    Since this is mostly about security,I chose No Preference.All of the browsers have set security issues that they try to deal with.If you have anti-virus installed,that goes farther than your browser could toward keeping you safe.Ultimately it is up to the individual user to provide the mot security for both browser & computer.

  106. Justin · 1090 days ago

    SRWare Iron for me. Chrome with all the crap stripped out.

  107. Mezmer · 1090 days ago

    I run virus detectors and windows fixers daily and one thing that I always see on my logs is a lot of privacy information going to google chrome....I have privacy issues with that browser.... I like firefox.. it is the least invasive browser I have used

  108. David Monaghan · 1090 days ago

    Security through obscurity - not as a sole policy, but as an additional weapon.

  109. Lyman · 1090 days ago

    I have used Opera as my primary web browser since Windows 3.11 and have always been more than satisfied.
    I have tried FIrefox and don't mind it but I am so used to Opera that I will continue to use it as my primary.
    For poorly made websites Firefox is a must.
    As an ex-IT guy I will not even permit Chrome to be installed on any of my systems. It simply creates more problems than it's worth.
    IE is on the system but is never used except in conjunction with UltraSurf. However I find it too slow to be of any real value.

  110. Jeremy Nickel · 1090 days ago

    IE hands down.

    Its the fastest and most reliable.
    Users need to know how to use it:ex-drop the add-ons.
    Its safe, secure and dependable.

    Been using it for years.

  111. Jeff · 1090 days ago

    Have tried Chrome but the difference in speed is not worth the fact they are collecting so much data from me; it's getting almost as bad as IE and Micros@it.

    Firefox all the way for me.

  112. Internaut · 1090 days ago

    I can't understand the power Google the Googoyle has over people. Google's history is full of client abuse, total disregard for clients rights, privacy, and safe 'netting, sneaky tactics, and narcissistic and megalomania approach to controlling client side and Internet.

    I shudder to think how many more will be assimilated.

    Tbird is, IMHO the only safety rich and stand-away from Googlenet as the others cater to themselves through Googlenet.


  113. Lynn · 1090 days ago

    I've been using Chrome for a while now. Like the speed - especially with Facebook games. Haven't had any problems with security BUT I keep my virus software up to date and don't click suspicious links. I do have to say that I'm not liking Google's tracking but then I don't go to any questionable sites. I'm also disappointed with Google closing down iGoogle in 2013. Not looking forward to setting up another homepage. Don't like IE at all but I may explore FF.

  114. ElricE · 1090 days ago

    Personally I prefer the x64 variants of Firefox, either the nighties or Waterfox, for the better security and performance improvements

  115. V0R73X · 1090 days ago

    as a developer I vote for firefox. Chrome is fast but Firefox doesn't change the mark-up code! And has lots of better themes and add-ons and is TOTALLY open Source (chrome is partially open-source)
    So yeah, altho the big G is fine, but the flamy fox wins!

  116. phil · 1090 days ago

    Speed and sandbox

  117. Lynne · 1090 days ago

    Voted Firefox. Reason is that Chrome stopped updates based on my OS, and I don't think that can be a good thing for my security.

    I left Firefox because of it slowing down, and I'm pleased to see the speed has improved while I was away.

  118. Julia Corbett · 1090 days ago

    Chrome didn't feel user-friendly after firefox. It seemed clunky and unintuitive and I missed the add-ons. Firefox ftw!

  119. Roger le Clercq · 1090 days ago

    FF with No Script add on gives me a sense of security and control. Very reluctant to use the big brother browser I imagine Chrome to be. Unfortunately many sites are written for IE and FF just won't handle most UK government sites like Gov Gateways, HMRC VAT etc. Oh - and Windows /Microsoft Update, of course. Have used and like Opera but tend to stick with what I know works. So FF for me.

  120. Ian · 1090 days ago

    FireFox but only with noScripts installed. anything else is just to insecure.

  121. Clint · 1090 days ago

    HI I have used all the browsers at one time or another like Google Chrome for a few reasons. because it is fast, the google chrome community will answer your questions in a timely fashion, and it is secure and google chrome will update to the lasted version right away. I have only been using Google Chrome for several months now. The reason I do not like firefox is simply because the firefox community never answers your questions at all it can take several months for an answer to a question. Their is microsoft internet explorer I do not like it because Microsoft internet explorer is full of security holes and hackers trying to gain access to Internet Explorer in general. These are just some of my thoughts only.
    Have a great day everyone

  122. Angelo · 1090 days ago

    Chrome for speed

  123. randygmuller · 1090 days ago

    I've used IE, Chrome and Firefox. I like Firefox (with NoScript, AdBlockPlus and FB Purity) best.

  124. rrvau · 1090 days ago

    Seamonkey. I find it reasonably fast, convenient complete package. The included email works best for me. I have had no security issues over the past eight years.

  125. Silicon Savior · 1090 days ago

    Firefox with NoScript, AdBlocker Plus & WOT (Web Of Trust) along with its auto updating feature, has proved itself to be the most secure option I've used. Of course, it goes without saying that all security patches for OS as well as installed apps - especially those with browser plugins - must stay up-to-date as soon as possible...

  126. John · 1090 days ago

    Firefox... I have used it for many years after IE became unsecure and slow, and didn't have multi tabs.

  127. DaveC · 1090 days ago

    Perhaps I have missed the question but... if the question is one of which is more secure, I would choose Opera.

    I use Opera, Chrome, IE8 on XP, and Firefox simultaneously daily - to thwart the tracking of my habits.

    My personal preference is Chrome for feel and speed but these are subjective matters and I stay away from sites that are probable problems. I like Chrome for the Google Analytics and the other add ons they have.

    Prior to that I have been a firefox fan almost from the first release and continue to use it for some things.

  128. J.G.Frajkor2 · 1090 days ago

    I have used Netscape, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer and lately Chrome... and way back some time ago I used to use some Commodore 64 and Apple 2 browers. Opera was tops for a while. Chrome is fast and good, but I still think Firefox gives the best all-roiund services.
    I have almost no problems. It updates automatically. There are tons of plug-ins and add-ons if you need them, and the tab system is among the best. IE is Windows crap. Since I am a Google Fan... use it a lot for searches, working on Google+ instead of Facebook, speed is about all I can handle... so why change?
    I might go more for Chrome as time goes on and if Firefox starts showing problems. So far no. It also works well with Linux.
    Polls should not just ask which one you want -- they should ask you for a rating of best, next, etc. 1 Firefox 2 Chrome 3 Safari 4. Opera etc.. As for IE,

  129. Jim · 1090 days ago

    For Windows, I currently recommend (Chrome or Opera) for "just ordinary users", and (Firefox or Chrome) for more clueful heavy users.

    For OSX, they're fine with Safari but might prefer Firefox.

    For Linux, Chromium as a lightweight alternative to Firefox. There are of course many many other browsers for Linux, usually based on what distribution you have chosen.

    At work, I use Firefox with lots of protective addons for "work business", Chromium with no addons as a more permissive let-me-read-news environment, Opera for debugging via mitmproxy, and wget or lynx for examining probably-dangerous resources.

  130. Ghosty · 1090 days ago

    Nothing to add that hasn't already been said. I use Firefox for all of the aforementioned reasons. Chrome is a Google product and they want to know too much of my business. Finding the Google "updater.exe" installed was a lot of fun. Buh-locked ツ

  131. Rob · 1089 days ago

    I use Opera, but mainly because I've used it for years and have everything set up exactly as I like it. I have Chrome installed, but tend to use it only for sites that trip up on Opera. (eBay picture manager I'm looking at you - apparently it's because Opera enforces some cross-domain protection that eBay abuses..) I don't particularly like Chrome, for trivial reasons - I believe that two Ctrl-Tabs should take you back to the place you started, for instance, and there seems no easy to change it. Firefox I've tried, but found it buggy in the past, and despite occasional retries I just can't warm to it.

  132. Oliver · 1089 days ago

    I use Firefox due to the good add-ons for protecting my privacy and security (eg. no script).

  133. Digital Adrian · 1089 days ago

    I use Firefox for serious browsing. With several extensions: with ghostery, https everywhere, better privacy, certificate patrol, do not track plus and track-me-not.

    For facebook, twitter, flickr and so on I use Chrome, with ghostery.

  134. nein · 1089 days ago

    SeaMonkey gets my vote!
    I do not like MSIE at all, google Chrome is all right exceft for the "favourite" and Safari and Opera just boot to slow....

    I manage the Rings and I have "all" of them on my computer...

  135. Ben · 1089 days ago

    Google Chrome with Adblock Plus and WOT.

    Chrome is fast, really simple and easily extensible. Good malicious site blocking too due to the Google database.

    Adblock plus to give a better user experience and remove adverts which the user may click and install.

    WOT to give site ratings to make it obvious if a site is trustworthy/safe or not.

  136. Michael · 1089 days ago

    I have been using Opera lately due to freeze problems in Firefox and Chrome. This has been going on for a couple of months, and I can't find any malware. I run Avast, Emsisoft,
    and the Sophos and Microsoft standalone tools (and Spyware Blaster). Opera isn't affected by whatever the problem is. Before July I used Chrome for 3 years as my main browser, and Firefox as the second one. i don't use IE8 much (XP SP3 system).

    • JimboC · 1089 days ago

      Hi Michael,

      Since you are having freeze problems with Firefox and Chrome this suggests a conflict/mis-configuration on your computer. After all, how could these browsers be so successful if they repeatedly froze for the majority of people?

      To attempt to repair Chrome and Firefox, I would first suggest resetting them back to factory default settings:



      I would also suggest that you remove the Sophos and Microsoft standalone tools and Spyware Blaster. More scanners are not always better. You have too much anti-malware software. When this is the case, you only create conflicts and slow down your computer.

      My advice would be to use only Avast and if you wish to have a backup scanner that does not conflict with anything else, try Malwarebytes Anti-malware. If you install Malwarebytes, please ensure that you decline the trial of the Pro version (if you accept, the real time protection of Malwarebytes will be enabled during the trial period and will conflict with Avast). Declining the trial, avoids this problem.

      Since you are using Windows XP SP3, this tells me that the computer is not that recent. This is even more reason to remove all of your anti-malware software (except Avast and Malwarebytes (if you wish to use it). An older computer will likely have less RAM than a more modern PC and needs as much resources as possible to function in a usable manner.

      Since you don’t use IE 8 much, I still hope that you are updating it as security updates become available? There have been 3 such updates recently, one update in June, July and August 2012.

      Please visit http://update.microsoft.com (Windows XP only) to ensure that you have all necessary updates installed.

      For Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, please use the built in Windows Update application to update your computer.

      I hope the above information is of some assistance. Please reply if you require any further assistance.

      Thank you.

  137. jenacadabra · 1089 days ago

    Opera has so many more features than any of the others. I love that I can customise it so it's just the way I want it, even Firefox uses too much header space.

    It also makes it easy to clip notes from web pages and synchronises notes and bookmarks across different computers (and mobiles) and comes with Opera Unite which enables me to get my documents from my hard drive from any device (with password obviously) without having to upload to a cloud based service, and also enables media streaming like this. It's also much faster than the others (having tested them side by side to make sure) and I understand it to be more secure.

    This said I also use Chrome for Google docs and calendar and IE occasionally too. But I still prefer Opera.

  138. D Hawkins · 1089 days ago

    Last time I checked, Internet Explorer was the only Browser that consistently works with ALL the websites my firm uses.

    None of the other offered FULL funtionality with HMRC for instance, and some the sites this firm uses for professional content only support and work fully with IE.

  139. Andrew Batsford · 1089 days ago

    I voted for firefox. However, I would not recommend 1.5 In my experience it has crashed every other session. I hope they patch soon.

  140. Lord Harry Mcnibbles · 1089 days ago

    I defected to Chrome after a security failure with Firefox led to me having to reformat my HD to clear out some particularly stubborn malware. I'm in no way a die hard fan of either browser though, so if Chrome should let me down I would have no issue with defecting again.

    I haven't used IE for years because it was always slow, bloated and buggy and frankly I just don't trust it any more.

  141. Ken Everett · 1089 days ago

    I use Google Chrome.

    Been in the computer business since 1979 - have tried ALL the browsers but have been let down by add-ins, inability to deal properly with https and of course, the ubiquitous never-ending flow of IE security flaws.

    Anyone who thinks their browsing is not being monitored because they use some other browser needs a little life-lesson in reality.....

  142. mittfh · 1089 days ago

    I have to use IE for some web applications at work (the Intranet is built on Sharepoint with plugins to Domino, and although it works in other browsers, it's unsurprisingly better in IE; while our main IMS was developed in ColdFusion for IE7, with IE8 and 9 only supported in compatibility mode - there's no sign of the developers adding support for other browsers).

    However, we do have Firefox and Chrome available for surfing (and email, since we're "Going Google"). I generally use FF exclusively at work and mainly at home (64-bit Linux box, so I download the binaries from the ftp site since the http front-end will only provide links to the 32-bit version - grrr!), although Chromium also gets an outing for social networks / YouTube, as it seems to have fewer problems with Flash (although the version I have will randomly segfault - and it would be nice to have a task manager that could group the dozen-or-so processes [each tab and each extension runs in its own process])

  143. Hellfirehound · 1089 days ago

    The long and short of it, if we're being honest, is thet IE is still too slow for mordern day computing, firefox and chrome will always try and outdo each other, and opera will always be that creepy uncle nobody really talks about.

    In the case of Firefox and Chrome, I've tried both on a range of computers and Chrome always wins in speed tests and, unlike a previous commenter said, its not "spyware for Google". Plugins are rapidly improving too.

    At the end of the day, people will always stick with what they know. Me, personally?

    Give me Chrome any day

  144. JustMe · 1089 days ago

    As others have said, browser choice is usually a trade-off between security and convenience. Of course, the browser is but part of a chain: safe surfing also depends on (a) the efficacy, and settings (how many users trawl thru' the default settings?), of the installed security program/s and (b) plain common-sense (alas, even WoT is no substitute for the latter).

    I've tried many browsers over the years; some stayed, many didn't. Chrome was nifty but went because of privacy, and other, issues. IE stayed because aspects of Windows (like updates) require it. Opera has also stayed. However, my most-used browser is Firefox. I think that it, in conjunction with the installed PC security programs, is as near as I can get to worry-free surfing. Inter alia, Firefox is set to reject third-party cookies, clears "everything" when Firefox closes, and has these extensions:

    Adblock Plus

    Certificate Patrol

    HTPPS Everywhere


    My day-job is freelance research, so a compromised computer would spell ruin. And, when I read that Google was "improving" its search results by filtering on the basis of past searches, I immediately began to use startpage.com, which anonymises Google searches. As I said, it's all a trade-off....

  145. @Alan_Gore · 1089 days ago

    A lot of people seem to have missed the point of the question here. Choosing a browser for its security features is very different from choosing a browser for its functionality. For home use, Chrome appears to be the right choose because of the auto update features (you can't trust a non IT person to religiously keep their machine up to date). In a corporate windows environment using Internet Explorer which can be managed using Group Policy and WSUS seems to be the obvious choice.

  146. Brian · 1089 days ago

    I personally think Chrome is the best. Becasue it is lightwight, has a built in updater which is good for staying secure. The download manager bar, the fact you can back up your stuff to google by logging in from the browser, also the fact that all the major plugins such as flash player built in so and automatically updated so users don't have to worry about having more software installed on their pcs.

  147. Ben Pike · 1089 days ago

    Google Chrome + Microsoft's DropMyRights

  148. carlos · 1089 days ago

    I use Firefox, more out of habit than anything else, because it used to be superior.

    Anyone who recommends Chrome for their users should be immediately terminated. It's spyware, pure and simple.

  149. brian · 1089 days ago

    firefox seems to have the best combination of speed, security, and user friendly notifications (especially for family that still uses AOL!).

  150. Anonymous · 1089 days ago

    Firefox and Tor!

  151. Bill Gates · 1089 days ago

    I'm not a huge fan of google, sorry.

  152. guest · 1089 days ago

    No contest for me: Chrome crashes badly, and on Linux the other realistic option is Firefox, which has worked fine (a little heavy). The chrome problem is most likely due to issues with new Gnome / 64 bit, but I do have a problem. Thus it's Firefox.

  153. anoynmous · 1089 days ago

    A few people have mentioned syncing data. Given this is a security blog, you may want to read http://gregoryszorc.com/blog/2012/04/08/comparing...

    Going on the security aspect of data syncing alone, Firefox wins hands down (Google and others can read your synced data by default).

  154. gregory · 1089 days ago

    I have been using Mozilla's security version of chromium, "Comodo Dragon" for about 2 years with absolutely no problem.

  155. sb93 · 1089 days ago

    I use SRware Iron, google chromium stripped of the intrusive stuff

  156. Abdul · 1089 days ago

    I've used all of them. I like Firefox and Tor

  157. Mark · 1088 days ago

    Opera, is has by far the best track record.

  158. Jonas · 1088 days ago

    Google Chrome for security. I may choose others for other reasons, but when it comes to security, I think it's no contest due to Chrome's sandbox model, per-process tabs, and containing both PDF and Flash support within the sandbox. They really spent a lot of effort here, unlike any other browser I know, besides other browsers based on Chromium.

  159. Duane · 1088 days ago

    Internet Explorer is by far the worst of the lot, I have tested sites on different browsers and IE is the worst at letting walware or bogus sites get through. Opera is definitely the safest, although I think its low user base contributes to the fact that is less vulnerable to attacks in the same way that "Macs don't get viruses". I have used it as my number one browser for 10 years.

  160. Alex · 1088 days ago

    I opened the same page in Chrome, Opera and IE and Chrome was fastest and secure.

  161. Ali · 1088 days ago

    I have always loved Opera..

  162. DemiGoth · 1088 days ago

    Opera for me for 2 main reasons:
    1. no ActiveX supported *very good thing*
    2. every page is written on the HDD before being displayed, so the virusscanner tests it first.

  163. Trevor Gouge · 1088 days ago

    Google was caught spying on users of Safari "on accident".
    They know that Apple buyers have money and know how to waste it.
    Google makes a tablet that competes with the IPad and smokes the Kindle Fire, and sells it at Kindle Fire prices(Chrome included).
    Google has been making Android for a while and is responsible for the best mobile OSs thus far, based (loosely) on the Linux Kernel
    They changed the name of the Android Market to Google Play.
    As for Chrome, it has speed going for it, it is very secure, and I almost never have to type a website address anymore, as they are all on my bookmarks bar(which will hold 47 icons w/o text).
    Google has a lot of steam right now. If some of the things they are trying come to fruition, great things are on the horizon.
    I Vote Google all the way. They really have their stuff together.
    Granted, they probably know more about us than we do half the time.....maybe.

  164. Tom Jolly · 1088 days ago

    As a web dev, I have to use all browsers to check sites compliance with all the different quirks.

    I find Chrome to be the fastest and most reliable. It also has some great addons and apps.

    I used to use Firefox but seems so clunky now I only open it if I have to and it takes so long to start up.

    Opera is the hidden gem though so many fantastic features and great speed. Just a shame it isn't better advertised.

    IE is evil and Microsoft should have to answer to creating a browser that is so far away from other browsers, with no auto update function and being forced down peoples throats if they choose a windows OS. It also requires web developers to create extra stylesheets just so things don't look different in IE - now I understand I could leave out fancy css 3 features in my modern sites making them look like something from the 90's but who wants to hold off on using new tech just because of IE users - then there is the extra time in development for IE - you try explaining to a client it is going to cost them more because microsoft don't know dick about creating a web browsers, seriously they should stick to operating systems and leave web browsing to the big boys.

  165. Richard · 1088 days ago

    IE is a tool to download a browser.
    Moreover, if I would write a virus, malware, anything, I would chose IE as a target because of it's "popularity", so I really don't think that this could be the safest.
    Chrome maybe the fastest, but it's too simple for me. True, if you use a Google account, it has a lot of great sync features, but I would join to Tony, "Chrome is just spyware for Google".
    Firefox has a lot of great add-ons, and if you install the most important ones, you will get a slow old version Opera. Firefox is also popular, also a hacker target.
    Opera. Mail. Link. Turbo. Mouse gestures. :)

  166. senian · 1088 days ago

    You should make a checkbox for that options.Many users use not only one browser. Like me,I mainly use three:chrome,firefox and Avant browser. I like the three but if you ask me which one is on the top ,it's hard for me to answer.Each one has its advantages. chrome has fast speed, various extensions, firefox is stable also has add-ons and Avant browser is a special browser with three engines and detach tab split view these useful build-in features.

  167. Sune · 1088 days ago

    Chrome advises on what web sites are safe in a visual and understandable way for average users. There is no doubt that you are entering a "suspicious" web site.

  168. Apostolos · 1088 days ago

    Opera is the most secure of all, because it has the smallest market share and few try to attack it. That's good for the few Opera fans like me. :)
    Opera IS the best desktop browser.

  169. Skodarap · 1088 days ago

    I use mostly IE and OPERA, but I have installed CHROME and FIREFOX and I have experience with pretty much all of them since I used each of them at some point.

    In this poll I vote for OPERA, since basic install with no additional add-ons is generally what I want in a browser. It's a bit slower than CHROME, but the difference is marginal. And in comparison to FIREFOX, it has already build in features (like content block for example) that you have to download separately for FF.

    And there's OPERA synchronize - feature I can't imagine living without anymore.

  170. John · 1088 days ago

    I still recommend to use FireFox, with at least NoScript installed. For a real clean experience of the internet AdBlockPlus is a great addition. I use Chrome for sites requiring Flash, I have given up on updating flash plugins and have removed them alltogether.

  171. Muhammad Hanif · 1088 days ago

    IE is evil...

  172. Max · 1088 days ago

    I use linux and my fovourite browser is opera. i love it ''cause it' fast and it never crashes. It has lot of useful stuff and widgets. I seldom use chromium for linux and it's nothing more than average.

  173. Simon · 1088 days ago

    Opera is faster than Firefox and more convenient to use than Chrome (and about as fast). It's also the safest of the bunch and at the same time comes with full package (great, customizable Rss reader, a really cool download manager, email client etc.). I know it's not too popular in the US but I believe it to be the most complete and best browser - just give it a try! I use Chrome as my secondary browser, so that'd be my second pick.

  174. certainlyNotIEUser · 1088 days ago

    1st Opera
    2nd Firefox
    3rd Chrome
    and IE is not a browser

  175. winnabel · 1088 days ago

    i have used mozila fire fox even though it works fast but it disappoint mostly.i love opera very fast.that is the best

  176. Tom · 1088 days ago

    Most of the comments prefer a faster or comfortable browser although question was about security.
    My favourite is Opera. I use this when browsing with personal data.
    I also use FF and IE, but only for Facebook or when some site needs IE.

  177. xIcarus · 1088 days ago

    opera is far faster in css, compared to chrome's domination over javascript. and javascript isn't that important when taking an average on page content, so in fact opera does load most pages faster than chrome.

    opera lacks the tons of extensions from firefox, but is vey useful with its own extensions from opera link (web server is really great, streaming music player is awesome aswell).

    this 2 things makes it the ideal browser for me.

    what I don't like about it is the fact that one some crashes (happens pretty rarely) it forgets all the pinned tabs.

    and why I really don't use chrome: I don't give a damn if it's a tad slower. chrome, opera and firefox are fast enough so it doesn't really make a difference. but chrome displays LOTS of pages incorrectly. good to see that the google boys are interested about chrome and are working on it, but that's just unacceptable for me.
    another annoying thing why I don't use chrome is that when I have a long webpage of articles and I decide to read an article in the middle of the page on the same tab, the moment I go back it just puts me at the begining of the article list. that's just totally frustrating.

    so, the ideal browser for me is opera, second place is firefox.

  178. Pieter Biesemans · 1088 days ago

    I love the fact that people are saying that Chrome is "soooo secure", while they are actually using a big piece of spyware. If you use Google Chrome, you might as well sell your soul to Google.

    I use Opera. It's made by an independent software developer, so I'm not attached to any of the big players on the market (MS for IE, Apple for Safari, Google for Chrome, etc) Opera is also fast, versatile, customizable,, ánd more secure than any other browser. It is also innovative. It was the first browser to introduce tabbed browsing, speed dial, saving web sessions, reopening closed tabs using ctrl-z, etc (1)

    I am in no way attached to Opera corporation, I don't have shares in their company, or any of that. I just really think it's a great browser.

    (1) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_web_br...

  179. insick · 1088 days ago

    I voted for opera because I don't know anyone using opera who has ever had any problems cause of virusses or anything else. I am using opera myself for years now and I didn't have any problem yet.

  180. jeronevwnl · 1088 days ago

    "What's your preferred browser security-wise?"

    I prefer Google Chrome. Because they release every week or when needed (security issue) and award hackers if they find a security issue.

  181. Flotsam · 1088 days ago

    Firefox. That is all.

  182. appy · 1088 days ago

    FIREFOX... the best. Fastest, Great addons..

  183. cr0ft · 1088 days ago

    Opera is the obvious power-user choice. Fast and has a brilliant security record, and any security flaws that show up get patched quickly. Any flaws that have appeared generally get patched very quickly, and Opera has had a minimal amount of security flaws appear compared to the competition to begin with.

    It's also the browser that originated most of the modern-day features of browser - tabs, mouse gestures etc etc. Plus it has a built-in bookmark sync feature that lets you store your bookmarks on Opera's servers and sync them between all copies of Opera you use, and it syncs the built-in notes as well as history too.

    It's just the best power-user browser out there, full stop.

  184. BS-Harou · 1088 days ago

    As I thought. Most people here just vote for their favourite browser or because of other browser properties not considering security very much.

  185. Jess · 1088 days ago

    You're missing the option "don't use one at all, unplug the computer and bury it in the basement!"

    (Wot no "OpenId" login choice?)

  186. oppiman · 1088 days ago

    You all post about speed...but the question was security.
    I used to be a FF fanboy.
    Then chrome caught my eye as it got better and better.
    But they change things too often and not always for good and after all it us a Google Ad campaign tool, so I dropped that again.
    I personally think it is important that there are multiple different engines on the market.
    A chrome dominance would not be a good thing, neither was IE.
    IE, well, latest JAVA fun taught us that IE needs to learn how to disable plug-ins easily.
    Right now I am with Opera and I love it, despite the ugly fact that some pages are not compatible with that browser (because they serve special versions for each browser and only care about IE, FF and chrome). Where is the HTML standard?
    And Safari...well, reader is fun, but the rest is to obscured on Windows.

  187. Stadius Solomon · 1088 days ago

    I like opera for security i am not focusing on the speed much but i think it have great speed also

  188. Jonathan Gardner · 1088 days ago

    I always recommend Chrome for my clients. It is fast, simple, clean and uncluttered, and avoids the traditional malware/spyware that plagues nearly every desktop today. Most people don't need all the bells and whistles other browsers have built in, they just need to browse the Web. Chrome is the simple solution. Topping the cake is availability for apple and Droid mobile devices, too!

  189. Genschman · 1088 days ago

    I was an IE user for a long time, but IE 9 did me in, it was just too annoying. I gave Opera a try, and it became my preferred browser. It's fast, barely bogs down even under a few dozen open windows, and offers the buttons I actually want. It synchronizes with Opera on my phone, and you have great page analysis and content blocking options - you wouldn't believe how much better the web looks if you block a good dozen ad suppliers! Plenty of other good stuff too, like built-in email, or a really flexible speed dial. And if it has a problem displaying something (rarely), the right-click menu offers an "Open with" option to open the page with Chrome.

  190. Ismael · 1088 days ago

    why using extentions when you have it all in opera, already built-in?
    still, opera is the most cross-plataform web-browser you can have
    and plus: the most lightweight
    opera just needs windows 2000 (or any linux distro, i use puppy linux 4.3.1) with pentium ii, 128mb of ram and 100mb of disk!!!
    if you want secutiry, if you have a crappy computer (like me), if you want a browser with lots of hourse-power for 10 seconds of download and 20 seconds of installing and not google spyware, you should choose opera...

  191. Andrew · 1088 days ago

    I have used Firefox ever since my IE died on me one day and have been hooked since, It never allowed in viruses in, and still tends to run faster than many of my other web browsers

  192. Mandrake761 · 1088 days ago

    For my part i,m an Opera desktop browser user since 3 years .....turbo mode,speed dial,and security works very fine,

  193. Neojayk · 1088 days ago

    I've used Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, but for me, Opera is the top dog when it comes to browser security. It is no secret that Opera is the best web standards complient browser. Opera scores the highest most of the times in Browser security tests among others. Sadly, web devs don't always adhere to web standards and might dish out different preferences based on the web browser we surf with and this might lead to a broken site or two when using Opera, but that aside, I trust Opera when browsing the web. Opera at least deserves a second spot on your PC even though it's not your primary browser of choice.

  194. lemcgregor3 · 1088 days ago

    opera has in build security that blocks sites that are marked as dangerous. also, it has many easy to use extensions to help with privacy and security.
    The config settings for security and saftey are also easy to manage.

  195. Unfoxed User · 1088 days ago

    Won't be using Firefox any longer due to nasty bug in version 15 when displaying PDFs with latest version of adobe reader (problem also shows up with Foxit reader). Bad Mozilla Firefox, bad!

  196. Boltcranck · 1088 days ago

    Opera ... fast, secure, syncs (everything on any device), do not track, built for email and RSS

  197. Jim · 1088 days ago

    Chrome is the fastest and it syncs well between my PC, iMac, and Android but I use AdBlock and Ghostery. I don't trust Google at all. I'm transitioning to new Outlook for web-based e-mail.

    Firefox is probably more secure but Chrome is quicker. I'll have to try Opera on all devices. I'll try IE again when Windows 8 arrives.

  198. MementoMori76 · 1088 days ago

    I'm amazed that Opera is so high on the list...

    My own personal top 5 would have been:
    1. Firefox
    2. Chrome
    3. Safari
    4. Internet Explorer
    5. Any other browser...

    (where Firefox && Chrome are interchangeable)

  199. David K. M. Klaus · 1088 days ago

    None Of The Above.

    I recommend SeaMonkey.

  200. Nicholas s. Mulbah · 1088 days ago


  201. paritosh chattopadhyay · 1088 days ago

    fantastic! Jai ho Opera!

  202. oye · 1087 days ago

    Opera is very fast to browse.

  203. matty D · 1087 days ago

    I use chrome for every day use as its fast and reliably but when doing some other tasks I will switch to firefox due to the addons and other goodies ;) and to confuse matters even more I use opera on my phone as it light and fast for phone use, at the min I've got a blackberry

  204. sudhakar · 1087 days ago

    hi guys;
    Lookwise I felt safari is good, and it has awsome extensions

  205. Mitiku · 1087 days ago

    I used opera 4 long times. Opera is best 2 me from................ Service.

  206. suleman · 1087 days ago

    No doubt i realized that when facebook spams and gotent out of hand last year those who used opera were safe and thos who did not were infected this and many more example are there. and compared to most browser opera bulit in security is one of the best.

  207. Glyn Thomas Jones · 1087 days ago

    Google Chrome, never had a problem and been with them from the start !

  208. Catherine McClarey · 1087 days ago

    I was an Internet Explorer user until I switched to Firefox just under a year ago, at my spouse's recommendation. (Oddly enough, he keeps forgetting to open Firefox on his own computer, and still mostly uses IE.) I like all the add-ons that one can choose from, and regularly use both NoScript and World of Trust to help keep me away from questionable sites while browsing. (World of Trust is flawed, though, as certain sites seem to get the "red ring of evil" for politically-correct reasons, not for any actual security issues.)

  209. Corto · 1087 days ago

    Only use Firefox with noscript for a long time.ive stopped using some google stuff like search engine as well as chrome and gmail.i like my privacy.

  210. Destiny Lund · 1087 days ago

    Firefox, then Opera.

  211. Barney · 1087 days ago

    As a Mac user I was always loyal to Safari, with occasions excursions into Firefox. However, I began to use Chrome and found it faster and 'lighter' than Safari. I like Chrome's features and the relative ease of managing extensions etc.

  212. kubashan · 1087 days ago

    I have been using Opera for many years and I had not encountered any problems.

  213. charles · 1087 days ago

    i like opera because he browse fast

  214. Fatima R. Ghaffar · 1087 days ago

    Opera goes as mobile web browser. Therefore I would like to vote Opera plus Mozilla firefox.

  215. Nat · 1087 days ago

    I like Chrome because it is the only web browser that I've used so far that has not failed me or my husband. Use of IE and Firefox have both lead to security problems in my experience, with IE bringing in the record high numbers, and weirdest phenomena. Safari is just stupid to me, and for people who are first time computer buyers with Macs who haven't discovered the joys of either Firefox or Chrome. As for the others, never heard of 'em.

  216. Sam Syed · 1087 days ago

    Security wise, you have to give vote to opera!
    mozilla is nowhere to be the safest. not recommended at all for beginners (so many scripts targeted just at mozilla, its a damn playground).
    trojans love IE(open door to your windows)
    Google chrome is a spy of google, always snooping around, you won't even realize (Yeah you like it for the speed and easy compatibility for many websites, but don't wonder how your Info got to google).

    Opera- whats that?!
    it rules the mobile platform, safest with a clean record on computer as well. gives a damn to big player's fan and their websites. it sure can leave behind everyone.

  217. Rubina · 1087 days ago

    I like opera and google chrome both of them r the best

  218. johnklein · 1087 days ago

    Firefox because off addons, Chromium sometime (but I hate searching with Ctrl+F).

  219. reyed · 1087 days ago

    how about maxthon3 and seamonkey? i use these both not-so-well known great browsers!!!!!!! you can try those, and see for yourself...


  220. john leonard · 1086 days ago

    google security makes me feel secured! opera connects me better!

  221. javed · 1086 days ago

    opera and opera great est forever//"'

  222. satane · 1086 days ago

    Maxton is faster browser for net

  223. mrs smith · 1086 days ago

    I have tried Firefox but just don't like it. I use IE when I have to but, I am currently using Opera and like it very much, so it had my vote!

  224. TheNuada · 1086 days ago

    I cannot use Browser Defender with Firefox, have had issues with all the others, but IE8 still has the edge on everyone.

  225. James Britt · 1085 days ago

    Hav'nt tried all of them but I hav'nt had a problem or complaint with Firefox. If it aint broke why try to fix it?

  226. Zaaaaaaaaac · 1085 days ago

    Firefox, Opera, & Safari are my favourites. Opera is the fastest for me. love opera turbo. has been so useful on my school network and at home. prefer FIREFOX Though. I HATE GOOGLE CHROME!!! Stuffed up my CPU. Its 1 of my few pet hates. IE Doesn't work on macs. P.S. Naked security has been awesome.

  227. Andrew · 1084 days ago

    Opera is a beast. After switchin will never go back to Firefox.

  228. Zainul · 1084 days ago

    Opera browser are great for me because it has its other famous browser that is the Opera Mini, this make me easy for me to synchronize all of my history, bookmark, etc between my mobile device and my computer. + its also easy to use and i think its the only browser that are suitable to use if you're constantly browsing the Internet between your mobile device and and your computer.

  229. Rikki · 1084 days ago

    OPERA is realy the best choice if u want SAFETY !

    with Firefox ,you first need adons to make it safer.

    Chrome is allota comercials always

  230. I voted for IE .. which can be just as secure as ANY BROWSER if you set it up right!

    Its amazing which browser is winning.. People are blinded by MAINSTREAM BS and its sad!

  231. JuliusZ · 1084 days ago

    Choosing a Browser is pretty easy:

    Do you have a Mac?

    Yes - Safari


    Do you want your Data being sent to Google:

    Yes: Google Chrome


    Do you have advanced understanding of Computers, Internet Security and testing Methods for Browsers?

    Yes: Choose any of the smaller Brwosers, for example one of the Chrome Clones (Chromium, Iron, etc.)


    Do you need tons of Add-Ons, which will update itself, taking up a lot of time every time you start your Browser?

    Yes: Firefox / Iceweasel

    Do you want a Browser that has everything you need, surfing in the Internet, Mail Client, Customizeable Startup, Supports Tabbed Browsing as well as Window Browsing, is usually one of the first Browsers to meet new W3C standards etc. A Browser that ist Fast, Anonymous AND Secure?

    Yes: Opera


    Do you even care about your Brwoser?

    Yes: Pick FF, Opera or Chrome at Random

    No: IE

    I personally use Opera, because somebody recommended it to me, and I liked it from the first moment on, but I am comfortable with recommending FF or Chrome Clones to other people (or Safari to Mac users)... As long as only a few people use Opera, there will be a lot less Viruses, then there are for IE and FF :D

  232. @bakerjack61 · 1084 days ago

    I use and endorse Comodo Dragon on Windows... The high-security variant of Chromium... With a few select security add-ons tossed in for good measure: Do Not Track Plus, AdBlock Plus, etc.

    I'm testing a pre-release version of Comodo IceDragon for Windows, a high security variant built on the Mozilla Firefox platform... And liking it a lot.

    Firefox 15 is my primary browser on both Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and Fedora 17 Linux distros with Chromium as a backup.

    I tested and rejected Opera and Safari a while back... Junk. As an IT security professional with more than 20 years in the field, I only use MSIE for Windows Updates on XP boxes. LOL

  233. sheen · 1084 days ago


  234. Aleksander Vatov · 1083 days ago

    I chose Chrome. I don't like Chrome very much, but I think Google pays the most attention and money both to security, and does a good job (unlike Adobe, for example, that with every security hole they close, and that's many, open 10 more). Chrome also is the only one of these that keeps itself updated without bugging the user - using the latest versions of all software is essential for security. Firefox is probably second in terms of security; Opera's cool, but I don't think it's very secure; Internet Explorer, of course, has a legendary reputation in malware availability, although it probably has to do with the fact that a lot of users have very outdated versions installed, and, being the default with Windows, is the most common among users with scarce technical competences - a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and that is often the user's common sense.

  235. Harold · 1083 days ago

    Opera isn,t known very much in North America but i use it since at least 5 years and it,s a very strong competitor to all the other browsers never had a security issue since other browsers have features we had in Opera years ago so i,m very comfortable with that ...

  236. Terence · 1082 days ago

    I use fully patched versions of them all, to varying degrees, for different purposes Win7 Home Premium x64:

    IE9x64 - generally for navigating MS sites (outlook.com, updates etc);

    FireFox 10.0.7 with a collection of security extensions (AdBlock Plus with Element Hiding Helper, Do Not Track+, Force TLS, NoScript, WOT) and a password manager - different username and password for each required site is my regular or general purpose browser with a dozen or so frequently visited (pinned) sites; and last but not least

    Chrome: 21.0.+ with a similar collection of security and decorative extensions is used for facebook and in the incognito mode or COMODO sandbox for unknown sites.

    Chrome renders fast, I suppose. On the end of a long 4-5KM ADSL connection rendering speed is not a constraint on Firefox or IE.

    I'm about to checkout the hardened (by) COMODO Dragon versions of Chrome and FireFox with my extensions of course. I may yet use 2 dragons to browse the feral internet.

    If anybody says that they do not use IE then they do not know how deeply embedded it is in the OS and they are not doing their MS updating.

  237. internet explorer · 1082 days ago

    Thanks in no small part to the NoScript add-in, Firefox wins hands-down.

  238. george · 1081 days ago

    Used to use firefox but later vesions have been slow and bloated. Updates don't always work properly and useless add-ons simply waste bandwidth.
    For occasional use on a netbook chrome is fast and a small footprint
    My browser of choice is opera as turbo makes it very fast and I have never had a problem
    As to security, I can only recommend using a good firewall, anti-virus & spam software and KEEPING IT UP TO DATE

  239. SaMaPe · 1080 days ago

    Opera introduces something new most of the time.
    Chrome is faster in opening.
    Firefox is cunning as a fox..:P
    IE sucks to the maximum.

  240. Appiah Godfred · 1079 days ago

    Operamini is very great.You will be charged less the amount your existing network operators will charge.It is fast,safe and convenient to use.You can always access previous pages easily without difficulty.I want to use this opportunity to ask Opera engineers to reward those of us who has been using this browser from start up till now.At least some laptop,ipad,or a sleek phone.I will be looking forward to that.

  241. Neelzx · 1078 days ago

    firefox with lots of add-on ... the best browser ever trust me i've tried all other.. my second option will be opera and only then crome..

  242. patrick · 1078 days ago

    I don't think Chrome is the fastest browser nor the secure one. Google is known by collecting data from users...so your personal information is under others eyes...
    I personally prefer Opera it is much faster then Chrome,it open pages more faster then Chrome and firefox.
    Chrome sometimes lag and macro-media shock-wave it doesn't responds quickly which make the page unresponsive... and slows it down.
    Give an opera a try and let me know.

  243. Niall Martin · 1075 days ago

    I have used Opera for a long time and it has not let me down, though I have occasionally had problems with the odd site. It does not nanny like Firefox sometimes does, and is at least as fast as Chrome. I also like its short cuts and mouse gestures.

  244. Theogamepatrol · 1073 days ago

    The main reason I like opera is the phone and desktop sync, Plus I really like the way that Opera performs on my phone.

  245. hehemoso · 1072 days ago

    I know them all, because i use them to check new programmed websites if all looks and works well on them. To surf in the web or for my own use i only use Opera, because its fast, it has an integrated mail-client, there are not that much users as on the other browsers, so there are much less attacks on it and it has a very good protection. I never had Malware on my PC scince i use Opera.

  246. Jonathan · 1070 days ago

    I find it interesting that I see no mention of the two browsers that I use most which are Maxthon 3 and Sea Monkey

  247. Lance · 1068 days ago

    I stopped using IE a long, long time ago, and went to Firefox. Then I tried Chrome but just didn't like it.

    Now, I've tried Opera and have pretty much migrated all my browsing to it. There are great add-ons (esp the ad blockers!) and it doesn't bog down even during a long session. It's stable and I like the speed dial feature a lot as it seems a lot easier than a bookmark bar at the top. The multi-tab browsing is simple a clean.

    Great browser.

  248. shahmeer · 1065 days ago

    chrome is best browser

  249. Josephine · 1063 days ago

    chrome, is a good speed to get it help you to get into the browser faster.

  250. Kris · 1061 days ago

    Opera for the win. :D

  251. Happy Browser · 1059 days ago

    IE sucks
    Chrome is fast
    FireFox is the only browser with plugins.

    Opera > IE, Chrome, FF.

    Having used all of these for about a year, I have to say that IE, Chrome, and FF were essentially the same. IE was easy to use, Chrome was clean, and FireFox was pretty innovative. But none could compete against Opera. Opera's portal is extremely innovative in that it's like having multiple homes on one page, they have a very clean UI, it's as fast as the others, and Opera Turbo is a huge plus if you have an old computer. The best part is that it's used by so few people. It's like being part of an exclusive club free from attacks. OperaMini on my iPhone has saved me so much data with its OBML (Opera Binary Markup Language) that I seldom go over my data limit because of browsing. All in all, Opera is the most user-friendly, secure, innovative browser out there. They understand that transparency in operation is highly valued by the vigilant.

  252. Dimitar · 1046 days ago

    I like both Opera and Chrome:
    Chrome is light and syncs everything between my computer and my android device. Also it's interface is very good and the tab, address and other bars take less of your screen than the other browsers. On the other hand when you open too many tabs it starts to put a lot of load on the RAM and CPU but we are talking about 20+ tabs (just the way I usually use a browser). Opera doesn't have this problem. I think it normally loads the RAM and CPU more than Chrome, but even with 30 tabs open the load stays the same, which is why I prefer Opera. It also has some very useful mouse gestures and allows you to group your tabs.

  253. LeaveOperaAlone · 1042 days ago

    DO NOT USE OPERA! please leave it alone it's the most advanced browser that ever existed (so far) and it's secure as well just because few people use it and let's keep it that way. If more and more people start using it there will be exploits crafted specially for Opera and I don't want that. I repeat stay away from Opera!

  254. roy henock · 732 days ago

    If they were using IE I'd suggest FF instead since it looks like IE (or can be made to look pretty much like IE) and it's a better browser. I recently upgraded to IE 10 in the vain hope that the mystery extension it refused to ID as crashing all the time would stop crashing, but alas that was not to be. AND IE 10 is totally inadequate for extensions and plugins, esp those related to privacy and security, anyways I've only used IE for Windows updates and a very few other sites that seem to work best with it.

    I'm using Chrome but I keep FF & IE up-to-date and ready to go because occasionally a website I visit only works correctly with FF or IE instead of Chrome. I also have been checking out Comodo's "Dragon" & "Virtual Dragon" browsers which are basically Chrome browsers that have been made even more secure - or so Comodo says, and they do make an awesome firewall as well as AV programs.

    Finally, I've read many articles about browser security over the years and as far as which one is the most secure, take your pick: you'll find someone (or more likely several someones) who says it is.

  255. Michael · 371 days ago

    I use Firefox but have lots of trouble with Firefox not responding have new laptop and cannot find a way to sort this out but having read most of the comments i am on wiser as to what to change to.

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