Which web browser do you recommend? [POLL]

Which web browser do you recommend? [POLL]

BrowsersThe browser wars are here – with big players like Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox fighting tooth-and-nail for marketshare.

The good news is that users are benefiting from the fight, with vendors using new security features as differentiators in an attempt to make you switch your browser.

And there’s good reason for you to be pleased that browsers are tackling security problems, as so much of today’s malware is delivered via the web, or has a web-based component.

So, here’s the question – if one of your friends or family had suffered a computer security problem, what browser would you recommend that they use? What’s your preferred browser security-wise?

And don’t just make your vote – tell us why you made your choice by leaving a comment below.

Thanks for sharing your point of view!