How to read the minds of strangers.. with a little help from Facebook [VIDEO]

How to read the minds of strangers.. just by using Facebook [VIDEO]

Over a million people have watched a YouTube video revealing the simple secrets of how to read people’s minds, and even discover specific financial information.

Dave, an “extremely gifted clairvoyant”, has revealed the tricks of his trade in the hope that it will teach the public to be more aware of how many details of their private life can be found online, on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Dave the mind readerThe eye-catching video was produced by Antwerp-based agency Duval Guillaume Modem as a public service announcement on behalf of the Belgian Federation of the Financial Sector (also known as Febelfin).

At the end of the video, users are advised to visit a Belgian website where they can read tips about online safety.

Malheureusement, it appears that the website’s awareness campaign may have been too successful and by spreading “virally” (no, not that kind) it has found it hard to cope with the sheer amount of traffic..

Website inaccessible

Sorry folks, the real trick (if you can achieve it) is making your personal details vanish from social networks before they fall into the wrong hands. The simplest way to do that is to keep inappropriate information about yourself from being published on the net in the first place.

Of course, the issue doesn’t just present itself on sites like Facebook and Twitter – there are a multitude of online forums, social networks and companies with whom we share our personal data online – sometimes unwisely.

If only there was a way to wave a magic wand, and easily make our past postings and unwise sharing of information from years gone by disappear for ever.

If you’re on Facebook and want to learn more about spam, malware, scams and other threats, you should join the Sophos Facebook page where we have a thriving community of over 190,000 people.