Free anti-virus and privacy app for Android, Sophos Mobile Security, now updated

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Sophos Mobile SecuritySophos is today announcing a new version of its anti-virus app for Android.

Sophos Mobile Security protects against malware, privacy issues and hardware loss.

In the latest version, Sophos has added extra features including the ability to schedule scans against the latest malware data from the cloud, meaning that users can consistently monitor their devices for the latest malware.

The updated app also includes the ability to programme pre-selected contacts who, if your phone is lost or stolen, can send certain commands to the phone to sound a loud ringtone, leave a text message on the phone for whoever finds it, or remotely wipe all the information on the device.

Here's what it looks like:

Sophos Mobile Security screenshots

For a full list of the new features, and to download the app, go to the Google Play store. It's free too!

And if, for any reason, you decide you no longer want the app, you can always remove it by following these instructions.

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6 Responses to Free anti-virus and privacy app for Android, Sophos Mobile Security, now updated

  1. Melinda · 1108 days ago

    I'm using Outlook now. I don't know if its sufficient for my HTC One X? And if I do go with this one I should remove Outlook first? Thanks.

  2. Ecks · 1107 days ago

    I hope this doesn't cause my phone to not be able to update and then have the Sophos App eat itself...

  3. Epicblood · 1106 days ago

    Seems like a great app, especially like the text to wipe thing, that could come in very handy. Is there also an Iphone version of this?

  4. Lance ==)--------------- · 1105 days ago

    Seems like a great service. Too bad that Google Play tells me it's not compatible with my rooted Nook Touch.

  5. Sootie · 1103 days ago

    Fix for old versions of the remote wipe (using tel: codes) not included?

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