Monday review: the hot 26 stories of the week

Here’s a list of all the stories we’ve written in the last week, in case you missed any (or if you just want to read them again):


Will Do Not Track cripple the tech industry?

Feds snooping on email activity and social networks, without warrants – and it’s on the rise

Malware and vulnerabilities

Adobe revokes certificate after hackers compromise server, sign malware

Chinese hackers linked to breach of control systems used in electric grids

Leading US banks targeted in DDoS attacks

SourceForge serves up malware-infected phpMyAdmin toolkit

How Earth Day could save both the planet… and the internet

New security hole found in multiple Java versions

US senator blames Iran for cyber attacks on banks

How to avoid fake Sophos Support pages

Ransomware – would you pay up?

Android NFC hack lets subway riders evade fares

Microsoft warns of Flash vulnerability on IE 10 and Windows 8

Data loss

Security spill at the IEEE

Law and order

Companies agree to stop spying, taking secret photos on rented home computers

“Google and Microsoft can’t outbid the US govt – they will never win a bidding war with the NSA”

UK’s top ecrime investigator describes a life fighting cybercrime

Kim Dotcom now a “real life James Bond villain” in latest Megaupload dot bombshell

Social networks

How to read the minds of strangers.. with a little help from Facebook [VIDEO]

Facebook stops asking users to rat out friends using fake names online

Would you insure your Twitter or Facebook account against trolls and hackers?

Twitter DMs from your friends can lead to Facebook video malware attack


Apple Mountain Lion 10.8.2 – lots of bug fixes, no known vices


Microsoft Windows Update emails try to steal your Gmail, Yahoo, AOL passwords…


Free anti-virus and privacy app for Android, Sophos Mobile Security, now updated

Are Android phones facing a remote-wipe hacking pandemic?

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