Who reads Naked Security?

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The other day, someone asked me: So who exactly reads Naked Security? How do you know you are giving them what they want?

It is a good question. And we have some idea, based on traffic, the many comments you leave us, sign-ups to our newsletter, etc. And we do use some web tracking tools. All this helps, but it occured to me, why don't I just ask you?

Some of you, I know, prefer our more technical stories. Others might seek out our lighter, more amusing security articles. But how can I make sure we are providing you the right balance?

Please, would you take our 2-question poll?

I know the questions and categories aren't perfect. But the info you provide will help me and the team figure out where to focus our energies. And, it will help me explain to those that help fund Naked Security that we understand our key audience and adapt to their needs as appropriate.

Select ONE of the following:

Select up to THREE favourites:

That's it. You are done. Thank you.

If you have the time and inclination to share, we would love to hear more: why you read us, what you love, what annoys you, etc. You can leave us a comment below or drop us a message at tips@sophos.com

As one of Naked Security's creators and grand pooh-bah-ette, I care very much for our future, so it's a big fat thank you from me.

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62 Responses to Who reads Naked Security?

  1. Doug · 1065 days ago

    Really enjoy it when you go into more detail on how security actually works (for those of use who are not experts). For example when LinkedIn passwords were leaked explaining what salting is.

    • Michael · 1064 days ago

      Same i like how you go into detail of how it works and explain it well enough that can be understood

  2. @Alan_Gore · 1065 days ago

    Only found naked security in the last 6 months. It has become the site that I go to the most. Information security is engaging when it is interesting. Techies often moan about useless users but how can users be good if they constantly think that information security is only for IT, not relevant to their role and just plain boring!

    An information security professional’s first responsibility is to bring information security alive for their business!

    I feel that naked security does this. Keep up the good work.

  3. FNUSNU · 1065 days ago

    Surely from the 12 trackers which Ghostery blocks you can tell?

  4. Djoni Filho · 1065 days ago

    I am Brazilian and I love this site. The more so that is why I follow feed. Only criticize the fact that the first question can only be chosen only (I'm a student, blogger and professional) and the second can only choose 3 items, since I have a preference for all.

  5. George · 1065 days ago

    So where's the poll?

    • Time · 1063 days ago

      Ghostery blocks it, try allowing PollDaddy if you have Ghostery installed.

  6. Jan Doggen · 1065 days ago

    I like explnations of *how* privacy/security breaches were done; this gives me the best insight in how to prevent them (both technically and in behaviour).

  7. Cliff Jones · 1065 days ago

    Timely and valuable security information. I also appreciate the emphasis on privacy and user rights. Most tech related news doesn't factor (or downplays) privacy as an issue. I have generally agreed with the concerns that have been raised in these Naked Security dispatches.

    I frequently forward links to these articles, issues are presented clearly and effectively enough for most end users to understand and take action. Naked Security often saves me time I'd otherwise spend explaining issues to multiple end users.

    A hearty thank you to the good folks at Sophos.

  8. Andrew Covarrubias · 1065 days ago

    While my job is definitely in a related field (webmaster for a small newspaper), I don't actually have any say in our in-office security; we have a separate IT guy for that. As such, I suppose I'm only reading this out of personal interest, because I can't get any professional use out of it in my position.

    • Mickey · 1064 days ago

      I am in the same situation as webmaster for a non-profit. I advise the powers the be, but these people do not understand the Internet. They refuse to learn even the simplest concepts. I have no say whatsoever in any aspect of my job. It's sad.

      Therefore, I use it for myself and share it on Google+ I still share it with my bosses in the hope that they will someday listen. Your information is valuable and easy to understand. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your information.

  9. Mike · 1065 days ago

    I found it difficult to select as few as three categories in the second question.

    I read your articles to educate myself, and also I share some of them with less techie people, so I really appreciate all your articles.

  10. Alec McCallie · 1065 days ago

    I have subscribed to your updates (newsletter) since it first became available and although I do find some of the content "above my head", I'm not the brightest lamp in the street, I do find that essentially all of the subject and issues relating to my own security and how it is reported both straight forward and to the point! I get to know what I need to know all from your good selves, keep it up, there are a lot of people out there who depend on you!!

  11. eddie minto · 1065 days ago

    As an ordinary user of the internet I like to know the how's and where's of threats that may be coming my way and since I found this site I'm constantly being kept informed even if its all gobbledegook its put in a way I can understand and I appreciate that keep up the good work guys

    • John · 1063 days ago

      I'm a software developer so I understand the gobblegook but, like Eddie, I also like to know about new threats.

  12. Nancy Anderson · 1065 days ago

    I started reading Naked Security to sort out FaceBook hoaxes. I have repeatedly recommended to friends that they "like" and read Naked Security instead of constantly spreading the hoaxes but it seems that most people aren't willing to do a quick search to sort truth from fiction. But then I also find a lot of your other articles interesting and it's an easy way to keep up to date with security issues.

  13. carnation · 1065 days ago

    i consider it useful and reliable info here as there are many hoaxes out there

  14. NiveusLuna · 1064 days ago

    I found it difficult to select only three, as well. I think Social Networking Security has been beaten into the ground by this point, yet people still don't get it. I've no interest in most malware analysis, either, but I occasionally find it interesting.

    So... I'm *always* interested in everything but those two, and sometimes interested in malware analysis.

  15. Freida Gray · 1064 days ago

    I selected someone with a personal interest in computer security because I am a home user with a computer that I want to keep as secure as possible in the first category.As for the second category, I stand with those who find much more than 3 choices of articles interesting.

  16. Tom Craven · 1064 days ago

    I read your Facebook posts and follow up when I want more info. It was hard to choose only 3 topics in your poll.

  17. Gordon Richards · 1064 days ago

    I am a retired with little or no IT experience. My wife has her own one-person computer consulting business. I read your FB page and then give her advice on where the next threats are coming from. She loves you guys. ;-)

  18. Colin Stamp · 1064 days ago

    Actually I like all the pieces you publish and read almost all of them for a balanced professional viewpoint, but with appropriate humour and sometimes a little much needed synicism... ;-)
    Just keep up the good work,
    An avid fan and reader

  19. Thomas · 1064 days ago

    I'm a big fan of the more in depth technical write ups from the labs, as well as the in depth stuff from Chet and Paul. A lot of the other stuff gets plenty of coverage elsewhere and doesn't have as much value to re-read in my opinion.

    Also as someone with a bit of a vested interest in QA, I'm very interested to hear about what happened with the updater false positive. I do hope we'll get to read an RCA about about that eventually.

  20. Rick Bunker · 1064 days ago

    Sorry, I couldn't take the survey -- it doesn't appear to work in Chrome on OS X, at least not with Ghostery installed.

    • Graham Cluley · 1064 days ago

      The poll is hosted by Polldaddy (Polldaddy is part of the Automattic/Wordpress family).

  21. James Neilfend · 1064 days ago

    I'm a low-IQ basement nerd no lifer who likes to read this blog sometimes.

  22. Carole · 1064 days ago

    I doubt I'm your key audience - but who knows? I'm a non-techie. I read here because when something goes wrong out there, I want to know why it matters to me, and what I can do about it, and how I can help friends and family. I also want to know what will happen if I do nothing, so I can weigh it up. Most sites don't explain that in terms I can understand. So thank you.

  23. Richard · 1064 days ago

    I am one of several Network Administrators for a Medium to Large Government agency and network security is part of my remit.

    I became aware of Naked Security as we are a Sophos customer and it is now one of several security related sites that I read at least once a day. I am interested in the more technical and current security threats and attacks. I try to stay up to date with the latest online activity so I can try and learn from others mistakes and be aware of what threats are around so I can better protect our network and be as proactive as possible.

    However, I often find a lot of the information is suitable for the not so technically literate and directly relates to threats seen on social media site. I share these news posts when I feel it may help the people I am connected with.

  24. zschubert · 1064 days ago

    I am a computer professional running a small business in support of residential and other small businesses. Sophos provides me with the 'heads up' I need and sufficient background material to really help my customers.
    I frequently blog advice bouncing off of and linking to a Sophos article. This advice is typically ignored which is how I stay in business.


  25. Mick Ames · 1064 days ago

    Sophos is an expert company providing software security for a very long time. I have used your products for many years both at work and at home. I know I can trust Sophos. Keep up the good work.

  26. David · 1064 days ago

    Thank you for this site. As a just a non technical person, I have learned the hard way how not keeping your computer and knowledge of exploits up to date can screw you in the long run. You website is very informative and not to hard to understand in order for me to send it to family who may not be so tech savy. Keep doing what your doing. I enjoy reading this info every day.

  27. @spears813 · 1064 days ago

    I’m a security conscious developer and I have made Naked Security part of my morning reading. Keep up the good work!

  28. MikeP_UK · 1064 days ago

    It seems that Ghostery blocks your poll questions, as all we see are the two invitations to make a selection - but with nothing to select! No options, no questions, no radio buttons, no select boxes - just a blank line.
    Please look at why our safety and security systems, Ghostery seems to be the 'culprit' in this case, are blocking what should be simple HTML code. Then use metyhods that don't get blocked so we can respond and give you meaningful research results.

  29. Peggy · 1064 days ago

    Love you folks.

  30. Brainloc · 1064 days ago

    I read NS everyday so it was tough to pick my favorite subjects - I really think you guys have a great mix of information both technical and current keep up the good work!

  31. Freegan · 1064 days ago

    Choose only 3?

    They all interest me (with the possible exception of Apple alerts - unless I feel like a satisfying gloat).

    Just keep on doing what you're doing (cause you do it best).

  32. @wendylook · 1064 days ago

    I found Naked Security a few months back when I was first starting working as part of the Help Desk. I'm still new to the IT field but I love how all of your articles are easy to read, interesting, and relevant to my interest in information security. They're also very informative and have helped me to gain a better understanding of security threats that can be prevented or have been detected. Thank you and do continue to provide entertaining articles for people like me!

  33. Bob in Spain · 1063 days ago

    I like it just as it is - a good mix of important and interesting info but served up with an occasional grin.

  34. tanghus · 1063 days ago

    I wonder which of my blockers I should disable to actually *see* the poll...

    • caroletheriault · 1063 days ago

      The poll is served up by Poll Daddy. Shoulda mentioned that... thanks for pointing it out.

      • tanghus · 1063 days ago

        Weird, Poll Daddy wasn't blocked, and now I've disabled both Ghostery and AdBlock+ - still nothing. Well, never mind :-P

  35. Gavin · 1063 days ago

    A big part of my job is to disseminate security awareness to the rest of the organization I work for, and Naked Security is a go-to site for inspiration, as well as for my own continual education.

    I say the variation of different articles by different contributors is a strength. Keep it going just as it is!

    -- Gavin

  36. Tim · 1063 days ago

    17 years ago I retired as head of info security from a well known large oil company and all this time later I am still v. interested in the subject! I knew Sophos in those days and note that one Graham Cluley remains with the company. Considering how many years have passed he looks extraordinarily young on the authors page!

    I read much of the blog and enjoy most of the articles, and those that might be significant to my own community audience get distributed through my own web pages and/or Twitter.

    The most significant observation - a disappointing one really - is that security managers are struggling today with the same basic problems of decades past - people; those that design and build insecure systems, and those users who fail to behave in a secure manner.

    Keep up the good work folk, it is highly appreciated!

  37. Tony Burgio · 1063 days ago

    I'm in tech support but don't do a whole lot with network security professionally, however I am very interested in security and plan on majoring in Network Security at a local community college. You guys are one of my favorite blogs for the often-lighthearted tone you take on issues as well as for the level-headedness with which you approach a situation everyone else seems to be panicking over, e.g. your article on the spear-phishing at the White House. Keep up the awesome work, guys!

  38. Alex Van Schuylen · 1063 days ago

    I read and pay attention to learn; to understand; to be aware. And to enjoy!!

  39. Kat · 1063 days ago

    I discovered Naked Security when I was a senior technician at a University help desk. Boy did you guys make me look smart and well informed! We started talking directly to students who had gotten malware or were clearly at risk about what they could do to better protect themselves, based partly on what I learned here. In less than a year our recidivism rate had dropped through the floor, freeing us up to be more proactive and organized. The advice targeted to home users was invaluable in that context, as was the advice about how these attacks were actually happening. Reports on larger breaches or threats were helpful in protecting our staff.

    I'm now the IT department of a branch office of a biotech company. Naked Security remains in my pile of security newsletters. The humor helps me reach my users, the directness and the threat dissection helps me reach management. I like the broad topics covered.

    Security has to be holistic. The latest malware or DDS attack is as important as the latest Facebook scam because users will use Facebook at work. Giving my users the tools and advice to protect themselves at home (or on their smart phones) in the long run protects my network when they work from home.

  40. Pete Miles · 1063 days ago

    First class stuff. There is always something we think we know but then find, well not quite.

    You guys are all experts with knowledge beyond what I know - so there it is.

    BTW, I see beneath this comment box login options. Sorry, I don't do social networking. Don't trust them an inch.

  41. Fred · 1063 days ago

    Hi guys, I was hoping you could tell me why you named your newsletters and site naked security. Its causing me endless problems in my web and mail filters. Every newsletter I receive is blocked by our spam filter (we use Mimecast). Even if I allow or permit the mail, the next one is blocked. Once released it is dropped in my Junk folder. I cannot add your web address to the allowed senders, because the newsletter comes from a different address every time!

    I love your newsletter and it has alerted me new vulnerabilities and stories many times. However, I have come to a point where taking 3 steps every time I get a mail from Naked Security just to read it is taking its toll.

  42. Ken Harthun · 1063 days ago

    Naked Security is one of my favorite sources of security news. Not a day goes by that I don't read your newsletter and I often find fodder for my ITKnowledgeExchange blog, Security Corner. I consider N.S. a "must read" and I would seriously miss it if it was gone. Keep up the great work.

  43. roy jones jr · 1063 days ago

    I answered the poll and I'm using Internet Explorer. So you know what you have to do....
    Anyway, I forward a ton of articles from the sophos site and Sophos is always sending me emails about how to fix your IT security and viruses that pop up everyday (After I got my new desktop I think I've set the record for the most 'check for update' clicks in history just to maintain!)

  44. Lance ==)--------------- · 1063 days ago

    I'm a developer of safety-critical software, but don't have anything official to do with corporate computer security. As the most tech-savvy person in my extended family, I am their computer security guru. I guess that makes me one with a personal interest in security. I am also very cautious regarding to whom I give access to my computer, so PollDaddy isn't serving me any questions; it looks like I'm not in the minority here, either. Good to know I'm not the lone curmudgeon.

    If constrained to just three reasons, I read for browser security, privacy, and research.

  45. Ken Everett · 1063 days ago

    I was 14 years old when I decided I wanted to 'get into computers'.
    I am now 54 years old and still loving it! I am one of the few people who can say that I do what I love and I love what I do.

    I try to learn at least one new thing every day and Naked Security helps!

  46. L. Michael · 1063 days ago

    Everything Carole 10/01 @ 9:48 says. I also enjoy the wee bit of snarky humor that finds it's way into the facepalm articles. Like some others I found it difficult to narrow it to 3 items I would've chosen many more.

  47. Mick A · 1063 days ago

    Naked security is excellent - it introduces explanations of threats and new vulnerabilities in a fun and informative way.

  48. Trevor · 1062 days ago

    I like reading all of it. But I'm a bit of an anorak. :o)

  49. Jim · 1062 days ago

    You guys are always on the leading edge of threat analysis, your reasearch is useful and your advice is second to none! You make my job easier everyday. Keep up the good work and I'll keep reading everyday. You guys are on my daily must be read list. Thanks.

  50. Deborah Morey · 1061 days ago

    I love you guys because there are so many hoaxes and dumb stuff floating around on Socail Networks...its good to get the straight story. Also, some of the things like the Java mess, Adobe, etc. I would never hear about if not for you! Thanks and keep up the good work!!!

  51. Lori The Martian · 1061 days ago

    I prefer your very technical articles. There are hundreds of places to read about hype and articles that tell very little about how something actually happened and what specific vulnerabilities were used to exploit the issue. Your site provides the proof and information that can be used to actually defend against future issues.

  52. Joseph Green · 1058 days ago

    Thanks for all you do.

  53. Edward Barber · 1057 days ago

    Put the Sergeant at the gate and read the posted orders. That's how you get it done. OUTSTANDING site with great input.

  54. Jerry Bongard · 1056 days ago

    Sorry for the late post, was on holidays and forced myself not to look at my work email.
    I have loved the News from Naked Security since signing up. I find the mix works for me and always find at least one article of interest and learn something.
    Keep up the good work keeping us educated.

  55. Doc · 1056 days ago

    I am a computer science professor at a local community college. I share an average 2 - 3 articles per week with my students. This site is a gold mine for accurate, reliable, comprehensive, non-politically motivated data. Thank you!

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