Monday review: the hot 21 stories of the week

In case you missed anything, here’s a list of every story we’ve written in the last week, for your reviewing pleasure:

A request from us

Who reads Naked Security?

Malware and vulnerabilities

How millions of DSL modems were hacked in Brazil, to pay for Rio prostitutes

Memories of the Bugbear virus – ten years on

How a single spam from China ended up as an attack on the White House

Tracking malware in the wild, Crocodile Hunter-style

Medical device hacking – FDA are told to start taking it seriously

Searching for images on Bing? Beware malicious search engine poisoning

Bogus Apple Store discount card offer attempts to steal users’ identities

Ransomware encrypts files claiming SOPA piracy charges

Law and order

Japan rolls out stiff fines and jail times for illegal downloads

Warning!!!! Your pop-up ads may be fraudulent!!! FTC wins $163m settlement against scareware firm

Microsoft settles lawsuit against 3322 dot org, reveals scale of Nitol botnet in China

FTC announces international crack down on bogus support call scam

Facebook price grid hoax panics users into sharing message

TinKode sentenced after hacking Oracle, NASA and others to expose weak security

Calling all BSD lovers – just how much of a fan are you?

Social networks

Facebook cracks down on fake “Likes” – Lady Gaga, Eminem and Rihanna lose out

Invited to change your Twitter profile’s header image? Beware, it could be drug spam


SHA-3 hash competition concludes, and the winner is…Keccak!


What is your phone saying behind your back?

Proof of concept Android malware creates 3D maps of your home

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