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3 Responses to Hackers hit small US town, steal tax payer data and $400,000

  1. BradT · 1049 days ago

    What they need to do is stop exempting cities and towns from the same procedures and guidelines that the private sector must meet when storing and keeping data safe.

    Many states exempt gov agencies from whatever new regulations they put in place, (they usually are also exempt from lawsuits) yet when you think about it the gov agencies have more personal data than anyone else. City hall, police, fire, etc, all have databases and information on city residents. A few examples; medical calls, billing info, domestic disputes, ss# and birth records.

    Email is weak, systems are way out of date, bad policies, really easy to social engineer, weak passwords, internal servers and systems and not hardened against attacks, etc, etc....

  2. Chris K · 1049 days ago

    What rights and legal protections do citizens have to refuse to give local municipalities personal information such as social security number & bank account information when our cities are not equipped to protect that information?

    • Laurence Marks · 1042 days ago

      Well, you can always decline to enroll in AutoPay or direct draft schemes. The city may require you to put down a hefty deposit, but you can insist on monthly billing paid by mailed personal check.

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