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7 Responses to Scammers adopt new eBay logo in short order

  1. King · 1088 days ago

    Anyone who is saved only by the logo change should stop using a computer right now! ;-)

    But your checklist is excellent. Would that everyone caught those signs, at least a couple of which are always there.

  2. Mike · 1087 days ago

    What are the shady links at the end of the PDF file you linked to (the Gizmo/Wendy Grossman one)? They either don't work or look like phishing links. I clicked one, and it went to the main page of Gizmo, but I did a Google search preview of the others and they don't make sense. One goes to a page with only text that says Welcome to nginx!" Why would these be in a legitimate article?

    • Graham Cluley · 1087 days ago

      The link works for me.

      It goes to

      It's an article by Wendy Grossman, a respected technology journalist.

      • Mike · 1087 days ago

        Hi Graham,

        The link works fine and her article is great. I am aware she is well respected - I mean the links that are included on page three within that PDF file, that are supposed to go to Gizmo's additional articles/recommendations. I know you guys didn't make them, obviously.

  3. Yvonne · 1087 days ago


    Have you noted the date of Wendy Grossman's article? It's 1998. That does not invalidate any of the advice contained in it. However, it might well explain why links on page 3 do not work!

  4. ebye · 1086 days ago

    I thought the new eBay logo WAS the sign of a dodgy site at first... oh wait, IT IS!!!

    Not sure it should even be called a logo. It is terrible, which reflects the new eBay (or is it simply 'ebay' now?). Prepare for ebay branded boxes and bags full of tacky plastic disposable merchandise...

  5. Brian · 1052 days ago

    The security is a problem after using Ebay my credit card was used for fraudulent purposes causing me to get a new credit card 7-10 days to doe this

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