Wall of Fame for the #sophospuzzle – see who solved it and how fast

By popular request, here is the Wall of Fame for the Skyfall #sophospuzzle.

The puzzle closed at 1pm on Monday 05 November 2012, San Francisco time. (That’s 2012-11-05T21:00Z.)

You can still send in your solution to duck@sophos.com (until we have given away exactly how to solve it!), and you may even get onto the leaderboard, though not in a position from which you’ll be eligible for a prize.

The solvers marked with T-shirt icons below will each be receiving a cool new Naked Security T-shirt.

Two names drawn randomly from all the correct answers received before the deadline will receive NERF gun prizes.

Well done to everyone listed below.

The leaderboard is in speed order – fastest at the top.

Special congratulations to Phil Reah, who completed his solution in just under two hours.

Phil Reah Sussex, UK
Ge0rdieB0y Sheffield, UK
Mr. Yeah Duisburg, Germany
@TimoHirvonen Helsinki, Finland
@rbaranyi Bratislava, Slovakia
Jorrit Kronjee Rotterdam, The Netherlands
@JonMillican Cambridge, UK
@_gohu Paris, France
@nixonnixoff Providence, RI, USA
Brandon Levene North Providence, RI, USA
smps Portugal
@pkosinar Slovakia
@TechieRuss Brooklyn, NY, USA
@the_ius The Netherlands
Adam Mazack Pennsylvania, USA
@Alasjo Sweden
Leo Finland
@MinerRick Gainesville, VA, USA
@CyberInquisitor Birmingham, UK
Vampaerus Sunderland, MA, USA
Greg E Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Meeks Helsinki, Finland
@secolive Switzerland
@sdotknight Cleveland, OH, USA
Melissa DeLucchi Macedonia, OH, USA
Dave Lassalle New Orleans, LA, USA
Mark Rubins Florida, USA

Image of T-shirt – no matter that it’s tiny here – courtesy of Shutterstock.

Image of race leaderboard on main page courtesy of Shutterstock.