Monday review: the hot 20 stories of the week

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It's weekly roundup time - here's everything we published in the last seven days.

Hacking and scams

A million dollars, the Internet Crime Complaint Center and Naked Security - the ingredients for a scam

"Free $100 McDonald's Gift Card" is a Facebook scam

Law and order

How to report a computer crime: malware by email

US cop awarded $1 million over randy officers' illegal use of license database as a private Facebook

Malware and exploits

Trojan horse designed to steal your photos

Adobe Reader zero-day exploit thwarts sandboxing

HR departments at risk of malware infection after unemployment benefits email spammed out

Mobile devices

Losing a phone or device REALLY sucks [INFOGRAPHIC]

Mobile phone theft on the rise - here's how to protect your data for free

Android Jellybean to scan apps for malware, and warn of expensive SMS scams

OS and software

Critical Flash updates delivered early, be sure to update now

Did you buy a Microsoft Surface? Here come the first critical security patches

Google updates Chrome, finally adds Do Not Track feature

Privacy and online safety

Credit card fraud - want to join the party?

Does Snapchat offer safe sexting from smartphones, or a false sense of security?

Email: the forgotten security problem

Social networks

US Election voting booth hoax spreads on Facebook

Tipsy Twitter apologises for password reset frenzy, but a real hack sparked it

General interest

Wall of Fame for the #sophospuzzle - see who solved it and how fast

Sophos products and Tavis Ormandy

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Anna Brading is Naked Security's editor. She has worked in tech for more than ten years and as a writer with Sophos for over five. She's interested in social media, privacy and keeping people safe online.