VIDEO: How to solve the Skyfall #sophospuzzle

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Here is a video showing you how to solve the Skyfall #sophospuzzle.

27 people finished all the stages and correctly answered the puzzle within the allowed time.

The top ten won Naked Security T-shirts; two lucky randomly-selected winners picked up NERF gun prizes.

For those of you who didn't finish, here's how to do it, James Bond style.

Recover a stolen file, decrypt it, use it to identify a famous person, find out where he was incarcerated, and geolocate the prison...

(Enjoy this video? Check out more on the SophosLabs YouTube channel.)

If you enjoy this sort of challenge, watch this space: we run puzzles regularly.

You might also enjoy watching or trying previous #sophospuzzles!

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One Response to VIDEO: How to solve the Skyfall #sophospuzzle

  1. bruno del conte · 1050 days ago

    Nice one Duck!
    Bruno del conte

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