Anonymous goes after Hunter Moore, the infamous revenge-porn website publisher

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Anonymous masks, courtesy of ShutterstockThose claiming to be affiliated with Anonymous have declared war on the internet's most hated man, Hunter Moore, who gained infamy by publishing pornographic photos of people without their permission, in fulfillment of the wishes of their bitter exes.

A statement published on Pastebin called worldwide Anonymous members to action in the name of "[making] a real difference in the lives of hundreds of bullied teenagers and protect [sic] them from real harm such as rape or stalking."

The posting doxes Moore's personal information, including date of birth, address, phone number, parents' names, social networking details, OK Cupid profile, IP addresses, a list of pending lawsuits, and more.

The action, dubbed Operation Anti-Bully/Operation Hunt Hunter, was spurred by Moore's plans to relaunch his revenge porn site.

This time around, the statement says, Moore's service will be replete with details to make it ever more stalker-friendly:

Hunter Moore, Founder of previous revenge pornography site is coming back stronger than ever from the shutdown of his previous website. This capitalist makes money off of the misery of others.

People submit pictures of others naked to his website and he posted their social networking profiles along with the pictures.

This time he is taking it a step further and plans to list physical addresses next to the victims pictures along with a map to their house, self proclaiming that he has singlehandedly enabled the stalking of hundreds.

In an interview with the New York Observer's Beta Beat, Moore did, in fact, claim that he plans to introduce a stalker-friendly mapping feature:

"We’re gonna introduce the mapping stuff so you can stalk people... I know - it's scary as sh*t."

He's since backtracked. Moore now blames being blitzed out of his gourd with cocaine and booze for the "semi-lie", as he told

"...honestly, I was so f*cking drunk and really don’t remember doing the interview. It was kind of taken out of context of what I'm really doing. For one, I never want anyone to be physically hurt or stalked by any of the stuff I do on my site. And the last thing I want is to have some poor girl's address on the Internet when she's showing me her t*ts and then a bunch of guys going to her house. So I wasn't going to do it like that, and that's how [the article] made it seem, that the submission field would let you submit the address of someone you didn't like."

The "semi-lie" is that he's reserving the address-posting to torment only people who've wronged him personally, he told and confirmed to The Huffington Post.

But as Beta Beat points out, even that (sort-of?) scaled-back plan could still pop Moore's plans to protect his activities under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which states that websites are immune from legal responsibility for content submitted by others.

University of Maryland law professor and cyber-law expert Danielle Citron told Beta Beat that by putting up the field for addresses, Moore could be facilitating stalking:

"If he is putting up fields with someone’s address and a field ensuring that there’s a map to facilitate stalking, I think there’s an argument to be made that he is engaging in cyberstalking under federal criminal law... Section 230 explicitly does not immunize federal criminal law violations."

Moore's new site promises to launch with not only newly submitted revenge porn but also all of the old content from

BullyvilleHe sold that site to an anti-bullying charity, BullyVille, for a nominal fee in April. The site now redirects to, which provides a history of IsAnyoneUp and of Moore's legal troubles and alleged bullying incidents, both online and in real life.

It also invites people to join a class action suit against Moore.

As far as Anonymous goes, many are applauding the call to arms against the internet's favorite villain.

But the most cogent thought I've come across regarding this brain-bleed of a story is from twitizen @Ihazcandy: in a nutshell, he or she writes, it's ironic that Anonymous has chosen to enforce anti-bullying with bullying:

wow. #anonymous operation anti-bully?? how can you enforce anti-bullying when it's the tactic you use against your own members? hypocrite?

Although large portions of our heads and hearts will likely rejoice at however the #OpAntiBully operation might hamper Moore's new service, we have to remember that, noxious as he is, he's still a victim, as is anybody who's picked on in the Anonymous modus operandi.

Anonymous masks, courtesy of Rob Kints /

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13 Responses to Anonymous goes after Hunter Moore, the infamous revenge-porn website publisher

  1. NovaCygni · 1041 days ago

    Anonymous doesn't release information about its own or "D0x" as its known, we do it to those who are snitches and those who try to infiltrate us to get Anons arrested, most d0x are released by enemies of Anonymous. NovaCygni - AnonMedi-Core

  2. NovaCygni · 1041 days ago

    Also, Lulz, Anonymous enemies have always thought they could do as they please on the Internet, well they can't, We, Anonymous are the people of the internet, enough to be a nation in our right and we will enforce the morals we hold onto this the internet that is our home.

  3. I am not sorry to say that he genuinely deserved to be victimized as he has and intends to do to others. This punishments fits the crime in a sort of ironically just way. Kudos to anonymous!

  4. Aardvaark · 1041 days ago

    But as Beta Beat points out, even that (sort-of?) scaled-back plan could still pop Moore's plans to protect his activities under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which states that websites are immune from legal responsibility for content submitted by others.

    Wouldn't that mean that torrent sites that don't host any content, that are merely search engines like google should be immune too?

  5. Mark · 1041 days ago

    Never heard of him before, but this sounds like a genuinely bad person. Don't see how anyone can argue with what Anon is doing.

  6. Lisa Vaas · 1041 days ago

    The ends don't justify the means.

    • CDB · 1040 days ago

      I mean no offense, and merely wish to ask a couple questions in response to your statement.

      How do you suggest we deal with predators, such as Hunter, and defend the victims of his (and others') predations when the law seems to be on their side (or, where loopholes are exploited to make it seem that way)?

      Is it fair to call someone who profits from the exploitation and misery of others, and someone who is an enabler of horrendous, and possibly criminal acts, a 'victim' as this article describes Hunter?

      I do not endorse vigilantism, but I do expect the laws and leaders who create the laws in this country (USA) and others to do what is right to defend us against wrong-doers, and bring them to justice. Remember, the fictional character Bruce Wayne did not become Batman because the leaders of Gotham were doing their job right.

    • herzco · 1040 days ago

      Not usually, but perhaps they do in this case.

  7. mike · 1041 days ago

    I never heard of this guy either, he is a total creep scumbag. As the old saying goes "what goes around, comes around" he will reap what he has sewn. I really don't know what is wrong with people today, like most people are seriously metally deficient.

    I am not defending this scumbag at all, but the people who post negative, vengeful info on the net,are also a few sandwiches short of a picknic as well. but this creep posting real info like adresses phone numbers etc. is seriously puttting people in danger.

    the world is bad enough that we don't need to compound the misery (schadenfreude)

    This guy needs some serious mental help, he needs to be taken off the net so if annon. attack his sites, takes em down it would probably be more than the govt. would do. As i'm sure he is hiding behind his "1st amendment" etc.

    peace- here's to next year being better than the year before.

  8. Luke · 1041 days ago

    It's evil sites like this that will eventually force the powers that be to restrict the freedom the internet currently gives us all. It's a shame, but it only takes one greedy or sick individual to ruin it all for the rest of us. It's good that Anon are doing something, but the hypocracy is palpable.

  9. John · 1041 days ago

    Uh civic minded 'they' are. After all, they outed the man behind the suicide of a young bullied Canadian girl recently...

    Oh wait, they targeted the wrong guy, bullied an innocent man who had absolutely nothing to do with the case. Thanks to their incorrect information, the Police had to issue a statement exonerating the innocent man.

    Yeah, those who hide behind a screen sure are reliable, trusted sources who stand up for the right things.

  10. Banquo · 1040 days ago

    Hypocrisy? Really? Someone isn't seeing the forest for the trees here. Consider the scenario of a going from your car to your house after arriving home from work when you are approached by a guy who commences beating you with a billiard cue and demands money. Your neighbor hears the commotion and comes to your aid, delivering a can of whoop-ass to the assailant and causing him to flee. Would you really care that your neighbor used violence to resolve a violent situation? Would you call he or she a hypocrite? Sometimes the cops just can't get there fast enough......

    What this Hunter Moore character is doing is nothing short of enabling hundreds of people to be harassed and potentially put in dangerous situations. Anonymous is being a hypocrite? Big deal. People need to grow a spine and learn to see the big picture. Some drunk coke head wants to make money humiliating and victimizing women. Someone needs to take a shot at him if the law won't offer protection to his victims.

    • CDB · 1040 days ago

      After making my comment, yesterday, I had a thought.

      According to this SOPHOS article ( ), it is very difficult to know who is a member of the 'Anonymous' group. It'd be difficult to prove you are, or are not a member.

      So...what if Hunter Moore is the one who posted the call to war against himself? What if he is donning the 'Anonymous' hat, but really acting as an agent provocateur? What if he's doing this for the purpose of painting Anonymous as a bully, at the same time drumming up publicity for himself and winning, no matter how small, a bit of sympathy.

      Just look at the last paragraph of the article above. He has gained some sympathy already...from an author posting articles at SOPHOS of all places...and Anonymous has gained some derision. Perhaps that's the exact goal...

      I think we should focus on using the laws we have to bring wrong-doers to justice, and holding leaders accountable for doing so.

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