Monday review – the hot 18 stories of the week

Here you go. All the stories we wrote in the past seven days, in case you missed anything (or just want to read them again).

General interest

Chet Chat 100 – John McAfee, OS X, NASA laptops and more

Hacking and scams

Australian Defence Force Academy in password breach

Cyber attackers hold medical centre’s database to ransom

Samsung Smart TV security hole lets hackers in

Law and order

Three people arrested over “Police ransomware” [VIDEO]

Suspected gang behind $850M Butterfly botnet arrested

Carly Rae Jepsen nude photos hacker suspect arrested

NASA hacker Gary McKinnon will not face charges in the UK

Malware and exploits

Complaint from Better Business Bureau contains malware

Malware attack poses as hotel booking email

Mobile devices

Mobile apps for kids collecting and sharing information

Securing a tablet for web browsing in six easy steps

OS and software

Patch Tuesday – even Android and Windows RT get a look in

Internet Explorer flaw – tracking your mouse movements

Privacy and online safety

US Secret Service probed over sensitive files left on train

But did she STEAL the iPhone?

Facebook privacy control overhaul – reducing privacy?

Jim Carrey has NOT died in a snowboarding accident

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