Monday review – the hot 17 stories of the week

OK, these aren’t just the hot 17 stories of the past week, but of the two weeks before that, too.

If, like us, you’ve been enjoying some downtime over the Christmas and New Year holidays, here’s your quickest way to get back up to speed with Naked Security, from 17 December 2012 to 06 January 2013.



Windows passwords: “Dead in Six Hours”

Turkish CA screwup leads to attempted Google impersonation

General interest

Practical IT: are your firewalls in the wrong place?

Hacking and scams

Mickey Virus: Bollywood movie jumps on hacking bandwagon

Facebook won’t donate money for life-saving surgery – it’s a hoax

Law and order

Man who hacked Scarlett Johansson’s email gets ten years

Would you like spam with that? McDonald’s pinged for spamming

How a regular IT guy helped catch a botnet cybercriminal

“Julian Assange of Wikileaks arrested in London” hoax

Malware and exploits

Iran claims discovery of new targeted malware

Sudoku and malware with your coffee?

PPT about Mayan “end of world” boobytrapped with malware

Be careful opening bikini screensavers – malware inside

OS and software

Java 7 update 10 introduces important new security controls

Zero day vulnerability in Internet Explorer, FixIt now available

Privacy and online safety

Report: 94% of US hospitals suffered data breaches

Think before you drink before you drive before you Facebook

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