How do you compare to Steve Wozniak? Take our survey and (maybe) win a new iPad Mini

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toomanydevices170Remember the good old days when the only thing we were likely to forget at home was our lunch?

The ‘DO NOT FORGET’ list now includes all the precious gadgets we can't live without: smartphones, laptops, tablets, e-readers... not to mention the countless cables needed to power them all.

Last year, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak gave Gizmodo readers some insight into the amazing contents of his travel backpack, and revealed that he needed a whopping seven containers to get through airport security.

At first we were surprised, but then we started counting how many devices we carried around. We were shocked.

ipad miniSo we thought we would have a bit of fun and pulled together a snappy survey asking all about how many gadgets you carry around.

And to say thanks, we will give away a brand new iPad Mini (yes, another device to add to your growing collection) to one lucky person who takes part.

The survey closes at midnight EST on Wednesday, January 30th. And if you're our winner, you'll get an email from us on the 31st of January.

Good luck people.

Take part in the survey!

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16 Responses to How do you compare to Steve Wozniak? Take our survey and (maybe) win a new iPad Mini

  1. Keith · 993 days ago

    Proud to say I carry none. I have an old Nokia phone (not 3 or 4 G) which I use to calls, when I remember it. Don't even have a watch, because time is rarely something I allow others to dictate. I spend my outdoors time looking at real things, talking to real people and not walking into traffic or lampposts.

    • Sharen · 986 days ago

      I applaud your comments. The bane of my driving existence are people walking looking down while texting or talking on the phone looking the other way completely oblivious to oncoming traffic. Seems they take no responsibility for their own well-being.

  2. I carry my dumb-phone, and my iPod in my other pocket, if I could only combine the two into one device, now, that would cut down on luggage!

    Then I have my laptop bag, sometimes two laptops are in there with their chargers, and a bunch of other accessories, cables, flash drives, external hard drive, antennas, and other miscellaneous stuff.

  3. Mark · 993 days ago

    haha, I can tell I am not the right demographic. I have a samsung flip-phone (charger in checked baggage) and a watch. My books are dead-tree editions and my facebook/email/etc doesnt get updated (gasp) when I am on vaca.

    We keep talking about a smartphone, I will probably get one soon...but then I still don't see why I would need anything else on a flight.

    I can understand how other tech people would have a lot of stuff though, and it would be a pain at the airport.

  4. Covarr · 993 days ago

    When I saw the title, I thought this was going to be a post about a facebook scam. "Take a survey and win an iPad Mini" is usually a good way to make me not click on a link.

  5. The link is blocked by the Korean Police Service, they must agree with Covarr

  6. Larry M · 992 days ago

    Laptop. smart cellphone, digital still camera, underwater digital still camera, underwater video camera, chargers for those five. Noise-cancelling headphones with adapters for different airlines' jacks. Set of USB adapters. Set of ethernet/firewire/USB cables and adapters. USB Wi-Fi adapter.. A bunch of SD and micro-SD cards and USB reader.. Bunch of rechargeable AA cells and charger. Flashlight. USB light. Worldwide plug adapter set (US, Euro, UK, Asian). Probably more stuff I've forgotten.

    This is like the old Art Linkletter show (1950s US TV) where he would select a woman from the audience and catalog the contents of her purse on live TV.

    • Sharen · 986 days ago

      What in the world do you do with all that stuff?? I'm curious, as I'm sure many others are also.

  7. Cespuglio · 992 days ago

    Maybe this survey could be a bit more anonymous? Having an email address linked to a list of answers about expensive gadgets owned seems to me to be risky. Maybe I am paranoid...

    • Andy · 992 days ago

      @Cespuglio - Though I appreciate your paranoia (always have to walk the line)... even if the bad guys got hold of your e-mail address and the data on this survey, there's not much they could do with it except maybe target you with specifically marketing. Regardless, it's pretty easy for the bad guys to guess what kind of device you may have which links up to your e-mail address... there are only so many mobile devices out there.

      Besides... you could always just use a 'spam' e-mail address, that everyone should have, which is basically a phony e-mail address you create and give to any online site that you don't want to track you / spam you / etc... just in case :)

    • Kimberly Truong · 991 days ago

      Hey @Cespuglio, giving your email address is optional. It's only if you want to be entered into the prize drawing.

  8. Nigel · 992 days ago

    If I were going on a trip somewhere, I would take my MacBook Pro 17", a digital camera, a Zoom Hn4 compact multi-track digital recorder (handheld), my old Nokia cell phone (which only makes and receives, know—which is the original purpose of a phone), and maybe an old iPod if I needed audio playback in a situation where the MBP didn't work. Oh...and I'd bring a guitar..but the survey apparently doesn't consider that worth listing.

    Nevertheless, the survey asks what I carry "regularly", and that list is much shorter: the old Nokia cell phone. That's it. But I'm a scientist, engineer, and music composer...that is, I think for a living. It's much more important (to me) to be in touch with my own mind than with the distractions imposed by a panoply of gizmos. I suspect that makes me...well, something of a mutant, compared to many of my fellow humanoids.

  9. Callie · 990 days ago

    Considering that the 1990's began the mainstream usage of the desktop computer, this just makes me wonder what the future holds for my grand children and those down the line.

    My grandfather did not own a television OR an indoor toilet. I remember visiting him; I climbed trees, wrote stories, went for walks, or rode his old bike.

    Growing up, I wanted to be a writer. I just wish I had more time. I just got my first smart phone last year! I absolutely LOVE it!

    Technology is a strong and powerful force! If it never rests, what will the world be like?

  10. Dave Faulkner · 986 days ago

    Samsung Galaxy S2 phone, iPod Classic 160 GB, iPad 4 cellular and - when needed - Kindle 3rd generation. Hardly ever take a laptop anymore.

  11. Bill · 974 days ago

    Thing is I am sure Woz would love to put half that stuff in his check in luggage. Pity we can't trust those checking this luggage not to pinch stuff.

  12. Maybe this study could be a bit more anonymous? Having an e-mail connected to a record of solutions about costly devices possessed seems to me to be dangerous. Maybe I am paranoid

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