Monday review – the hot 31 stories of the week

Here you go. All the stories we wrote in the past seven days, in case you missed anything (or just want to read them again).

General interest

How do you compare to Steve Wozniak? Take our survey…

Google has been accused of many things, but KILLING A DONKEY?

Security team fails to check logs, lets man outsource own job

The man who steals phones in Vegas – pinpointed precisely

Hacking and scams

Doctor Who’s Amy Pond has her Twitter hacked

Phishing against MSN/Hotmail users – new year, old tricks

Anonymous avenges Aaron Swartz, attacks MIT and DoJ websites

Phishers go after Google passwords via Red Cross website

Law and order

Texas student appeals court order to wear RFID tracking badge

“Aaron’s Law” would de-fang Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Ridiculous redaction of FISA snooping law released

Indian two-factor authentication fraudsters busted

Malware and exploits

Fake anti-virus attack spread via bogus ADP anti-fraud emails

Beware! Malicious Europcar invoice emails spread Trojan

Technical paper: Deeper inside the Blackhole exploit kit

Malware attack! “You have received a secure message”

War of words continues over Linksys router access exploit

Polish CERT acts against Virut malware with domain takedowns

OS and software

Microsoft to release emergency patch for IE zero day

DHS-sponsored CERT team says to disable browser Java if you can

Fun with statistics: Who hates Java the most?

Java is not JavaScript – tell your friends!

Yet ANOTHER Java zero-day claimed

Firefox update 18 gets an update, but no security problems

Java hacker boasts of finding two more unpatched holes

Privacy and online safety

Canada Student Loans borrowers in giant data breach

Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys has NOT died in a car crash

Medical group fined $140K for tossing health records into dump

Facebook’s Graph Search – are you cynical, cautious or excited?

How Twitter users can fake a verified account – and how to tell

OKCupid app, Crazy Blind Date, peeks into your privates

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