Monday review – the hot 24 stories of the week

It’s weekly roundup time.

Here’s everything we’ve written in the past seven days:


Kim Dotcom criticises critics of his new MEGA service

Kim Dotcom’s coders hacking on Mega’s cryptography

Do programmers understand the meaning of PRIVATE?

General interest

Spam of the Day – “lovely girl seeks welding machine hookup”

Vote Naked Security for best security blog

Hard to believe, but Viagra spam like this must actually work

CAN-SPAM spammers with a sense of humor

Hacking and scams

Computer science student praised, then expelled

Arsenal Lotto scam spammed out via PowerPoint file

Law and order

Burglar who stole Steve Jobs’s iPad gets seven years

Bank-raiding Gozi malware – three men charged in New York

Sony fined £250,000 after hackers stole masses of PII

Convicted sex offender let off the hook after Wi-Fi snooping

Not-so anonymous Anonymouses imprisoned over PayPal DDoS

Malware and exploits

Boutique babycare website hack – not just the Big Guys at risk

Backdoor Trojan disguised as flight confirmation email

Memories of the Slammer worm – ten years later

Mobile devices

Fake Android games infiltrate Google Play store, make money

OS and software

It’s really important you update your Foxit PDF Reader

PWN2OWN – hack the Big Four browsers and win $500,000

Oracle, please stop sneakily foisting toolbars on us

Privacy and online safety

“Terrific employee” + thumb drive + 6,000 lost records = fired!

Revenge-porn website victims launch action against providers

Wow. Mickey Rourke has died snowboarding…

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