Super Bowl scamday: survey scammers target Twitter

With less than 16 hours to go, internet con men are taking advantage of the largest yearly event in sport. The American Super Bowl contest has garnered extra attention this year because the coaches of the opposing teams are brothers.

As usual, internet fraudsters are capitalizing on the spectacle and luring unsuspecting NFL fans into completing a survey. The purveyors of this survey are not who you think.

The scam begins with someone being silly enough to send or retweet a tweet with the words “Super Bowl.”

Super Bowl Tweet

Immediately the auto-responder bot attempts to trick the person who sent the tweet with a lure. The account doesn’t appear to be that different from any corporate brand:

Scam Twitter account

If you aren’t paying attention you might click on the profile and view the link. It leads to a garden variety survey scam. Many brands create special Twitter accounts and this acclimates everyday users into thinking these accounts might be legitimate.


Anyone who clicks on this offer is not getting a fan pass. No, they are simply having their personal details sold off to the highest criminal bidder.

While it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of a major sporting event, you should only trust information from official and trusted sources.

I don’t care much for football, but I will be watching for the commercials. What I won’t be doing is clicking unsolicited ads or dreaming about my “free” anything.

I might be a Grinch, but I learned a long time ago that nothing worth any real value is free.