Monday review – the hot 26 stories of the week

In case you missed any recent stories, here’s everything we wrote in the last seven days.

General interest

Test your security knowledge with the Sophos scavenger hunt

SSCC 101 – Chet and Duck discuss the news [PODCAST]

Ticketmaster says goodbye to CAPTCHA

Hacking and scams

Anatomy of a phish – hacking websites to steal your details

Hackers play Asteroids on US government websites

Chinese hackers break into the New York Times

A short history of hacking attacks against the media

Questions and answers about the Twitter hack

Twitter hacked, at least 250,000 users affected

Super Bowl scamday: survey scammers target Twitter

Law and order

Twitter ordered to unmask hate speakers

FBI intent on sniffing out info on US Stuxnet role

WhatsApp’s privacy investigated by Canadian-Dutch probe

Governments increasingly strong-arm Twitter for data

First pirate prosecution in NZ under “three strikes” law

Malware and exploits

PoS devices and Canadian banks targeted by Citadel malware

Mobile devices

Apple updates iOS, fixing 27 vulnerabilities

Jailbreak iOS 6.1 today, or wait until Sunday?

OS and software

Serious security holes fixed in Opera

Apple (again) washes its hands of the Java mess

IE 10 is more secure

Privacy and online safety

How to find single women with Facebook Graph Search

86,800 printers open to the internet – is one of them yours?

What if your security camera were an insecurity camera?

Hacker blackmailed 350 women into stripping on webcams

Facebook is turning facial recognition back on

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