Monday review – the hot 27 stories of the week

Just in case you missed any of our stories last week, here’s a little recap.


The top 10 cracked ciphertexts from history

Twitter looking to hire two-factor authentication brains

Boffins ‘crack’ HTTPS encryption in Lucky Thirteen attack

General interest

Facebook “will be closed for maintenance Feb 29-31”

Forget the Superbowl – here comes a giant Mersenne prime!

Whitepaper: Security questions for your web hosting provider

Infosec pros give verdict on EU’s new cybersecurity strategy

Hacking and scams

US Department of Energy hacked, personal information stolen

Facebook Class Action email – it looks like a phish but it’s not

UPnP flaws turn millions of firewalls into doorstops

China is still hacking the WSJ, claims Rupert Murdoch

US Federal Reserve confirms it was hacked during Super Bowl

Bit9 hacked, used to inject malware into customers’ networks

Law and order

Secret legal review grants US president internet attack powers

Acai Berry fake news website operators fined millions of dollars

Sarah Ferguson, Hugh Grant and Dr Who win substantial damages

Malware and exploits

Malware spammed out widely posing as income tax email

DNSChanger malware suspect pleads guilty – faces 25 years

Bamital botnet dismantled, Microsoft seizes control of servers

OS and software

Another Java update! Oracle brings Patch Tuesday forward

Anatomy of a bug – how Mac OS X chokes if you say “FILE”

Adobe patches Flash – heads off in-the-wild attacks

Microsoft readies monster-sized security patch for Windows users

Anatomy of a vulnerability – cURL toolkit holed by bug

Privacy and online safety

Kai, the hatchet-wielding hitchhiker, tells all but his name

Top 10 tips to keep your kids and teens safe online

How Justin Bieber’s name is used by internet perverts

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