Jeremy Clarkson falls foul of bodyfat spammers on Twitter, vows to kill hackers

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Jeremy Clarkson, the controversial presenter of BBC's "Top Gear" programme, has had his Twitter account compromised by spammers... and he wants his revenge.

It appears that the outspoken TV presenter and columnist, who memorably had a custard pie thrown in his face by green campaigners when he went to pick up an honorary degree at Oxford, was just the latest in a long line of Twitter users to have their account hijacked by diet spammers.

Diet spam tweet

The Fastest Way To Lose BodyFat in (2)Weeks [LINK]

If any of Clarkson's 1.3 million Twitter followers clicked on the link, they would have visited a bogus news website, promoting an Acai Berry diet solution:

Fake news website, promoting Acai Berry diet

Of course, we have seen bogus news sites promoting Acai Berry diets many many times before, and we have even reported recently on how the operators of fake news websites like these have been fined millions of dollars for scamming the public.

Chances are that Jeremy Clarkson either had his password phished, guessed or cracked, or that he granted a rogue third party application rights to post from his account.

If he has any sense, Jeremy Clarkson should change his password (making sure that he chooses a hard-to-crack new password, and that he's not using the same password anywhere else on the net - if he is, those other sites also need a brand new password) and revoke the rights of any application connected to his Twitter account that he doesn't recognise.

What makes this Twitter hack somewhat different from that which hit Doctor Who actress Karen Gillan or technology pundit John C Dvorak in the past, is Clarkson's response:

Tweet from Jeremy Clarkson

Tweet from Jeremy Clarkson

Somehow I don't think Clarkson is likely to mete out his punishment. In all likelihood, Clarkson was not actually targeted by the hackers but was just one of the many Twitter users each day who have their accounts compromised by Acai Berry spammers.

In short, the Acai Berry diet spammers just got lucky hitting such a popular Twitter user.

Rather than plan his revenge, Clarkson might be wiser to smarten up about computer security and hope that Twitter introduces two factor authentication soon.

Update: Some of Naked Security's Facebook fans have pointed out that Clarkson appears to be quoting Liam Neeson's character in the movie "Taken":

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10 Responses to Jeremy Clarkson falls foul of bodyfat spammers on Twitter, vows to kill hackers

  1. Doug · 961 days ago

    If they had their time over I wonder if they'd force two-factor for those verified accounts. Target protection on the hubs of the network.

  2. McDerp · 961 days ago

    ahahahahahaha... "I will find them and kill them". Good luck wit hthat.

  3. I wonder if the CPS will be dragging him through the courts... just like Paul Chambers?

  4. Andrew · 961 days ago

    But don't these spammy links get spread when people (i.e user) click the link... so it's his own fault really?

  5. I hope for him the hackers are not in China, because then it could turn out like the latest Neil Stephenson book, REAMDE.

  6. Scott · 961 days ago

    I can see it now: Jeremy Clarkson wielding the Ornate Axe of Retribution as he lays waste to grand swaths of bot nets controlled by several C&C servers sitting unused and forgotten about in some tech closet in various locations around the world.

    Good luck with that.

    Here's a thought. How about a better password to prevent this in the future? Oh, and change it often. What a concept! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound cure.

  7. TheMack · 961 days ago

    Ah, nice to see both JC and Sophos have some knowledge of internet memes. =)

  8. Bernice · 961 days ago

    I agree 100% with Clarckson, Find and Kill them!
    I want to see heads on spikes!

  9. Sootie · 961 days ago

    Good to see security bloggers have a sense of humor... no wait the opposite of that

  10. TopGearSmear · 960 days ago

    I'd be more interested in "The Fastest Way to Lose Jeremy Clarkson" as I am already at a very good BMI.

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