Donald Trump has his Twitter hacked by “lowlives”

Donald Trump. Image from ShutterstockIf you are one of the more than two million people who follow Donald Trump on Twitter, you might have seen an unusual tweet from the impossibly coiffed real estate mogul yesterday.

Rather than plugging his “The Apprentice” American TV show, or chirping up on a political issue, the multi-millionaire appeared to have chosen to quote a lyric by hip-hop artist Lil’ Wayne.

These hoes think they classy, well that’s the class I’m skippen

It turns out that Donald Trump had, in reality, had his Twitter account hacked.

Offending tweet

The offending tweet was swiftly erased, and “the Donald” – who doesn’t believe in cover-ups – posted an explanation:

Tweets from Donald Trump

My Twitter has been seriously hacked--- and we are looking for the perpetrators.

Twitter will soon be irrelevant if lowlifes are so easily able to hack into accounts.

Of course, things could have been much worse. Imagine if Donald Trump’s hijacked Twitter account had been exploited to post a link to a malicious website, for instance. With some clever social engineering (“Win free tickets for ‘The Apprentice’ grand final”?) you can easily picture many people clicking on a dangerous link and potentially infecting their computers with malare or having their passwords phished.

Quite how Trump’s account was compromised is unclear, but a reasonable guess would be that he had either chosen a weak, easy-to-guess password, or that he was using the same password in multiple places. Never a good idea.

Multi-millionaire Trump stopped short of fellow celebrity Jeremy Clarkson, who vowed to kill the people who hacked his Twitter account earlier this week.

Donald Trump image from Shutterstock.