Monday review – the hot 22 stories of the week

Catch up with anything you might have missed last week – it’s weekly roundup time.

General interest

Podcast – Mandiant report, iOS coders owned, and more…

Software update goes bad – International Space Station lost and then found

Google says it is winning the war against Gmail account hijackers


Can freezing an Android device crack its encryption keys?

Hacking and scams

Burger King dethroned in Presidents Day Twitter hack

Jeremy Clarkson falls foul of spammers on Twitter, vows to kill hackers

Donald Trump has his Twitter hacked by “lowlives”

Tumblr, Twitter and Pinterest users warned after Zendesk support site hack

Social networks

Botnet master abuses Facebook for pocket money, researchers reveal

Racist “McDonald’s” notice posted on Facebook is fake

Facebook turns a deaf ear to users aged over 99

Malware and exploits

BlackBerry warns of TIFF vulnerability

Unit 61398: A Chinese cyber espionage unit on the outskirts of Shanghai?

Apple’s own Macs bitten by Java-based malware attack

Oxford University blocks Google Docs because of phishing attacks

NBC website hacked and distributes malware – here’s what happened

Microsoft admits it was also hit by hackers

OS and software

Adobe’s emergency patch for Reader and Acrobat is here

Apple patches the Java hole its own developers fell into – eventually

Privacy and online safety

Boy meets girl. Girl and boy both strip on webcam. Girl blackmails boy

US soldiers and spies to get handheld biometric scanners

How to filch explicit photos to fuel your revenge porn site

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