And The Best Corporate Security Blog is...

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Cool news!

Fellow Naked Security writer and industry stalwart Graham Cluley just emailed from San Francisco to tell us that we won the Best Corporate Security Blog in the 2013 Security Bloggers' Awards.

The Security Bloggers' Awards are handed out each year alongside the RSA Conference, halfway through the conference week.

They're a bit different from most security awards because they aren't voted for by an industry panel, but by the security blogging community itself.

Readers get to propose their favourite sources of security information in a range of categories, and then our fellow evangelists in the security community get to decide.

This is the third year in a row that Naked Security has come away with a gong.

We were awarded Most Educational Security Blog in 2011, and Best Corporate Security Blog in 2012.

And it's that Best Corporate Security Blog prize we've scooped again in 2013.

Way-hey! As you can imagine, we're all pretty proud at what we've achieved since Naked Security first appeared back in October 2010.

Before then, we wrote independently in separate blogs.

But you, our readers, urged us to combine them to make it easier to keep on top of the news, opinion, advice and research that we write up.

Naked Security was the outcome or your suggestion.

Of course, we're indebted to you for more than just our existence. You're a huge part of our success, too.

As we've pointed out before, we receive an astonishing range of suggestions, corrections, updates, alerts and useful advice via the Naked Security email address

We also benefit from the ever-growing number of readers who participate by posting comments on the articles themselves.

Why not join in if you haven't already?

→ Just to clarify: you don't have to register with Sophos, WordPress or anyone else to be able to leave comments on this site. If you already have a WordPress Gravatar, you can use it when you add a comment, but you don't have to. You can remain anonymous if you like - just put Anonymous in the "Name" field and leave "Email" blank.

We really value your comments and tips - so thanks, and keep them coming!

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10 Responses to And The Best Corporate Security Blog is...

  1. Anonymous · 916 days ago

    This is a test anonymous comment, entered per Paul's instructions above. I might comment more often if I don't have to think about making up a name.

    Oh, you probably want something more from a comment than "This is a test," huh? OK, congratulations! There's a lot I don't have time to read online, but you guys have earned your way into my daily RSS scan!

  2. Arno Brok · 916 days ago

    Congratulations, well deserved and keep up the great work(ds)

  3. fakir · 916 days ago

    Well done and well-deserved! :-)

  4. Tom · 916 days ago

    Reiterated, well done, I regularly ask "where would we be without naked security keeping us up to date"

  5. Ellie Hurst · 915 days ago

    Well done.

  6. Dave · 915 days ago

    Great Job and well deserved! This is one of the very few times where being public (or at least have a substantial following) and being naked is not a bad thing...

  7. Simon · 915 days ago

    Congratulations to you guys!!!

  8. Nigel · 915 days ago

    Hearty felicitations and heartfelt thanks for a job well done, Duck and fellow blogsters. NakedSecurity is my daily security awareness booster shot, served up with a dash of humor and bucket o' common sense.

  9. gman · 915 days ago

    You guys rock! Thank you for your daily contribution to our community. You are much appreciated.

  10. Hasan · 914 days ago

    Congratulations! well deserved :)

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