Monday review – the hot 26 stories of the week

In case you missed it: Here’s everything we wrote last week.

General interest

It’s *never* a virus when people say it might be a virus – XKCD

Curiosity Rover suffers IT glitch – this time it really might be “cosmic rays”!

USA is number one! (…for spam)

Hacking and scams

Saudi Arabia’s national oil company has had its Twitter hacked

Samsung Galaxy security vulnerability unlocks homescreen

Law and order

Jailed cybercriminal hacks into his own prison’s computer system

US ISPs launch pirate wrist-slapping campaign

White House agrees cellphone unlocking should be allowed

$5 million class action lawsuit over LinkedIn data breach dismissed

Browser choice – How a “technical error” cost Microsoft over $700 million

Privacy and online safety

How to protect yourself from debit-card fraud

Can multiple moving cursors really hide your password from spyware and peepers?

Apple finally adopts HTTPS for the App Store – here’s why it matters

Malware and exploits

Russian ransomware takes advantage of Windows PowerShell

Rogue Apache modules pushing iFrame injections which drive traffic to Blackhole exploit kit

Anatomy of a bug – the five minute insecurity window in the sudo command

Malware attack poses as warning from Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit

Germans bombarded in malware attack

Last-minute pre-Pwnium Chrome update closes numerous holes…

Exploit Chrome, IE, Java, etc.. and you could win millions of dollars

PWN2OWN results Day One – Java, Chrome, IE 10 and Firefox owned

PWN2OWN results Day Two – Adobe Reader and Flash owned, Java felled yet again

Firefox and Chrome already patched after PWN2OWN

OS and software

Apple bans outdated Adobe Flash plugins from Safari

Oracle ships out-of-band Java fix, Apple follows suit

Social networks

Has Justin Bieber died in a car crash?

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