Do you read Naked Security via Google Reader?

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Google Reader and Naked SecurityAs you may have heard, Google has announced that it is going to shut down Google Reader in July 2013.

Apparently Google wants to focus on more important things - like making magic glasses, self-driving cars, and snooping on people's home Wifi hotspots - so it's the end of the road for the company's RSS reader.

This has caused much gnashing of teeth online - especially from those who like to follow the latest, breaking news on the internet, and use Google Reader to follow their favourite blogs and news sites.

Our stats tell us that many of our readers choose to follow Naked Security's RSS feed via Google Reader.

Of course, there are alternatives to Google Reader which you may want to try out - but if you want to ensure that you never miss a story from Naked Security, can we suggest that you sign-up for Naked Security's daily newsletter?

Our free daily email newsletter gives you access to all the stories we've written in the past 24 hours, and ensures that you never miss a thing.

You can sign-up for the daily Naked Security newsletter now using the form above, or use this link.


We've partnered with our friends at MailChimp to handle the logistics of getting the emails to you - as we're impressed with the proactive steps they've taken to protect the many email lists they manage.

Naturally, we won't be using the list to spam you or to bombard you with irritating adverts for Sophos products. Just the latest security news from our team of writers. :) And if you ever want to unsubscribe we've made that really easy too.

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9 Responses to Do you read Naked Security via Google Reader?

  1. Bowlzee · 938 days ago

    Migrated to Feedly already. Takes a little getting used to, but I guess it will become second nature in no time. My only complaint at the moment is there is no ability to view feeds with oldest first in their Android App. This is important to me as i dont want to miss any news from my feeds and like to see them in order they are posted... Still it seems to me that it is currently the best alternative.

  2. I moved to Feedly. Your newsletter cannot be even compared to Google Reader.

    In Google Reader you see all articles as they appear, with newsletter you will see one day and it's usually in HTML and looks bad with some email clients or phones.

    • Hi Mika

      I like Feedly too. Seems pretty slick.

      We're not suggesting that our email newsletter is a replacement for a good RSS reader - but it is an alternative way for people to make sure they don't miss our stories. Some people just prefer to get an email newsletter - so why not offer it to them? :)

  3. guy · 938 days ago

    Actually I only follow naked sec. by rss .

  4. Steve · 938 days ago

    FeedDemon. Just get FeedDemon and you won't have to mess with "the cloud."

  5. ownCloud is releasing a news reader soon

  6. Mike · 937 days ago

    I notice that the email as sent is massively HTML - is there a text-only version for those of us that disallow all html in our mail readers due to security concerns? it's totally unreadable as it stands now. :(

    • Anna Brading · 937 days ago

      Hi Mike, no text-only version I'm afraid. You can still follow our stories using our RSS feed or on Twitter :)

  7. pitr256 · 937 days ago

    So far all the alternatives I've tried pretty much suck when compared to Reader. I'm really sorry to see it go.

    With that out of the way, my only option seems to be setting up my own "Reader" and there are a couple of potential candidates. Tiny Tiny RSS seems like it might work and I've set up an internal RSS site to track security feeds based on Managing News which is a Drupal application. It works but it seems to have gone stale but could be so much better. Oh well. I guess I'll try TT-RSS.

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