Monday review – the hot 32 stories of the week

It’s that time of the week again – here’s your roundup of everything we wrote in the last seven days:

General interest

INFOGRAPHIC: How many devices do you carry?

Sophos CEO suffers from a watery end for #ComicRelief

Do you read Naked Security via Google Reader?

Anatomy of a problem – Bitcoin loses 25% in value due to a bug

Chet Chat 104 – Probably the best 15-minute podcast you’ll hear today

Chess CAPTCHA – a serious defence against spammers?

Google Doodle celebrates Douglas Adams and HHGttG

Helping users make better security decisions by design

Hacking and scams

Gambler uses casino’s own surveillance system to scoop $32 million

Hackers launch DDoS attack on security blogger’s site, send SWAT team to his home

Google Glass pre-order scammers set up shop on the web

Mega-hack of celebrities exposes personal details

Bill Gates’s social security number and more published by hackers

Equifax and Transunion say hackers stole celebrity credit reports

Law and order

American retailer Genesco sues Visa, demands $13m in PCI-DSS data breach fines paid back

Google: Yep, our cars steamrolled your privacy

iPhone thief posts picture of himself on victim’s Facebook page

Malware and exploits

US government’s vulnerability database brought down by ironic malware

Seagate’s blog pushes malware on unsuspecting visitors

Oh dear. SophosLabs has upset some malware authors

HP printers in 1980s-style firmware misconfiguration boo-boo

Malware poses as booking confirmation email from Welsh seaside hotel

Social networks

Fake Pope on Twitter dupes thousands of followers

Colin Powell’s Facebook account has been hacked


Has HTTPS finally been cracked? Researchers deal SSL/TLS a biggish blow

Mobile devices

Google tells ad-blocking utilities on Android: “You’re fired!”

OS and software

Apple ships OS X 10.8.3 – 11 remote code execution vulns patched, Snow Leopard and Lion get fixes too

Adobe tells Windows and Mac users to install critical security updates

Microsoft to patch security vulnerabilities on Tuesday – including some rated as “critical”

Microsoft Patch Tuesday – seven bulletins, four critical, three RCEs, and even a fix for Macs

Privacy and online safety

Skype in hot water over failure to let French police eavesdrop

Google Glass: the ultimate creepy stalker toy?

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