iOS 6.1.3 released - Apple fixes iPhone/iPad passcode-bypass security loophole

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iPhone unlockedApple has just released iOS 6.1.3, an operating system update for iPhones and iPads that is said to fix a high profile (but probably not widely abused) flaw that could potentially allow someone to bypass your device's lock screen.

As Naked Security described last month, a video was posted on YouTube showing how nimble-fingered mischief-makers could gain access to some of the data on your iPhone or iPad by following a sequence of swipes, keypresses and even making a phoney emergency call.

The update weighs in at 18.2 MB, and can be downloaded "over-the-air" via Settings / General / Softare Update...

iOS 6.1.3

iOS 6.1.3 is also said to include Maps updates for Japan. It's hard to tell if Apple has included other security fixes in this release, as - at the time of writing - the company's security knowledgebase page contains no details of the security-related content in this update.

iOS 6.1.3 scant details

I hope you have better luck clicking on that link than I did.

Nevertheless, you have to be grateful that Apple has now fixed this security loophole. At least Apple iPhone and iPad devices are typically running an up-to-date version of their operating system.

That's not something you can so easily say about Android phones which often are way out of date, leaving the door open for exploits.

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4 Responses to iOS 6.1.3 released - Apple fixes iPhone/iPad passcode-bypass security loophole

  1. Dan · 898 days ago

    28.5MB for me on an iphone 4s - not deployed on iPad yet

  2. Manuel · 898 days ago

    It may be judicious to wait and see how this update affects others.
    I updated last night and the phone locked up on the first two phone calls I made today. I had to reboot the phone before I could do anything else.
    May be a coincidence, may be a symptom of a bug. Too early to tell yet.

  3. Thanks - we've written about the (returning!) flaw here:

  4. guest · 897 days ago

    Worked for me without an apparent hitch - update and that link worked.

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