Monday review - the hot 21 stories of the week

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It's weekly roundup time. Here's everything we've written in the past seven days.

Hacking and scams

Google to pay $40,000 "consolation prize" to Pinkie Pie for not-quite breaking into Chrome OS

Fake Zendesk security notice spammed out, directs traffic to Canadian drug websites

Law and order

Reuters journalist who allegedly conspired with Anonymous hackers is suspended

California duo charged with selling ready-to-hack Point-of-Sale systems to Subway branches

AT&T hacker "Weev" sentenced to 41 months in prison, after obtaining the email addresses of 100,000+ iPad users

IT admin pleads guilty to hacking into and spying on New Jersey mayor's email

Malware and exploits

Express Shipment Notification emails contain malware

Pope sued over sexual abuse and not wearing seatbelt? Fake CNN and BBC news alerts spread malware

Chameleons, botnets and click fraud

A DHL delivery which is nothing but malware - Windows users warned of email attack

DarkSeoul: SophosLabs identifies malware used in South Korean internet attack

Researcher uses botnet to map internet - vital public service, or cybercriminal dodginess?

Anatomy of a bug: Battlefield: Play4Free hole allows dodgy updates to go unnoticed

Apple password reset website - gaping hole found, fixed

Social networks

Facebook plugs Timeline privacy hole

BBC Weather's Twitter account is hijacked by Syrian Electronic Army

OS and software

iOS 6.1.3 released - Apple fixes iPhone/iPad passcode-bypass security loophole

Mobile devices

Bring your own: More practical advice for handling smartphones in the workplace

iOS 6.1.3 security flaw allows passcode lock bypass... again

Privacy and online safety

Is it ever acceptable for a journalist to hack into somebody else's email?

Apple introduces two-factor verification for Apple IDs

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