Monday review – the hot 13 stories of the week

Catch up with everything we’ve written in the last seven days with this handy weekly roundup.

General interest

The ‘What’s Worse Security Championships’

Spanish Linux group complains about Microsoft’s Secure Boot

Hacking and scams

Spicing up phishing attacks

Spring ushers in US tax scam season

Law and order

17-year-old arrested for hacking into phones, stealing and distributing explicit images of children

Five Slovenians arrested for $2.5M email banking fraud

Malware and exploits

Anatomy of a “feature” – should JavaScript be allowed to change a web link *after* you click on it?

Massive DDoS attack against anti-spam provider impacts millions of internet users

Social networks

Rohypnol, rape and other disturbing content. Isn’t it about time Facebook cleaned up its act?


Interview with Writer/Director of “Code 2600” and BSides Austin organizers

HP printers, Google blocks ad blockers, Apple does the 2-step, and more

Privacy and online safety

Many Amazon S3 cloud storage users are exposing sensitive company secrets, claims report

“We apologise for the previous apology” – NZ gov dept in email CC: double-blunder

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