A QQ-loving US soldier in Iraq is offering $120 to every reader of Naked Security

Sgt Jack Lenz, a member of the US military stationed in Iraq, sent me the following email:

Sgt Jack Lenz sends me an email

> I need a Loyal and trusting
> person

I’m your man! In return, I hope you can also be trusted, and aren’t trying to steal my identity or con me out of paying “administration fees” before riches can be transferred into my bank account.

> Dear Friend,

Slightly presumptuous, but maybe he doesn’t realise I’m English and not used to such early familiarity. He’ll be giving me “high fives” next…

> I am one of US Military forces,
> and one of the few thousands
> still stationed in Iraq, I
> need to discuss some personal
> matter with you.

Uh-oh. This could be awkward…

> I know that it would be difficult
> to trust someone you hardly know
> because of the numerous scams
> transmitted via the Internet,

Tell me about it! I’m still waiting for Bill Gates to give me three million Euros, so I can clear my desk at Naked Security, tell HR where they can shove it, and drive off into the sunset…

But yes, thanks for the timely warning.

> but I am willing to send to you
> adequate proof of my identity as
> soon as we agree to work
> together,

You sound like an honest chap…

> and of course if I can be assured
> that you will not use that and
> any other information I would
> be sharing with you against me
> in anyway,

… and a sensible one. After all, you don’t know me from Adam.

Who knows what ghastly mischief I might get up to if you were to carelessly share your personal information with me!? I’ve heard there are bad folks out there on the net, so you are right to be cautious.

> if my intentions are genuine, and
> for our mutual benefit.

> As you may be aware, the US
> government, the Treasury
> department, and the Federal
> reserve Board have concluded
> plans to change the face of the
> US $ bills because of
> counterfeiting as they claim,
> and the 100 $ bill made
> its debut since Wednesday,
> April 21st, 2010.kindly go
> through the below link to see
> what am trying to explain
> to you;

> http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/7444083.stm
> http://www.cnn.com/2006/WORLD/meast/10/11/iraq.deaths/

I didn’t know that, so thanks for the links.

CNN and BBC News stories

> I will be in some kind of mess
> if I cannot find a solution
> to take care of some very
> large amount of money in US$
> bills that I have concealed
> here for 9 months.

Hang on a minute. It sounds like you have been hiding stolen money. Was it really wise for you to email me out of the blue, using your real name and email address?

> I will require someone outside
> Iraq to take care of the pick
> up, and that is what I want us
> to discuss. I am willing to offer
> you $6M (six million Dollars as
> your share for the role you will
> play if we agree to work
> together.

Six million dollars? SIX MILLION DOLLARS? You may be a very fine soldier, but your business sense is diabolical. Why would you start the negotiation by offering me – a complete stranger – so much money?

I would have been happy with $600, and a “Breaking Bad” DVD box set.

How am I going to explain six million dollars to the tax man?

And now you’ve left breadcrumbs across the internet, linking my email address to yours – if we go ahead with this business arrangement, haven’t we just left clues lying around for the authorities to pick up? You sir, are an amateur!!!

Part of scam email

> Please contact me so we can
> discuss the details, and
> should you have any reasons
> to reject this offer,
> please delete this mail and
> I will never bother you
> again. I appreciate your
> understanding.

> Respectfully,
> Sgt. Jack Lenz
> Sgt.jacklenz@qq.com

Well, at least you’ve given a different email address there from the one you emailed me from. QQ.com – isn’t that a Chinese instant messaging wotsit?

US soldier. Image from ShutterstockA crafty way to throw people off our scent, and make them believe that you’re a Chinese advance fee fraud scammer rather than a real member of the US military in Iraq. You may be a genius after all!

Although the tax man might get suspicious if I suddenly land a six million dollar windfall, don’t worry! I think I have a solution.

The good readers of Naked Security can help you.

We get between 40,000-50,000 different people visiting Naked Security each day. If each one of them contacts you, maybe you could give each of them their share of the $6,000,000.

That comes to – let me think – something like $120 each!

Readers? What do you think? Are you up for it? Let us know if Sgt Jack Lenz honours the deal.

But maybe be careful not to give him any money in advance, or share any personal information. Just in case..

Soldier in desert uniform image from Shutterstock.