Monday review – the hot 17 stories of the week

Catch up with everything we’ve written in the last seven days – it’s weekly roundup time.

General interest

Is security really dead? Perhaps it’s your lack of depth

New robocall-killer technologies, designed to filter out unwanted automated calls, win FTC awards

“Rude password – login denied”: the AT&T April Fool that wasn’t

Hacking and scams

A QQ-loving US soldier in Iraq is offering $120 to every reader of Naked Security

Scribd, “world’s largest online library,” admits to network intrusion, password breach

TDoS attacks target US emergency call centers

Malware and exploits

Ransomware scares victims with child sex abuse images

Has your Hewlett-Packard ScanJet printer just tried to infect your PC with malware?

The biggest Mac malware attack of all time – blogger names suspected mastermind

Social networks

How to stop your friends’ Facebook apps from accessing *your* private information

Mobile devices

Mobile device security in the US military comes under fire


Anatomy of a bug – misplaced parenthesis threatens NetBSD’s random numbers

OS and software

Microsoft to issue 9 security updates on Tuesday, critical for all IE versions, reboot required

Google announces brand new web browser core, so does Mozilla

Firefox 20 arrives – new version, some security improvements, no known vices

Privacy and online safety boosts security for bloggers with two-factor authentication

Law and order

Powerful new personal data disclosure bill proposed by California lawmaker

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